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    I don't think I would send such a letter. Voice confirmation in person, when you are having that beer should be good enough.
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    One of the things I curious about going into my wife's July getaway was whether she and Oct would maintain the sexual frenzy they'd had until then. Their relationship has several dimensions to it, including a strong emotional bond. Since this would be their first time spending more than 2 1/2 days together, I thought they might feel less urgency and trade sex for domestic intimacy.

    Not. These work events are usually long days that start early for her and frequently have some carryover into evenings, so she had little freetime other than at night -- and she's a person who usually needs and treasures a good night's sleep. Nevertheless, she said they screwed every night for between 5 and 6 hours, barely breaking and not stopping until the wee hours. No loss of luster. On the contrary, she said, it was the best sex they've had yet -- I guess because they're getting to know each others' bodies better and are very comfortable trying new things now.

    I was eager to see her pussy when she came home. On their previous visit they'd fucked about 15 hours over 2 1/2 days, and she had returned stretched out like I'd never seen before. If they kept near the same pace for 6 days, I figured her pussy would be even more worn out. As it turned out she looked perfectly normal. I remarked about it, and she said they were "more careful" about it this time because last time made left her sore. More careful meant consciously cutting back on vigorous vaginal penetration, but they made up for it with more blowjobs, handjobs and anal. She says having him take her ass is a revelation and possibly what she enjoys most now.

    Her pussy did feel different, though. She's always been pretty loose -- I assume from having kids. It never mattered to me; I'm kind of big, and if anything I preferred it, but I always slid in easy. When she came home it felt a little like her hole was blocked up -- not like it was tighter from the side but I had to push it open with the front of my dick. She has been using kegel weights for the past year to tighten up (guess why), and I've felt a difference from that, but that seemed just to make her muscles stronger so that she could squeeze me. It was something I felt with the sides of my cock, and I didn't feel it all the time.

    So what's the explanation for the change in July? We decided that he fucked her so much and she was so into it that it changed the shape of her pussy. I don't know if that makes sense or if it's even possible, but the idea makes me stiff. I told her it's evidence that he owns her pussy. Initially she called it a nonsense explanation, but I think she's warmed to it. Ever since their first time his cock fit her so good she felt like her pussy was molded from it. Now she feels like she really did mold to him during their week together.
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    It occurs to me that maybe this post is tedious. If you think so tell me and I won't write things like this again.

    Even before my wife started sleeping with other guys again, I would tell her occasionally how I wanted someone to fuck her really good, better than I do. As I've explained on this thread, that's exactly what happened. Sometimes it's hard to believe the number of ways in which she prefers his cock and how much better he fucks her, especially since I'm no slouch.

    My only disappointment has been that she’s never become very comfortable talking about it, especially not teasing me about it during sex. I don’t press her because I don’t want to make it a chore. Every once in a while she’ll talk it up while I stroke, but it seems like she does it just for me and doesn’t get any pleasure herself from the fact that he’s better than me.

    But I did find something else that seems to turn her on – the fact that he fucks her more than I do. Like I’ve said, they’re only able to get together every couple/few months, when they share a hotel room for a few nights on business trips. On those occasions, according to what she’s told me, they’ve never had a night where they didn’t fuck for at least five hours. They managed a week together last summer and fucked for 34 hours over six nights.

    She and I still have pretty good sex, but between business travel, busy lives and her period – not to mention the days she puts herself out of bounds because she’s preparing to meet her boyfriend – there are months when we don’t fuck more than twice.

    Altogether, I figure I still have sex with her on more occasions than he does. In terms of time on the clock, though, he’s easily got me beat, by a factor of 2 or 3 to 1. About the middle of last year I started paying attention to this and realized he was going to fuck her way more than me in 2015. I didn’t say anything about it, but apparently she was very aware, too. In November we were discussing something about their relationship, and she said how remarkable she found it that they have sex more than she and I do.

