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    I'm a young college grad who has been regularly--like at least three times a week--fucking a much older professional guy's very beautiful and intelligent 24 year-old wife behind his back for more than a year. I have never used condoms with her because fucking bareback makes us feel we are connected much more deeply that way. She is in very deeply in love with me, not her husband who, by the way, is a doctor of medicine as as such ought to know how to satisfy his wife. But she tells me, despite that he is well hung and gets very solid erections, he doesn't have a clue how to go about fucking her properly. To top it all off he has been a consistently premature ejaculator since their wedding night two years ago.

    I love feeling her excitement at being secretly and solidly fucked by a much younger man. I love even more the look on her face and the way she orgasms so hard when she feels my super-fertile cum spurting into her. In fact that has always been a huge part of my pleasure in fucking every woman I have had. My knowing in advance the extra pleasure she is going to get from feeling me cumming in her bare (and I'm a very heavy cummer) is a big turn-on for me from the moment I first penetrate her. And it just gets better and better until I blow my load in her and feel her cumming like crazy all over the shaft of my bare cock wildly jerking away in her. This is the main reason I hate condoms.

    I rank the pleasure a woman can get from me fucking her at least as highly as my own. It may be a pride thing but when I am fucking another man's wife it massively increases my pleasure to see and feel her getting pleasure from me that I know she has never had and never will have from being fucked by the husband she is happily betraying in their marriage bed. Also I have become very strongly addicted to those feelings of satisfaction and male dominance a young lover gets from sending a well-fucked wife loaded up with his cum back to her older unsuspecting and unsatisfying husband who she has told you is still hopelessly in love with her but lacks the balls to fuck her properly.

    Yes pregnancies have resulted although it's amazing that almost none of the many other married women I have fucked since I was 17 have ever been angry with me for it. All of them began by suggesting or insisting I use a condom for our first sex together. I never did but instead I nakedly and cynically romanced and manoevered them so they became so fascinated and aroused by our kissing and the sound of my gently seductive voice an d the sight and feel of my athletic young body and over-sized uncut cock and bulging balls that they let their defenses down.

    When they were aroused enough by that I would gently guide their free hand down and get them to gently clasp my bare pussy-ready cock. On feeling its size and hardness some were more timid than others and would try to withdraw their hand. But with my hand over theirs it was usually easy to get them to get over their inhibitions and to enjoy the feeling of my cock in their hand. First just the shaft, then the head, then all the way down to its root and then below that to my balls.

    My main aim is always to get them to explore and then fascinated and aroused by the size and contours and strength of my cock. With that achieved the rest is easy. Keeping on sexily whispering them I gently part their legs. With not much more encouragement and kissing them more and more sexily most of them are soon enough guiding the head of my cock between their love-lips. Once there I pause for a few seconds then slowly but firmly ease my cock-head into first few inches of their vagina, all the time making very sure they feel and truly appreciate its size and shape and firmness and slipperiness when freed from my long foreskin.

    Only then do I thrust deeper, nearly always on their eager invitation. When they have taken the full length of my cock in them I don't initiate thrusting but let my cock lie quietly in the clasp of their vagina, allowing them to enjoy the feeling of being filled with an over-sized very hard new and eager younger man's cock. Then, still holding myself back from thrusting, by contracting my root muscles I make my cock expand and then jerk several times slowly but strongly and very sexily in them. When I feel them liking and responding to that I make it jerk in them several times more strongly in quick succession, mimicking the contractions of a powerful ejaculation.

    After several such suggestive jerkings of my cock in them most women signal or frankly say they want me to begin thrusting in them. Most times I don't, but let the woman initiate thrusting in any way she wants to, usually by grabbing my bum or hips and drawing me harder into her, or by rocking her pelvis against mine and making shorter or longer pelvic thrusts all by herself. Only when they have thoroughly excited themselves by their own thrustings do I join in with my own. With their loving the full length of my young and very girthy cock eagerly thrusting in them I can easily bring them to orgasm on it once or twice without me ejaculating.

    After that it's all too easy for me to charm and sweet talk them into them letting me cum in them bare. Which I do knowing that is what they usually desire even more than the pleasure of being naughtily fucked by a good-looking hardon machine that I confidently am although barely out of gradschool---the idea of which, by the way, I know most of them love to the hilt. I never pull out to cum even when asked to, even if the woman panics and implores me to as some women do when they feel me about to orgasm when fucking them during their fertile times.

    I always thrust very hard and hold myself balls-deep in the woman when I cum in her and when thoroughly romanced and worked-up most women orgasm or re-orgasm long and uncontrollably when they feel my over-expanded cock spurting my cum hard into the back of the vagina, and really and truly love me for it. Their gratitude then is often profuse and very flattering of me, but sadly sometimes pathetic as they practically worship me and my body and cock for doing for them what they say their husbands have never done for them and probably could never do.

    My feeling of sexual power over a woman at those times is as powerful a mental aphrodisiac as I can experience as a relatively inexperienced young breeder. On the fathering side, only one wife has threatened to leave me with my baby to raise. My present 24 year-old (who is pregnant to me for the second time now) and 5 other wives who have had babies to me have just passed them off on their unsuspecting husbands as being theirs. Thankfully all 6 of the babies (4 boys and 2 girls) I know I have secretly made I am told by their mothers are loved to pieces by their unsuspecting "fathers
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