Conservative Meredith Becomes a Spreader for BBC pt. 2

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    She barely had time to get the gigantic silicon pussy invader out and pull her hose part way up, before he was in the room with her. She put the dildo behind her back with both hands and mustered a weak, “Hi dear.” Her grey pin-striped business skirt was still bunched near her crotch.

    “What's behind your back and why are you so disheveled? “ he asked.

    She stuttered and stammered, before realizing he was as guilty in this as she was.

    “I found your files on the computer. The interracial scenes. After first being appalled, I was soon masturbating to them and then, well, this,” as she pulled the black impaler from behind her back and showed him, it being coated with a shimmering layer of her pussy cream.

    “You had that entire thing inside you?” he said, stunned at the enormity of her twat stuffing buddy. Then, after a contemplating pause, “So you like watching these as much as I do?”

    “Yes, it's my new favorite thing. I've gotten orgasmic release everyday since I discovered this genre of porn and still feel like I'm barely scratching the surface of what's available.”

    “What were you watching when I came in?” he asked, getting increasingly charged up with the thought of that massive black rod being jammed up his formerly conservative wife's married honey hole.

    “This,” she responded, going back to the video where the white husband organized and directed a black gangbang for his appetizing and appreciative wife.

    As the video proceeded he felt his cock stiffen and thrill to the molestation of the submissive wife on screen by the dominant black men using her body.

    “Show me what you were doing with that black prick during this part,” Dave urged her.

    Meredith dropped her pantyhose again and pulled her beautiful shiny legs up while moving her knees way back and apart, gliding the dildo back in her cunt which took the whole thing so easily now. With her gorgeous legs and furry stuffed pussy on display, she seemed so wonderfully and sluttily exposed, he thought, since her upper body was still adorned with her crisp white blouse, buttoned to the top, and gray pinstripe jacket still on.

    “W-would you like being that woman?”, he asked, becoming drunk with lust imagining his pretty young wife getting fucked vigorously in her full mouth, hairy pussy and big round ass all at the same time by cocks twice the size of his.

    “Yes. Yes. I would. I most definitely would. I know it's taboo, but it just seems so satisfying, especially since I've approximated the feeling, by fucking myself deeply using this dildo molded with every ridge and vein exactingly recreated from one of the hottest, biggest dicked black porn stars going. That's him with his cock buried in that moaning woman's overjoyed cunt. Just like I have it in me now.”

    Dave could take it no more and unzipped his suit pants, releasing his inflamed cock from its prison. He jacked furiously off looking at both his wife's packed cunt and the triple penetration taking place on screen. After a minute of stroking, he shot arcing burst after burst of sticky semen over Meredith's shoulder and onto her clean white shirt, dousing it in a damp puddle of rich goo.

    They talked over dinner about the revelation of their mutual fetish. It opened up their sex life spectacularly and neither could quite believe all this sexual energy had been trapped inside them while they had such utterly vanilla sex all this time.

    Soon, they were verbally exchanging increasingly detailed fantasies during sex while Meredith would got prone on her stomach while Dave straddled her, his chest on her back so he could whisper all the filthy acts he was imagining black men doing to her while he fucked away. As much as she was enjoying their new found fetish play, though, she so much wanted to get fucked by black men in real life. Unsure how to bring it up, she waited until Dave was hard again one night and on top of her.

    “Honey, I have to bring this up because I can't contain it any longer. I want to get nailed by some thick black cock in real life, but I want you to know about it and approve.”

    “Oh, dear. I've fantasized about it so many times and love the idea,” he responded, while his forcefully pumping dick gave action to how much it turned him on. “While there would always be a hint of envy knowing you were getting your pussy stuffed so much more fully, I want it to happen too. But you have to recount every wicked detail for me afterwords. And I would like nothing more than to fuck you at least once, immediately after you'd had a huge black python rudely invade your slutty cunt.”

    “Deal”, she said, tightening her pussy walls as much as possible to get a grip on his dick.

    He pulled out just in time to empty his balls all over her big round ass, a loving liquid tribute to his worship-worthy wife, who had him more excited and energized than he could ever remember being.
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