cuck guys... why so gay?

Discussion in 'Controversial Issues' started by cccx, Sep 4, 2010.

  1. cccx

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    I'm not trying to offend when I say "gay." But 99.9% of the cuck stories I read and 80% of videos are, well, pretty darn gay. The whole creampie eating thing is so common and it's hard to find any stories that don't include that. I guess I just wonder why it is that almost all cucks seem to be turned on by, at minimum, incidental homosexuality.

    And I'll admit I do have a reason to care. I'm /really/ turned on by the whole idea of my significant other cheating on me, so I like to seek out stories and videos to that effect. But as a straight man it always kills it for me that every story just has to end with "then I ate a man's cum and loved it." Look, I'm not homophobic. I don't hate gay people or anything like that. But I am straight and it does kill the mood and, frankly, make me a little sick to my stomach to be reading a hot story and then all of a sudden it turns to "I ate every drop of his delicious cum out of my wife!" I mean.... what the heck? I know everyone is different and not /all/ cucks are into gay stuff, but I do wonder why it seems 99% are. What is it about cucks that seems to make most of them turned on by homosexual acts? I'm sure some people will try to blame it on the submissiveness, saying that it's the submission and not the homosexuality they like, but I still find it kinda strange that nearly all cucks would be so submissive that they'd get off on homosexual acts. And really, if a person doesn't have sex with his wife but instead has all his sexual enjoyment from "forced" homosexuality, that probably says more about his sexuality than he believes.

    Anyway. Hey, if that's what gets you off, fine. I just wish I could indulge my cuck fantasies without the gay stuff killing it for me. And it does make me wonder, like I said, /why/ so gay? What is it about the cuck fantasy that screens out most guys like me who just fantasize about watching or hearing about their gals cheat on them, but not about eating another man's cum?
  2. NECuck

    NECuck Super Moderator

    Welcum cccx, Sounds to me tha you should read up on Hot Wifing.. Then launch your own boat and enjoy the ride.. Remember it's all about, "Whatever Floats Your Boat"....
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  3. kingbull

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    Interesting question, well put. Good on you for not being judgmental.

    I, too, have some cuck fantasies, but eating creampies is definitely not one of them. I don't want to consume a man's cum. No thanks!

    Not a judgment, like you said. Just like NECuck says, whatever floats your boat.

    Will be interesting to hear answers from those who enjoy licking up the leftovers.
  4. NECuck

    NECuck Super Moderator

    KingBull, Have you ever had a homemade creampie or been snowballed??? I'm not interested in imported cream pie, even if my X slipped one or more past me while I was drinking...

    I must admit that I've been into some homemade creampie, and don't plan to go past that...
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  5. 1A_BAD_ROD

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    i understand where you are coming from. is there one thing at all we cucks all have in common? yes, it is that our wives have sex with other men. then it varies, depending on how submissive the cuckold hubby is. i changed sexually and more open minded. i have fetishes that may not be to your liking. but you can always enjoy your own fantasy.
  6. rocketman

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    Here's my experience: I would say that the majority of the wives I've fucked had husbands who were not into licking my cum out of their wives pussy after I dumped my load into her. Most, including those who wanted to watch the action, just got off on seeing another man plow their wives' furrow. Most gladly thanked me for the pleasure they got out of it. But, like you, they had no desire to suck my cock or to clean up their wife's soaked pussy. So you are really not the exception.
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  7. cccx

    cccx New Member

    haha, I've been reading cuck boards for probably more than a year now and I never knew what that meant until I looked it up just now. I'd seen the term before but always just assumed it meant having the wife go out looking hot and teasing guys. Hmm. Well, I think what I'm turned on by is halfway between that and cucking, because I do like /some/ of the submissive aspect. I'm normally very dominant but there are a few submissive qualities in cucking that I like, namely the idea of the wife being sluttier for the other man than she is for her husband, denying the hubby some things but giving other men full access to use her as they please. But the male crossdressing, cum eating, and cocksucking are all very much not my thing.

