Considerations for the Cuckold Wannabe – Advice from a practicing cuck.

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    Should you become a cuckold? If you’re smart, you’ll first be sure that you considered the stability of your relationship and what might come next.

    Although I’m a happy cuckold, need I say that cuckolding isn’t for everyone? Anyone’s yearning for what he or she might want at any moment isn’t always well thought out. Like any important decisions in life, the move should be treated with the same care before entering into a binding agreement.

    After my wife’s first few encounters other men, she was addicted. Her obsession isn’t likely reversible in our marital relationship, and she readily admits it. She couldn’t quit only because I requested it. I have no doubt that her seeking out others to fuck her would continue, but without telling me.

    I wouldn’t make the request anyway for the reason that I get as much out of her having extramarital sex as she does. For us, it works.

    The reason for my posting this is as information for men who are considering encouraging their wives to give it a go. No one should do that unless they're prepared to accept that once that Rubicon is crossed, both may find it difficult to reverse direction.

    It’s something like men’s addiction to porn but without the downsides to what researchers have found to be the brain changes in porn-addicted men. Once sexually stimulated by multiple partners, a wife's previous barriers and hesitation vanish.

    Although not universally true, most cucks will tell you the idea was initially his. That’s a valid justification for her continuing extramarital fucking, whether or not her husband later decides it wasn't for him after all. Subsequent jealousy is an insufficient reason for a wife to contain her lust. That excuse by her husband is likely to lead to lying to him about her extramarital activities, not a willing return to monogamy. Even if she tries to stop, she will likely experience sexually frustration, which can cause a host of interpersonal difficulties.

    I know my wife well; if I demanded she bring it to an end, she probably would tell me to go fuck myself. Nothing short of a catastrophic event would prohibit her from satisfying the craving to which she is now accustomed. Tempting opportunities for lustful women abound.

    Most of us who want our spouses to become a hot wife need that as much as they do. But a decent internet search is evidence that not all men can handle it. A lot of marriages aren’t rock-solid, some wives aren’t committed to their marriages and a sizeable percentage of spouses have more insecurities than the general population.

    And then, there’s the worry about being apart from our society’s mainstream. Most of us are prisoners of our culture, which frowns upon straying sexually. Our world has ten basic types of societies (hunter-gathers, fishing, simple agrarian, etc.), and almost 200 nations. Some professionals break down the ten general societies to more refined terms that number well over a thousand. Each has its own set of moral codes.

    And yet, fewer than 200 societies enforce monogamous relations between women and men. The U.S. isn’t among those. European nations are a mixture of both approving and disapproving customs. And aside from psychological differences among individuals therein, therein lies the problem. The objections to having a spouse fuck around are just that, what others may think and the resultant guilt from violating social norms.

    If you ask most cuckolds or their willing wives what others’ objections to hot-wifery or cuckolding might be, I suspect the most common answer would be “religion.” That would be inaccurate. In the Christian and Hebrew religions, some of the Bible’s most significant or admired characters engaged in adultery, had sex with multiple partners or concubines and even engaged in incest. I’m familiar with the Bible and cannot recall any worthy characters who were considered to be consigned to Hell over those activities.

    Perhaps the most recognized biblical writing is that within the ten Judaic commandments dealing with adultery. They were inscribed some 3,300 years ago, at the dawn of the Bronze Age. The totality of reasons for the adultery command, and perhaps for others, in The Ten Commandments may not be fully misunderstood in the modern world. Even the English translation of “Do not kill,” isn’t exactly what the original Hebrew writing said. The more accurate translation is, “Do not murder.” Common sense should, but doesn’t for many, lead to the conclusion that one could not kill even in defense of one’s life or to protect others’ lives. Military engagement against enemies of Jews by ancient Hebrews is written within the scriptures as their having followed the command of the Creator. The land of Canaan was conquered in just that way and became today’s Israel. Like Jews, Christians attempt to abide by those commandments.

    But here’s the rub. What even many of even the most religious don’t realize that the tablet containing those ten rules as passed down by a former prince of Egypt to his nation of thousands are essentials for the well-being of its society. “Adultery” is most commonly understood, as it was in the day of Moses, as what we now call “cheating.” Adultery in that sense has, since the rise of civilization, resulted in broken families, children without both parents, venereal infection for an innocent marital partner and violence among other serious problems. Those familiar with the Islamic Koran and the hadiths know that the religion’s founder had many wives, and to this day approves of up to four wives for male Muslims (but with the caveat that women are less valuable than men in some ways, like that of a violated woman requiring four male witnesses under Sharia law to prove rape has occurred.)

    Wives engaged in sexual relations with other men and have the benefit of their husbands’ approval, do not consider themselves as “cheating,” Some – like many of their swinger counterparts - are religious, Christian and Jewish, and even attend church or temple. One we met taught Sunday school.

    Most cuckolds and their significant others who aren’t engaged in illegal activities are unconcerned with cultural pressure and misunderstood religious barriers. On the other hand, most of us do not want our secret lives known to friends, family and anyone else who might disapprove.

    So why should they not follow their desire if it pleases them? It’s simpler than the foregoing considerations. There is no reason except that it may not be what they expect it to be. If you aren’t confident that your marriage is secure and you’re sure it won’t cause future difficulties between you and the other in your life, why not? If you harbor doubts, no experienced cuckolding partner with an ounce of sense would encourage you to do it.

    The physician’s slogan, “Do no harm,” is a good rule to remember in all relationships.

    The above is an original document. All statements therein are not copyrighted and entirely mine.
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