Conservative Meredith Becomes a Spreader for BBC pt. 4 (end)

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    He powerfully lifted her up completely off her feet and placed her face down over a kitchen preparation island nearby with her legs and ass dangling off one side and her big tits hanging over the edge of the other side. Her skirt was flipped up and she never heard so much male acclamation as when they all got a good long look at her curvy, massive ass blasting out of her panties on all sides. It didn't take but a second to have what existed of her panties ripped violently off and she was ordered to keep her dangling, unsupported legs in wide V while they all gaped and admired not only her ass but her twin-slabbed meaty pussy -framed by brown curls - now on open-aired display for all their crudely lusting eyes to leer at.

    Not wasting a second, the two older of the guys grabbed a low stool, a box of the chocolate cookies and pulled up for some rabid feasting on Meredith's heavily-marinated, married cunt beef. She had cookie bits shoved in and licked out, chocolate covered fingers plunged into her asshole and pussy slots, and at one point both her meaty cunt curtains were pasted all over in melted chocolate before being lapped off into one of their pussy-starved mouths.

    On the other side, the two younger men had taken off their shirts so she could see and admire their cut, fat-free bodies that looked like they could both be playing safety in the NFL. They both grabbed a big handful of her brown hair and held her head up, unzipping their shorts and unleashing what were to her the holy grail: two splendidly shaped, fully-erect granite hard, big shiny black cocks, in full salute to her bounty of sexuality.
    While their two friends were going to town, feasting on Meredith's cunt and ass, these two got extremely well blown by Meredith's big open (and oh so ready to suck delicious black cock) mouth. It became half suck off and half face fuck after a while, when they couldn't stop themselves at times from just grabbing her head and drilling away on her warm wet mouth and throat which she didn't protest against one tiny bit. They even took turns pulling her head back so she could push her tits together around their thick shafts and both got a mean tit fuck on Meredith's huge hanging melons, rubbing the skin raw in a couple places on her inner cleavage as they fucked her soft tits so hard.

    Soon though it was time to fuck her eager beaver and her pussy was tingling with urgent need to be filled. She hoisted one leg up on the counter with the other still planted, lifting her ass and pussy into the best possible height and position to be hammered - with those knee socks such a salacious accent.

    One after another the hard, defined young men took turns plowing away ferociously on her moist white cunt, clawing and hard-smacking her big loose cheeks the entire time while getting an up close view of her cute brown fully exposed asshole. Her dazzling mouth continued to have cock after cock thrust in for a drilling face fuck. Having over eighteen inches of combined black cock in her at the same time was better than she'd even fantasized. And two guys decided to make it an even twenty-seven inches by getting her big lips stretched around two cocks at once and just holding them there while the pumping force of her real live cunt plunger inched her profusely drooling mouth back and forth on their thrilled ebony poles.

    “We better let this bitch get her hungry cunt off,” one of them stated, for the first time thinking of her needs, although she'd already had multiple mini-orgasms while they manhandled and stabbed the hell out of her tender holes with their huge punishing dicks.

    So the youngest one sat on the couch and she mounted him, looking at him in the eyes as she sunk on his blessed dong. “How old are you? “, she quizzed. “Nineteen,” he answered. Thrilled knowing she was riding a young man barely of age to legally fuck her church-wedded pussy.

    “Do you have a girlfriend?,” she asked, their lips inches apart as she bounced furiously on his tremendously satisfying totem, while giving all the men watching behind a lurid view of her skeezy twerking that made all her ass meat ripple like jello when she bounced.

    “Yeah, I do,” he smiled, so gratified with the way she was jacking him off with her married cunt.

    “Do I fuck you better than she does?” she asked, looking him intensely right in the eyes to see if he was telling the truth, while bouncing so high his cock tip barely remained in and she came thudding all the way down to land her broad ass on his hard thighs.

    “Yeah, yeah, I can't fucking lie. Yo white pussy fucks me much better than her black pussy do.”

    With that statement of validation she locked her lips on his and gave him a long deep kiss, wrapping her arms around his young neck, and felt the familiar wave of pleasure roll over her in a series of shuddering waves as she collapsed on him, spent.

    He had came too, deep into her now heavily splattered cunt walls. And all the rest of the guys came around to the back of the couch and jacked their big black balls off on her cute slutty face, rendering her nearly unrecognizable with thick pearlescent sludge oozing down over her eyes, cheeks, nose, lips and chin. Her tits served as a drop cloth for what goo dripped down.

    She got up and didn't even bother trying to get her panties as they lay torn in half on the floor. They did all pay her for the cookies though and gave her a toilette to wipe the remaining cum she couldn't lick off her face.

    As she walked out there were other neighborhood guys of various ages staring at her slutted out self as she strode pantiless to her van, trying to get some buttons fastened to hide at least some of her tits for the ride home. They all sneered knowing she'd been used up and discarded by the black stallions inside. She was surprised how good getting viewed by all those men in her thoroughly degraded state felt.

    In the next few weeks, Meredith made a killing selling cookies in nearby urban neighborhoods, with similar scanty outfits getting her entree and fulfillment in so many a black residence. Her van was even utilized several times when she met black guys who either didn't have a nearby residence or whose wives were currently home. She had so much liquid protein pumped into her during those sales weeks that she jokingly referred to herself and her van as the mobile sperm bank.

    Sharlene McGraw was blown out of the water by Meredith's cookie totals and the regional Scout director took such a note of her incredible sales that she was named urban community outreach director. A title that paid off in so many non-monetary ways for years to come. Dave got a truckload of nasty jackoff fodder recounted to him in their marital bed at night, although she had to start letting him fuck her in the ass because she'd become way too loose in the cunt for his dick to get off on anymore, which was fine because she'd grown envious with how much black cock Alexis Texas took up her fine ass and wanted eagerly to add that to her repertoire. It would seem her friend the black dildo might need to be of service again soon.
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    Enjoyed your story very much. GTR
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