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  1. CuckJess

    CuckJess New Member

    I'm looking for someone local to the area to take the reigns, introduce themselves, and if she approves, enjoy her in any way possible. Thicker than the average hotwife, she's got huge tits and a nice thick ass. She's 40, and looks good for her age.
    I'm looking for the best of both worlds, someone to take the bull roll as well as making opportunities to turn her into a cumslut. DP/DV, GB, etc. As well as being able to hang out with no expectations (despite me wishing the entire time that you'd just flip her on the floor, rip her clothes off and let your lust feed)
    Depending on how involved you are with her/us, it's entirely possible for you to fuck her first during each sexual encounter. I almost exclusively want to duck her only after I've watched her with another man or she's come home directly from getting filled at your place, or maybe your buddies place.
    Taking pics to send to me when you are giving her without me around is highly suggested and appreciated. Suggestions include her wedding hand wrapped around your dick, clearly visible ring, of course, your chock in her mouth, getting penetrated, or simply a pic of where you decided to cum.
    I'm bi, you should be Dom enough to be secure with having me clean you up. You can instruct me, or she will.
    You can reply here, I actually like the idea of other people being able to see me make plans for strangers to meet my wife for sex ;)
  2. picturerisque

    picturerisque Active Member

    I'm from the springs. I have to admit being more of a one time stud, I believe I read your ad on craigslist and it sounded like you wanted something more on going.
  3. CuckJess

    CuckJess New Member

    That is most deff the case. While I do enjoy the idea of her being with numerous men, where safety is concerned, we prefer to find that one guy (or a few) that can continue to please her. It also makes things more comfortable. Thanks for being upfront it though. We regularly post in cl and aff, so you've probably seen one or more of our ads.
  4. CuckJess

    CuckJess New Member

    Pic, what's the draw to the one night stands? Are you draped in that much that you can afford to never see the same woman again? :)
  5. picturerisque

    picturerisque Active Member

    Honestly this all started 4 years ago when I found out my wife was cheating on me. About a year ago I decided to do something about it and starting sleeping with other people's wives. My first encounter was in LA and her husband set most of the encounter up for us. We had a great time, I finished her off 3-4 times before I even started to fuck her, we completely thrashed about my hotel suite and then she thanked me and returned to her hubby with "quite the story to tell". I don't know why I prefer one time things, I think it has to do with me not wanting to complicate things further than they already are with my wife.

    Please don't judge me too harshly
  6. CuckJess

    CuckJess New Member

    No judgement here... just curious. I've done my share of setting things up, we currently have a guy who is able to visit once a month or so, and he's only here for a couple hours, so I usually have her prepped before he walks in, or at least naked and waiting in bed for him. He's married, so he can't sneak off unless he can get away from work. Not looking to replace him, just add to the mix. I'm not looking to make you fall in love with my wife, so I don't see the connection between fucking one woman a few times and fucking a few women once each and complicating things with your wife, who assumably knows nothing about the situation?

    Personally I've always liked finding out what makes each woman tick. You simply can't do that in one encounter, no matter how many hours you stretch it into. Anyway, thanks for indulging my curiosity.
  7. picturerisque

    picturerisque Active Member

    I told her about the first. The rest I keep to myself. It actually was a pretty good relief to get it out there, thanks for asking.
  8. picturerisque

    picturerisque Active Member

    I have to admit to being quite the voyeur. I wouldn't mind hearing how your search has gone, and getting a few stories to read. If you'd like feel free to email me. its just my SN and
  9. CuckJess

    CuckJess New Member

    I'm not sure how much I'll be around here, but here's an update.

    Earlier this week she sent me a text explaining her work schedule had changed and that "if you want to try and find a playmate for me, feel free."

    It's very rare that she asks me, as a matter of fact, this is the first time she's approached the subject without it already being a topic of discussion.

    So I do my usual craigslist postings and browse the selection on AFF.

    There's a guy I've been texting for a few weeks from an ad he responded to of mine. I usually post up every once in a while to get discussions with local guys going so that when she does feel like adding a cock too the bedroom, it's not someone last minute. Anyway, we make plans for a late night meet, but on the way out, he has vehicle issues. I actually had him headed to meet me at my work, so when he had his issues, I still had a plethora of decent replies in my email. So not wanting someone to have "car trouble" again, I quickly replaced the guy with another, and even a number two. I told her that I invited two, hoping one wouldn't flake, but bonus if both showed. She's nervous about the idea of two guys other than me, but open to the idea, of course.

    Well, I met one guy, told him I was meeting another, the other ended up getting pulled over and said not to wait, so we headed back to the house. He saw one of my classic vehicles as we parked and that got him going on that and he just never switched gears. We discussed my motor swap and other modifications for an hour while he texts his babysitter, eventually saying he needed to go. He never really looked at her, despite her being in nothing but a tight tank and panties.

    So, not to be brought down by that, the next day I scheduled another two men. At the last minute, the second one I scheduled told me he had to work. I quickly replaced him, and he dropped what he was doing and headed out. The other guy said he got pulled over, and then I never heard from him again. The next day he said he got arrested for an old failure to appear when he got pulled over.... lol

    Anyway, so with the lucky guy that showed up, we chatted for a bit, and he knew someone else was going to show, so he waited, but after a little bit moved to the couch to sit next to her. I reminded him that I hadn't heard from the other guy, but tried not to sound like I was too aggressively stalling. He said that he was just gonna kiss her a bit while we waited, needless to say, she was naked and choking on his dick within a few min. They flipped and he ate her pussy for a while, then they flipped again and she rode him on the couch while I watched and took video. After a while of that, they decided to move to the bedroom where he ate her some more, eventually fucking and cumming inside her. He didn't stop though, and kept fighting her till she squirted on his cock, which he immediately licked up. While he was doing this, I decided to let her suck my dick. When he was done, we all took a break, I got him a beer and her some wine and I smoked a bowl. He told us about his swinging experiences and even a gang bang group he was a part of.

    He had a deadline to leave, and needed a quick shower. While he was showering, I told her my balls were aching, so she started sucking me. I quickly got up and bent her over the couch just as he came out of the bathroom. He sat down and I pushed her toward him and she obediently sucked his cock while I fucked her. He ended up cumming again in her mouth, and I unleashed my load as she turned her head so I could see the cum leaking from around her lips.

    Needless to say, I hope I can add him to the list of regulars.
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  10. picturerisque

    picturerisque Active Member

    I'm surprised the two of them didn't start fooling around while you were talking about your car. I'm sure everyone involved would have enjoyed a little action and teasing around the garage. Maybe even bent her over the hood.
  11. AndrwMcKn94

    AndrwMcKn94 New Member

    I live in the Pueblo area, lets talk!

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