Conservative Meredith Becomes a Spreader for BBC pt. 1

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    Meredith had been married less than a year before taking the role of assistant Scout leader for a girl group in her neighborhood. Her employer encouraged everyone to take volunteer opportunities and she chose Scouts, even though she didn't have a daughter in it. It was only one night per week with some camping on occasional weekends. Cookie sales time were going to be a challenge for her though.

    Auburn-haired, she kept her straight, shoulder length locks pulled back, usually with a hair band and bangs in front. She was twenty-four and a compact, 5'6”. She dressed very conservatively, but her button-down blouses and knee length skirts couldn't entirely hide her curviness. She had a narrow waist that broadened into naturally wide hips and a big healthy rear end. She was self-conscious about her butt though, as she often sensed men leering at her backside when she walked past them. Ghetto Booty was a term she heard slung in her direction several times when passing groups of young black men on the way to her evening train from downtown. Her boobs were large too: C's verging on D's which she hid by avoiding tight or low-cut shirts.

    Her marriage to Dave had been pretty okay so far, though she often wished she'd had experiences with other men prior to locking herself up for life. She was surprised one day, when doing some finance on their home computer, to discover a hidden folder titled 'Wives Get BBC'. She clicked on one of the video files and it was - shockingly - porn, showing a white wife who yielded to a group of black workmen remodeling her home. Her husband had never mentioned being turned on by this sort of thing.

    She clicked on a few more files and they all had the similar theme of white wives getting taken hard by one, or usually more, very well-hung black men. She'd never seen a black cock before and was amazed by how impressive they were. She watched one of the clips in its entirety where a wife got handled roughly and fucked in every hole by three hot young black men with great bodies. She didn't know how the woman had fit that much cock inside her.

    She'd become very damp watching and was rubbing herself through her panties, ready to move them aside, when she heard Dave pulling into the garage. She quickly closed the file and folder, straightened her skirt and moved to the fridge to start dinner preparation.

    But, she couldn't get the vision of the white wife submitting so eagerly to the depredations of powerful black men out of her head. She wondered if her husband imagined her doing something like that, but didn't know how to broach the topic, as they didn't talk much about sex. They usually had one session in missionary position in the dark per week, but lately it had left her feeling unsatisfied and wondering what to do about it.

    She always got home from work an hour or so before her husband, typically cleaning or cooking before he arrived. The next weekday after she first discovered the interracial videos, she rushed home after work and removed her shoes and the knit tights she had under her long skirt, getting on the computer to find the video folder. She was soon dampened again eyeing a video depicting a white wife who had car trouble while passing through a bad part of town, whom ended up getting an overpowering ravishment from a handful of twenty-something black men, who were all very well put-together.

    She moved her panties to the side and was in short order strumming her swollen clit, which felt great, but incomplete, as she yearned for something large inside her to help recreate the feeling of a blessedly endowed African-American male cock fucking her.

    She suddenly remembered a novelty gift she'd received from one of her rare wild friends from college. It was a large black dildo, supposedly molded from the hardened dick of a famous black porn star. She had been embarrassed when her husband watched her unwrap it after the present – intended as a joke - arrived in the mail. Although he was much friskier than usual after seeing her holding the gift. Even giving her a sudden spank to her behind, which he'd never done before. She hadn't even known what it was until he told her. Somewhere her friend Natalie was laughing, envisioning naive Meredith with the imitation black cock. She had gasped and put it back in the box, when learning its purpose - placing it in the garage and intending to trash it. She'd forgotten about it until now.

    She quickly scooted to the garage and rummaged manically thorough some storage bins, and was thrilled to find it still in its box. She took it inside and got back to the video. This time her wet pussy had something to expand it so she could really feel some of what the women in the videos were experiencing when those black men fucked them. It surprised her how much of the thick, smooth fuck toy she could fit inside herself while continuing to circle-massage her clit. The unprecedented creaminess she was producing helped a lot with getting more of it up her suddenly-greedy twat. As she saw the woman on screen get on her knees and take load after load of heavy black cum on her face, she came herself with a whole body wave that was way more powerful than any she'd ever had with Dave. She heard her husband arriving in the driveway and quickly found a place in the laundry room, where he seldom went, to stash her new secret, naughty toy.

    The time before Dave arrived each day became her special 'me' time, when she could get a healthy release of her workday tensions. She soon exhausted all the videos Dave had stored, but searching online led her to the treasure trove of interracial videos available on the net. She found herself deeply relishing nastier and nastier interracial porn clips and it scared her somewhat how swift and growing her addiction had become. She even challenged herself with how much of the big black dildo she could cram up her newly-expanded cunt when it got lathered up by her daily afternoon video voyeurism. She smiled to herself in the knowledge that if she ever met the Mr. Steele who the faux-cock was molded from, he'd be able to park most of his blessed ebony prick in her willing fuck hole.

    But getting most of it inside her wasn't enough and it became a personal goal, which she took way more seriously than any sales figures at work, to get all the big black cock replica into her married white cunt.

    She was so juicy on her way home from work one day when she was sure she could meet the challenge, that it felt like every man on the train could sense how enlivened her pussy was. She burst into her house, yanked her hose down to her ankles and hiked her skirt up to her waist after getting out her new best friend, which she had - in her increasingly perverted mind - labeled Meredith's sloppy cunt plunger. She found a captivating video where a lady was set-up by her husband to service some horse-cocked black studs while he watched her. As the woman ended up on a couch riding a cock, getting her mouth fed another cock and having a third cock introduced to her asshole, Meredith had her feet pressed together, up on the computer table, with her knees spread 180 degrees apart, the black dildo jammed in further than she'd ever gotten it, so close to fully immersed.

    It wasn't going to defy her this time though, as she clenched her right fist and knuckle-hammered that fucker the remainder of the way into her naturally-lubed cavity. As she felt the 'balls' of the fake cock rest against her asshole, she knew she could take any black cock out there and a quick strum to her engorged clit brought a celebratory wave of orgasmic gratification. The head of the fake cock had pressed against spots way up in her cunt that were like pleasure buttons which, when triggered, sent out electrified pulses through her whole gloriously energized body.

    Just then – in her moment of triumph – she heard the door from the garage opening. Dave had come home and she hadn't heard him! Lost in her video pleasuring, with the sound on the computer turned higher than usual to hear the woman on screen moan in ecstasy and all the dirty things the men were saying while fucking her, her husband had driven in and surprised her.
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