    It made me pause for a couple reasons. First, having done the math myself, I know it takes some calculating and a mild degree of obsession about how often everyone is fucking and for how long. She’s not a details or a numbers person, so I was surprised that she cared enough to go through the exercise. Second, the fact that she brought it up the way she did – not in bed – meant it really was interesting (at least) to her. More likely, I guessed, she got a thrill from it, because she’s usually not the one to bring up stuff like that.

    I looked at her for moment then told her I had realized it, too. “And it’s really not even close,â€￾ I said. She looked at me unflinchingly and agreed. I asked her what she thought of that, and she said she liked it.

    Due to a series of circumstances, it looks like they’ll be able to see each other more than once this month. Originally it looked like once a week for three consecutive weeks. (Now she says the third time probably won’t happen, but I’m guessing they’ll make sure it does.) We were screwing a week ago, and I whispered that I was glad for their opportunity. I also observed that it would give him a significant head start on me for 2016, that maybe he’d be able to make it two years in a row fucking her more than me. Sometimes she tries to shush me when I say such things, but this time she took the bait and ran with it.

    “He’ll probably fuck me more in January than you will all year,â€￾ she said excitedly. My cock stiffened. I asked her if he knows that he fucks her more. She just nodded yes, so I asked what he thinks about that. “He loves it,â€￾ she said breathlessly. I came not long after.
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    My wife went off today for three days with her boyfriend. It's been 2 or 3 months since they last connected, and for the past week she could hardly stand the anticipation. She said she doubted she'd be able to wait until they reached the room to start on him, so she figured she'd give him a bj in the car.

    Her plane was due to arrive at 10:30 a.m., so by 11:15 her lips were probably tightly wrapped around his knob as he negotiated the route to the apartment.

    It just occurred to me it will be broad daylight, and I think some of the streets will be pretty busy. She could care less if people see her, but he's kind of shy. I'll be interested to here how it goes, but probably won't until she comes home.
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    This was a little different and not exactly a cuckold thing, but I got quite a kick out of it. My wife came home Thursday from 3 1/2 days with her boyfriend. Lots of sex as usual, but first time they weren't going at it nearly every possible minute. She said they spent a significant amount of time in the apartment just hanging out and talking. He had to work during the day but stopped in for lunch a couple times. And of course they had mornings and nights together. She said she felt like a kept woman who's main job was to be available -- and she loved that.

    She also came home in a better mood than usual. Often she gets a little depressed knowing it will be a weeks before she sees him again. I'm sure her spirits were better this time because they're getting together again this week. Not only did she sound more chipper, she called on the way home and asked me to have one of her giant dildos ready. She was still horny and needed relief. Well, why am I here if not for that?

    When we got to bed, I had everything ready and she was hot to trot. Without any foreplay she started right in with one of her vibrators then switched to the dildo, which is quite long and thick. She really loves being stretched. I was working her pretty good, and she was getting ramped up. After about 10 minutes of moaning and groaning, she said she wanted to be dp'd and needed my cock in her ass.

    Now we used to do anal once in blue moon, but she cut me off when she started seeing her boyfriend because he likes fucking her that way, and they both liked the idea of her reserving something for him. Apparently he's done this dp thing with her. I honestly haven't minded being cut off because I thought it was hot that she would do that, but I jumped at the opportunity for another crack (so to speak).

    The dildo was too long for it and me to be in at the same time, so she said to use my hand instead of the dildo. Again, this is something he's done with her. I squeezed in four fingers up to the base knuckles and slowly started to twist, and that drove her up the wall. I had my cock in her by now and was fucking her with long strokes, but she asked me to just pop the head in and out. That made her gasp with pleasure and felt pretty incredible to me, too.

    By now she was so aroused that it had me pretty excited too, and a little aggressive. In a low voice, with an edge to it, I whispered, "I want you to promise me something. And you'd better do it right now or I'm going to pull my cock out and I won't give it to you again." She asked what I wanted. I said the only way I'd keep fucking her was if she promised to give me permanent access to her ass again, and I intended to use it frequently. If she'd been offended she could have easily called my bluff; no way would I voluntarily pull out that night. But she liked me talking to her that way, so she gave her promise. And I proceeded to give her one helluva a fuck.

