Cottage Cuckolding

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    July 11th, 2009

    Gee where to start?
    I have been a cuckold for over 6 years now and it has had its ups and downs.
    I have been keeping a diary of our experiences over the years but lately I have not made any entries.
    Not because of a lack of things to record but more because I was afraid to jinx how things have been working out lately.

    My Wife has found herself a steady and hopefully long term Bull.
    They originally met through a free dating site but then after only one meeting never reconnected. However about a year later he contacted us through another web group we belonged to.
    Anyways they have been seeing each other for 6 months now and I must relate their activities from last weekend.

    Up to this point she has been going to his place for sex. He is very well endowed and has the “perfect curveâ€￾ to his penis, as she likes to tell me.
    He can fuck very aggressively and with extended endurance.
    Last weekend was a venture into new and exciting territory.
    We have a family cottage near Gravenhurst Ontario so she invited him up to stay for the weekend.

    My Wife set out some ground rules for me:
    I was to treat the two of them as the primary couple for the weekend.
    I was to take their bags and place them in the bedrooms.
    I was to serve the two of them dinner and drinks.
    I was to arrive early and make the beds and cleanup etc.

    But the most devious idea she had was my sleeping arrangement.
    The way the cottage is set up is this. It is a two story building with a kitchen, dining room, and family room on the first floor and two bedrooms off the family room. The catch is this, you enter the first bedroom from the family room and the second bedroom is off the first bedroom connected by a door. A perfect set up for a cuckold his Wife and her Lover.
    Needless to say I was told that She and Bill would be in the main bedroom and I would sleep in the smaller room adjacent to their bedroom.

    They arrived around dinnertime after spending the afternoon fucking at his place.

    After I had prepared dinner cleaned up and served a few drinks while they sat on the couch on the screened in watching the sun set over the lake. We sat and talked for a while. They cuddled together under a blanket because the cool night air was blowing. I could tell he had his hand under her clothes fondling her breasts the whole time.
    Oh I should add here that this is a family cottage and at any time one of my family could just pop in as that is a normal occurrence at the cottage so the thrill of being caught was always present.

    We then retired to their bedroom to watch a porno that he had brought up.
    It was just a few short scene suck and fuck movies but it was done to get them worked up and to tease me with more of what they will be enjoying and I will be denied.

    My Wife and Bill lay under the covers while I had to lay at the end of the bed while the movies played.
    Again during the movies I could tell he was enjoying the feel of her now naked body while I was only a few feet away. I could hear the occasional moan and gasp along with what I recognized as the sound of his fingers in her pussy.
    She gets so wet with him that her pussy sloshes and splashes with her juices.
    In fact she would have had a wet and swollen pussy since she left home to meet him at his place earlier in the day. She starts to drip at just his touch alone.

    After two of these short movies had played I was told to it was bedtime and to get out so She and her Lover could enjoy themselves before sleep.

    I dutifully got off the bed and turned the TV and dvd off then made my way to my bedroom to leave the lovers to what I hoped would be a long night of fucking. I was so looking forward to hearing her get fucked.
    I stripped off my clothes as I am required to sleep naked at all times but before I could get into the bed she came in behind me to give me a goodnight kiss. She then turned and hurried back into bed with Bill.
    I barely had made myself comfortable when I could hear them kissing and rolling on the bed. Then the sounds tuned in those of sex. I could hear the bed squeaking and banging against the wall and all the wonderful sounds coming from my Wife, sounds she has never made with me. She was panting and groaning, moaning but the best was a sound I can only describe as a “Cooingâ€￾ like a dove.
    Although it was dark and I had to move into an awkward position to see through the doorway I just had to see if I could catch a glimpse of my Wife being fucked.
    The moonlight was shining in just enough that it illuminated them on the bed.
    First I could see Bills backside as he pounded into my Wife. Then I saw her legs spread and her knees up around her ears, a position I always enjoyed but was almost never allowed to do. I watched that for a while but afraid I would be caught or disturb them I settled back onto the bed to listen again.
    After a while I moved again so I could have another look and this time as he was still hammering away at her I could see she had moved her legs up and together resting on his shoulders. Something I had suggested many times but was always shot down. She was Loving it!
    The sounds of them fucking was overwhelming. Over the last year she has learned how to squirt and I could hear her pussy gushing with fluid. I was jerking the whole time but I had been given strict orders not to cum as she wanted me horny the whole weekend long.
    Then I could tell their pace was increasing she had orgasm after orgasm from the start to finish of their lovemaking but now I could tell he was ready to cum in my Wife.
    He was really pounding her hard and fast and then his breathing became very deep and loud. When he started cumming in Her he let out many very loud grunts. My reaction to these sounds was very surprising to me. I always love the sound of her cumming but I found the sound of him cumming was also very exciting. I think its because I knew at that moment he was pumping my Wife full of his cum. Something I have been denied for a long time now.

    It took a while for me to fall asleep but my Wife and her Lover cuddles and kissed for a while then fell asleep in each other’s arms together.
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    Just finished chatting with Ginger sub

    Nice guy and very genuine.
    Great story and please do part 2.


    Sub Jules

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