consequences of long term denial

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    I've been experiencing a somewhat new sensation for the past couple months. Sometimes, when I think naughty thoughts about my wife, I can feel a tingling, burning sensation and it feels like I'm starting to urinate. I think it is my pelvic floor muscles contracting as if I'm about to have an orgasm. I don't get hard, there's no pleasure, it just feels like an urgency to cum/pee that starts inside my anus (this is embarrassing) and spreads to the tip of my penis.

    What makes it worse is it doesn't have to be anything that's actually naughty. For example, if my wife directs me to do a chore, or merely threatens me with discipline--almost immediately I feel like I'm about to climax and I have to take a few deep breaths and try to relax. Otherwise, I'm afraid I'll dirty myself.

    Yesterday she told me about finding an old photo album that has pictures of her with different guys she dated/fooled around with. I asked if I could see it and she said no. She said some of them might get me too excited. She said she wanted me to know it exists so I'd understand that she's mindful of what she had to give up. Even simply thinking about the existence of the album made me feel like I was leaking into my underpants.

    Has anyone else had experiences like these?
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    Hi Bricbat,

    I think what you are experiencing is perfectly normal and healthy. Asking you to do a chore...telling you about others....discipline...her giving up something to marry all related to your sexuality.

    Those types of thoughts are very stimulating. Your body has a need for physical contact and sexual stimulation. Right now your access to that is limited. Imagine you are on a of those whole 30-no sugar- type 29 I give you a peach you will be like OMG>>>that peach is so juicy and sweet. The peach would be so stimulating and exciting to your tastebuds.

    I imagine your body is having a need, and is going to react to stimuli with sexual undertone...heck imagine picking up a pair of her panties.

    That feeling is normal. We all have it, some just need more stimuli than others. Deanna
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