    She was sore for a few days after that, and then she decided we'd abstain until she goes to see her boyfriend, so we haven't had sex again. But I'm still confident I'll be fucking her ass again, and I'm looking forward to it -- even more than I enjoyed her cutting me off. I also found out what I owe the opportunity to. Apparently when they were together last week, they fucked enough that by the time they got around to him taking her ass he couldn't stay hard enough. She lives for him taking her ass and missed that so much that she needed it when she came home. I said a silent thank you to him.
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    This post is about the amount of semen my wife gets from her boyfriend, but I need to start with a little background that includes some information about her menstrual cycle.

    She's in her mid-50s and for at least 7 or 8 years has been on estrogen. For most of that time, her cycle was irregular; some months she would have a period, some she wouldn't, and sometimes she would go 4 or 5 months in between. Then 2 years ago her doctor decided it would be healthier if she was more consistent, so she prescribed a second hormone for her to take for several days every other month to trigger a period. It's worked exactly as intended, giving her a new but consistent cycle that always correlates to the taking of the second hormone.

    Well the other day she mentioned that for the past two months she's had a period before taking the hormone - in other words it's as if she's returning to a normal cycle that doesn't depend on the hormone. She was quite surprised by this but also had a theory about the reason. She's seen her boyfriend an unusual amount recently, once in December and three times in January, and that's meant an abnormal amount of semen in her pussy. She explained that semen contains, among other things, the same (or another) hormone that helps trigger periods, and she thinks he's been giving her enough to have an impact.

    He frequently comes 3 times a night, and although she also loves taking his loads in her mouth and ass, apparently most have been in her pussy lately - probably around 15 during those two months. And as she reminded me, his loads are usually pretty big. There's no question that he's been giving her much more semen than she normally receives from me. Overall, we still have sex with reasonable frequency, but we mix things up. Sometimes I just work her over with her toys, sometimes one of us will jack me off, and sometimes when we screw I don't cum. On average I'd guess that I cum in her less than half of our sexual encounters, and my loads are usually pretty small - apparently only a fraction of the volume of his.

    She's the biology expert in our family, but I've also read (mostly in cuckold literature) about the effects that semen has on women. They say it's a complex mixture with a number of hormones and chemicals that can have significant impacts on things such as a woman's level of relaxation, attachment and happiness.

    It would not surprise me if some of what I've read overstates the effects that a lover's semen can have on a woman. I don't if my wife's two recent periods reflect a change in her cycle (as opposed to some residual inconsistency) or if they were triggered by the amount of cum he's shot into her. I do know she suspects that's what's going on and that she's amazed about the possibility that sex with him could have such an effect on her, that it could change her. I can tell she thinks about it and that she likes it. In the past week she's told me a couple times about how much he cums, how sometimes she'll stand up afterward and it flows out of her, how much of a mess it makes. She's teased me about the fact that most of the semen she gets these days is his.

    I think it's tremendously hot that he cums in her so much, and it's even more arousing to know that she recognizes it and likes it just as much.
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    My wife hasn't seen her boyfriend since January, but she's off to see him today, and it will be another good month for them. Just one night this time, but they've scheduled two more get-togethers toward the end of the month. So it will be kind of like January -- a total of five nights this time.

    I knew about two of this month's get-togethers, and then she mentioned the third in passing a few days ago. "I'm sure I told you," she said breezily.