    As for launching my own boat, that's never going to happen. I'd never be able to handle it, it would tear apart any relationship for me. The farthest I've gone and ever will go is having my gal tease me like she wants other men and may fuck one, telling me all about the dirty things she'd do with him. But even that is something I can only handle if the relationship is strong and I know she doesn't mean those things and doesn't really want other guys >.> Yeah, I'm nowhere near as strong as you real cucks, I'm just here for the fantasy. I suppose it's just my rough luck that I fall in a niche between two different types of this activity. If hot wifing is one side of the coin and cucking is the other, I have to find stories where the coin lands on its side. But it's good to know there is that hot wifing section where I can find stories that don't completely kill it for me, thanks.
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  8. kingbull

    kingbull Administrator Staff Member

    Nope, haven't had a homemade creampie. The closest I've cum to that is her kissing me after she's blown me.

    I don't have any desire to eat my own or anyone else's load, though.
  9. apedemac

    apedemac Member

    I have the same problem, I dont fantasise about eating creampies, but how about the fantasy of fucking your wife right after others fucked her, sloppy seconds
    would you enjoy this?
    I know I would
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  10. NECuck

    NECuck Super Moderator

    Sloppy Seconds... Heard those 2 words used many times in High School.... I always thought, "Not for me"... Well it appears that the X delivered Sloppy Seconds many times... According to he gal pal she usually delivered them under the radar when I had a few to many beers, but I remember al least once when I was sober.. I thought she was hot & wet because she was happy to see me home from work early. We had or at least I had Great sex with her.. Knowing what I know now, I'm sure it was Sloppy Seconds... I need to sit down and share a few things that I've learned from the X's 2 friends recently.. My ears are still ringing & I didn't have a clue...
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  11. don_jetman

    don_jetman Well-Known Member Founding Member

    Ahh, another "in-between-er". I'm very much in the same place. I think there is a common thread that runs through the lifestyle, tying one end of the spectrum to the other - a degree of submissiveness where sex is concerned, and a streak of voyeurism. Although I call what L and I do "hotwifing", we have dabbled in submissive role-playing with one of her lovers, and I seem to go through stages (as does L) when this fetish becomes more appealing. I would never want to be denied sex with L, nor would I want to be humiliated by her lover, but the kink of losing control, being forced to surrender her to an overpowering alpha male, does make for some very hot fantasy sex, and we've been lucky to have some of that come true, when we want it, with a certain man as the "bull". That said, I'm never going to blow him under any conditions, or eat his cum. It just isn't part of what flips my switch.

    When you can't "assign" yourself to a particularly well-defined fetish group, it can be frustrating and confusing. "Gee, if I don't fit here, or there, is there something wrong with me? Are may fantasies inappropriate?" Hell, it's hard enough coming to terms at first with the idea of getting excited by imagining the love of your life having sex with someone else. When you seek support or consolation, finding your personal sexual preferences fall into a gray zone that's pretty sparsely populated, isn't much help.

    What you will find here is a community that is tolerant of either end of the spectrum and most everything in-between. You will have to choose your threads with a bit more selectivity to find what you need, but I've had many great discussions will all types here and have never been criticized for my half-way position between hotwifing and cuckolding. OTOH, you have to be just as tolerant of what you may consider extremes. They will always be popular on cuckold sites, just as wife-swapping and swinging threads are on the more vanilla hotwife sites. I've learned a lot from each, and have become more tolerant as well.

    I lived with my fantasies in secrecy for many years, knowing with 99.9999% certainty that they would never become reality. They became reality very slowly, evolving from foreplay and shared bedtime fantasies between L and I, to cautious experimentation. If there is a "strength" that makes this lifestyle possible, it's not an individual strength, it's the strength of a relationship, the ability to communicate candidly about what both partners need from sex, and the willingness to listen and accept each other for who you are. The key is patience. Some couples find that sharing only the fantasy is enough, and that's OK. Some go to the next level intentionally, by planning, arranging meetings via websites, putting the wife out there as bait in bars and clubs. That's OK too, if it works for BOTH of you. And some, like L and I, fall into the opportunity by chance, by simple good luck, like it, and dip a few more toes into the water following a time-line that is right for the two of us.

