Conservative Meredith Becomes a Spreader for BBC pt. 3

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    With her new top mission in life clear and present, Meredith still had to deal with the upcoming cookie sale for her scout troop. She was in fierce competition with Sharlene McGraw, the other assistant scout leader, to get top sales in their region. The head scoutmaster, Mrs. Dunkirk, had drawn the battle lines with Sharlene getting the choicest tony neighborhoods and Meredith assigned to the more blue-collar areas.

    Fuck it, Meredith thought. She had advantages the rich, bitchy, stick-figured Sharlene didn't. Namely a great set of tits and the best shaped big ass in the entire metro area and probably state. She hadn't ever shown off her body but her wardrobe was about to get a major makeover. She bought a slew of the tightest, shortest skirts, sexy heels that wrapped wickedly around her fine ankles, accentuating her alluring legs, and many low-cut shirts to show off her so suckable tit meat, which would be enhanced by some of the skimpiest cleavage-inducing bras. Crack diving panties were obtained in large amounts as well.

    When she got home from work that first Monday after her shopping bonanza, Meredith put on a pair of the tiny panties which had both of her hefty ass cheeks just oozing almost entirely out. The bras she strapped on scooped her two massive slabs of luscious tit flesh together with barely any material. She stood before a full length mirror and turned around to view her massively gorgeous ass. Though very large it sat up high with no blemishes or cellulite.

    After seeing in porn what black men lusted after, she had for the first time welcomed and grew confident in the size and shape of her big brick shithouse of an ass. There was a female porn star named Alexis Texas, whom she'd discovered was like an irresistible magnet for the biggest, most attractive of black cocks. Meredith's ass was nearly identical in size, shape and proportion to that of the well-known, and frequently interracially-fucked star.

    She shook her relaxed ass meat up and down, amazing herself with the heft and bounce she was getting, while viewing her twerk in the mirror in those vastly undersized panties. She wished she had an approving black male audience here to see it with her.

    Mrs. Dunkirk insisted the Scout leaders wear at least somewhat scout-like apparel while doing cookie sales and so Meredith had a very short pleated green skirt on, with green knee socks and a green blouse, but had it unbuttoned obscenely low to put those big scoops of creamy tit front and center. Her shiny beautiful thighs were temptingly uncovered in their entirety between her too-short skirt edge and the knee socks. It was like a voluptuous fully-developed woman had tried to jam herself into the same scout uniform she'd worn as a preteen.

    Meredith rented a fully upholstered van and put enough cookie boxes in to get her hopefully top honors if all were sold. She looked at her map and decided to forget the blue-collar areas and go straight for the urban neighborhoods to the south of where her border was drawn.

    It didn't take long for her to come upon some athletic looking black men (four!) lounging on a porch drinking gin mixed with fruit juice, when she popped out of the van with her cookie boxes. As she looked like every black man's fantasy of a white girl busting out all over, they welcomed her inside, even offering her some gin, which she took a few sips of to calm her nervous self. They were doting on her with the most directly sexual of comments. They bought all the boxes she'd brought in (12) and had her bring more from the van.

    It wasn't long before the alcohol had her relaxed and smiling, welcoming all their increasingly direct advances on her curvaceous, lewdly displayed body. When she didn't stop their hands from touching first her arms then back, they knew they had won the lottery with the most incredibly built and willing white girl landing in their horny laps. Meredith heard the latch on the door click in place as they surrounded her, with one fella reaching for the only button on her shirt keeping her tits from being better displayed. He popped that button out and their hands were rubbing all over her full cleavage giving her excited goosebumps highly visible on the exposed portion of her boobs.

    “Damn you da nicest thing showed up in this hood in foreva,” one groper exclaimed. Her bra was soon unhooked in front and her big suckable hardened nipples popped out to their eyes like 3D movie objects.

    One of the guys opened a box of the chocolate cookies which were a bit melted in the warm air. He wiped his finger on top, gathering some chocolate and spread it all over her tits. They moved in like piranhas to savagely feast on her completely offered up big tender white tits coated in cocoa flavoring. She thought they were going to chew them both off they were biting and sucking and licking so fervently. It became so crowded one of the men decided he was going for the real prize and hoisted her miniskirt to unveil that impossible bounty of white ass bursting out of her itsy-bitsy green panties.

    “Mutha fuckin hell, y'all gots to get a look at this big fuckin' shitter on this white girl.”
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