    We haven't discussed it much, but at one point she did say, "You know, that will probably mean about 15 hours for us." Meaning of them having sex. Her point was clear -- him fucking her much more than me. Later she teased that we won't fuck again until April. I don't know if she's really considering that. As she noted, sometimes she comes home and needs to fuck some more. My guess is that except for that need she thinks about cutting me off for some time period, that in some ways it seems to her that it would be hot but she's not sure she wants to. I can get aroused by both, but when it came down to it, if she did try to cut me off I'd get playfully insistent with her. She'd probably like that best of all.
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    I know my wife clued in Oct early on how that he fucks her quite a bit better than me, better than anyone else she's ever had. From what she tells me, he's been shy about asserting his superiority or taking pleasure in it. My sense is it's for a combination of reasons: despite being a stud, he's kind of a meek guy; he's nice and appreciates the fact that I permit their relationship; this kind of thing is new to him. She's told me that he'll express concern about me being okay with their relationship, and early on he hinted that he disapproved of her saying anything relegating me. I always figured it must actually be a big turn-on for her to prefer him.

    Well it sounds like he's coming around. The other night she said that last time they were together she was in the throes of him fucking her and moaned some things about how much better he fucks her. "I told him I knew I shouldn't say that but that it was so true." I asked her how he responded. "He said, 'Do you know how hot it makes me to know I'm the best you ever had?' "

    In four days she leaves to see him for the second time this month, so she's put a hold on us having sex until after she comes home. She told him, and he said he likes it when she does that. That probably sounds pretty mild to some guys, but it's a turn-on for me - maybe because it's been so scarce for me to hear those kinds of comments.

    I asked her to do one more thing for me, to let him know that she told me she doesn't want to fuck me when she's anticipating being with him. She said she would.
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    Not mild at all, my friend. Not at all. Sounds perfect to me!
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    My wife went off to see her boyfriend again yesterday - two and a half days this time. Before leaving she mentioned that he'd abstained from cumming for 15 days. The way she said it I could tell it's been a topic of conversation and anticipation.

    I believe this is a first for them. He has a partner, and I get the impression that normally he never goes more than a few days without sex. Even so he cums several times a night and gives her large loads - much more than I do. It's one of the numerous things that thrill her about being with him. She's told him that she gets little cum from me, and they talk about the fact most of what she gets comes from him.

    I can imagine what she'll feel and what they'll say to each other when he gives her what he's been saving up.
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    My wife's meeting with her boyfriend in March was supposed to the be last one for the foreseeable future. For reasons I won't go into, they decided mutually that they should take a break. She dreaded it, and it has been tough for her, but she's handled it better than I expected.

    Turns out it did not last too long. I'm away on business and got an e-mail from her yesterday saying he was going to be in a city near us and she was going to spend the night with him at a hotel. They still plan to resume their break after that, and yes, she wrote that with a straight face.

    She recognizes that it may not be the best decision, but she said she could not resist seeing him.

    She and I have had sex just once she last saw him -- partly because of business travel for both of us, partly because she's been ill. Sounds like she perked up over the past few days. Also, it looks like he's still fucking her more than I am, even though they're on a break.
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    So I just came in from a long day at work and sat down to relax. My wife came downstairs after finishing an e-mail to a relative, poured herself a drink and announced she was going upstairs for a Skype date with her boyfriend. "Don't worry, we're going to cut it off at midnight," she said. It was 9:30.

    Their Skype sessions aren't always about, but when they are she says she gets almost as wet as when they're together. It looked like she was excited tonight. "So this is for sex," I asked as she reached into the refrigerator. "Oh yeah," she replied, closing the door and brandishing an enormous cucumber.

    We both travel fairly frequently for work, and we use Skype to stay in touch. Over the past couple years we've decided at least a dozen times that we'll have our own sex Skype. Has yet to happen once, just for lack of interest or follow through.

    I'd love to watch if just for a little bit, but she won't go for it. She's in our bedroom, so I guess I'm stuck on the couch for a couple hours.
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    Do you get to/does she make you eat the cucumber?
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    Ha, good question, Saturn. I should because it's probably as close as I'll get to a cream pie, since all of their get-togethers are in other cities.