    I did feel like "a coin on its side" for a while here. I left, came back, made some friends, and found this site to be a comfortable watering hole. There aren't many people you can talk to about this lifestyle. It helps to know there is a place where you can unload your doubts and concerns, talk about your experiences, and learn form others who have been there, done that.

    Welcome - enjoy the site.

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  12. jjthickster

    jjthickster New Member

    I can't help but smile/laugh at some of the things you said cccx, but not because I am either offended or trying to offend others, just because I know exactly what you're talking about. I, like you (and many others) don't have any desire to have any sort of homosexual encounter but enjoy the fantasy and hopefully soon act of sharing my wife with another man.

    IMHO there are quite a few variances to cuckoldry, some men who are legitimately gay find cukoldry as an outlet to their homosexual desires (especially if they don't have to have sex with the wife anymore!), others are simply bi and others just simply see the act of eating another man's load off their woman's sex a part of the submissive role.

    Anyhow, good post!
  13. kingbull

    kingbull Administrator Staff Member

    I'd say it's not a problem, but a preference.
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  14. Toson

    Toson Active Member

    Just an idea, and sorry if it's already there, but maybe a purely heterosexual thread of stories could be put in. I'm bisexual and I like the idea of creampie eating but the more members here the better so I am all for having UC appeal to as many people as possible.
  15. wittolman

    wittolman New Member

    Straight porn has always been produced by men for men (I'm sure there are women who enjoy watching a guy with a BIG dick bang a bimbo, but I doubt that segment of the market is large enough to be profitable). I personally believe that nearly all men instinctively (on a primal level) believe that penis size is synonymous with sexual prowess. I had no idea how fascinated I was with big dicks (mine's about average), or even that I wanted to be cuckolded, until I watched a naked guy with a whopper lie down naked, in our bed, on the opposite side of my wife. Since then my wife and I have enjoyed learning a hell of a lot more about our selves and each other. I "personally" believe that my role as cuckold is to "enjoy" pleasing and empowering my wife and her lover in any and every way possible. I know that I'm neither gay nor bi, if bi means making same sex love, because when I suck her lover's dick I'm either assuring him/her, beforehand, that I sincerely want him to thoroughly enjoy fucking my wife (and visa versa), or I'm assuring him/her, after the fact, that I want them both to know that I fine with being their bitch. Just in bed of course.
  16. cccx

    cccx New Member

    Thanks for the nice reply. I can't say I really feel ostracized from this community, although since I'll never adopt this as a lifestyle I can't say I exactly fit in either. I'm not really part of the community, just a guy who gets off majorly to the fantasy of it. And I know, as you alluded to, I never know what the future holds, but I think it's even more likely I'll grow out of it than it is that I'll succumb to it. I've had plenty of turn-ons that I'm either not into at all anymore, or am still turned on by but not so much that it's important to me to experience them. My foot fetish is the only thing that's really stuck with me all my life. And hell, I'm a romantic. I want the kind of relationship where the gal and I are so into each other and have such amazing sexual chemistry that, while we're still attracted to attractive people (can't help that), we honestly have no desire to have sex with other people. There's no room for cuckoldry in that outside of fantasy, and fantasy is where I want to keep it.

    And thank you for being the first person brave enough to take a stab at explaining the creampie thing. I've gotta admit, I find it hard to buy that that's the action of a 100% straight person. Maybe not bi either, though. We're all familiar with the famous Kinsey study on sexuality, right? He said that there's a range of sexuality, not just 3 options. Most people fall somewhere in a range between 100% straight and 100% gay. What you're describing might not go all the way to the middle (bi), but to me it sounds like a 2 on the scale of 0-6-- "Predominantly heterosexual, but more than incidentally homosexual." Eating a man's cum I'd say is incidental homosexuality, but actually sucking a cock is pretty direct. Yet you're straight other than that. I guess I don't buy that someone who is a 0 on the scale-- exclusively heterosexual-- would be open to sucking a man's cock. Like I said, I don't care, I don't have anything against what you do in your bedroom. The only reason it's even worth bringing up for me is because I'm trying to find cuck stories that appeal to 0's on that scale and I'm having a hard time finding them. So I'm definitely not trying to insult you by questioning your masculinity or anything like that. I'm just saying I don't think anyone is a 0 if they're open to homosexual acts, even though it's very possible that they're much more straight than gay.

    But all of you 0's who chimed in saying you're 0's too-- start writing about your experiences already!! hehe.
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  17. NECuck

    NECuck Super Moderator

    cccx, IMHO one should Never say Never!! Recently I found out that while I was busy being a "Workaholic", my X was busy being a Cuckoldress... A simple change in your health or any number of other reasons and you could be a Cuck too.. It can happen to some of the least expecting people...

    If your looking for reading material that matches your fantacies, do a search on "don jetman"... IMHO, don has Great writing skills that allows him to express the good times L and don get from the lifestyle they live....

    btw, I noticed that you have some Great writing skills too.. If by some chance you get your feet wet in this lifestyle, be sure to tell us..
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  18. Purplemonaka

    Purplemonaka New Member

    You take the avg. Joe "straight guy," and he can't figure this stuff out? He can't comprehend it unless he figures a guy has homo tendencies. Naturally, it a husband enjoys watching his wife with "men," there's gotta be a focus on the same gender. Some truth there, but only when "the wife" is involved. Separating Cucks such as myself from gaydom. Hell, Grandpa Bumper is a former Jarhead! Mano, Mano! lol.

    I can't say today, in good faith, Olivia ever figured this Cuck thing out. I do know some guys who knew her, tried demanning Bumper as being Gay?
    The straight Cucks can relate. My fav playground was always nightclubs, and Olivia had this guy chasing her, Mike. He knew the score, husband and wife and just bypassed me.

    Olivia hated for me to remind her what she did the night before, but I loved reminding her. One morning, she says, "Mike asked me if you were Gay?" What! Why would he think shit like that? You set him straight didn't you, Olivia? Olivia! You set him straight! Olivia, come back here! Answer me! She just jaunted off laughing. "I didn't know what to say Bumper?" She was just messing with me.
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  19. cuck4life

    cuck4life Active Member

    I am a cuck and do not feel I am guy at all. As a cuckold you want to have your sexuality challanged about your ability to satisfy your wife. Having to stand beside her lover and place you small thin cock beside his longer thicker cock is one way for this to happen. Another way which I feel would be the ultimate is to have to sit in a chair nude without touching your cock while she is fucked by the better man. Having your hard little cock strain for attention would be very tense. After he have shot his hot cum deep into her belly the cuk shoud move himself between her openned legs and place his mouth over her pussy. He should collect this cum as it drips from her pussy, then he should suck lightly to broing the remaining cum out to be swallowed. If the boyfriend wishes the cuck should also lick the remaining cum from his cock and balls. The whole time the cuckolds erection should be visable to the wife and boyfriend as a reminder that the cuckold needs this treatment and even though hes embrassed by it his erection tells the truth.

    Eating the boyfriends cum from his wife is a sign to show his wife her loves her and weclomes her home from this wonderful sexual experience shes had with a better man.
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  20. Robins

    Robins New Member

    My husband is 100 % straight. I fantasize about him with another guy just as a way to humiliate him because I know he wouldn't like it. Not sure howI would actually feel either. so we haven't tried yet. As for the creampie, I think ot would make my being with someone else more real for him. I won't let him watch.
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