    Our bedroom is right over the living room. I keep hearing what sounds like little whimpers by her, but that's all I can make out, and it's driving me nuts. I went outside to try to peep through a window, but I couldn't see anything.
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    Only in sandwiches, cut into triangles, with the crusts cut off :D :D
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    My wife is 2 days into another rendezvous with Oct. This is there first time together since May, and it's longer than usual 5 days and as many nights. They're attending a work conference, so they do have to work during the day. Except for Saturday. They were arriving mid-afternoon, and she said they planned to stay in the room all day and night, not even going out for dinner. Based on their normal routine, they've probably fucked around 13 hours so far - more than she and I have since March.

    She gave me one teasing taunt before she left, said they'll probably have more sex this week than she and I will all year. That's not actually true. They'll fuck more than she and I have so far this year, but I expect our frequency to pick up in coming months. But I appreciated the sentiment.
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    She came home from 5 nights with her boyfriend. They didn't have as much sex as usual, she said, only about 3 hours a night plus several shorter morning sessions.
    She said he always comes to her hard, standing up more than parallel to the ground and with a rigidity that's accentuated by the thinness of his cock. Mine is thicker, so it has more spongy tissue and doesn't feel as hard, she says. She likes girth, but hardness is even more important to her. I get the impression -- and, knowing her, can imagine -- that she's struck by his hardness every time, which makes sense since they only see each other every few months.
    She lets him know how he compares. I don't if that's new or if it's happened all along and she just feels more comfortable telling me about it now. I asked her if she tells him that he gives her more of the hardness that she craves, and she sort of guffawed. "I tell him that I never get that at home, that I only get if from him."
    She said he lets her know that that's a turn-on for him. And not just the fact that he's harder. He also points out that he fits her better, that his technique is better, that he lasts longer and recovers faster and that he cums so much more. Large loads of cum are right up there with hardness for her, and she said his are so large that they run out of her when she gets up after fucking. She said he'll go down the list point by point while fucking her and say, "This cock gives you everything you need. You don't need another one."
    And she lays there and takes it and tells him it's true.
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    I did kind of a cucky thing tonight. My wife is going on a road trip with Oct for a few days. It didn't work out for him to pick her up, so I drove her to him -- about an hour away. When we got there, the 3 of us went to a restaurant for dinner. Pretty normal meal. She sat next to him, of course, but noting outrageous happened. She cuddled with him and alluded a few times to the hours of sex she expected to have tonight, but overall she behaved pretty well. He and I get along well, and he's considerate of me, so nothing humiliating from him. When she went to the bathroom he thanked me for letting her go.

    But we all knew I was delivering her to him so she could ride with him during the day and get fucked by him at night -- and undoubtedly have a bit of sex in the car, too. A few days earlier I told her that the idea of doing that was hot, especially since I knew she would not have had sex with me for more than a week before their trip. "I know," she said with her eyes widening. It took me a moment to process her comment. She's always telling me how well he fucks her and how much she loves being with him, but she's never acknowledged getting off on the kinkiness of the situation.

    I asked her to explain what about that aroused her. She said it was the fact that it drove home the idea that he owns her when it comes to having sex. I hope she tells him.
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    It's the same with my wife, SP. Despite her having a very snug vagina, she loves cock that is well above average in girth, which my cock and that of her young lover both are. But what thrills her more wildly when being fucked by him is that his erections get a lot harder in her than mine when he is thrusting, especially when he is ejaculating. She gets off massively on his cock going "granite" hard in his build-up to orgasm. On the occasions I get to guide his cock into her, in my grasp his shaft has the feel of silken-sheathed spring steel. As my wife compliments him on more often than I care to hear. I envy him hugely for her so openly loving it.
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    Very Hot Michael, and I agree with your wife....big and hard feels so good. Big and mushy just leaves me feeling full but not intense pleasure. There was a guy with the name "Stolenhorsecock" one of my hotwife friends and I both fucked him. He was huge, so pretty to look at, but without the rock hard aspect it was not so good. Deanna
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