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    As some of you may remember, I was working with a group that comprised of journalists and researchers that were exploring Cuckolding and the effects of it on a relationship. The original goal was an in depth article (still in the making) but the researchers also are publishing a book. They asked questions about the lifestyle, why I enjoy it, why my husband enjoys it, how it affects our relationship etc...
    Well CNN did a spotlight article on the research. While it incorrectly (and politically) attributes what "cuck" stands for, the information is pretty good.

    I might add to stay away from the comments section if you are easily offended by naysayers. I read in the comments that cuckolding is actually a feminist, leftists propaganda campaign to help Russia take over the US through diminishing American males. Yes that’s what the comment section said. And that every single one of us are liberals. [​IMG]
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    Its a good article with a lot of truth. Om not easy to offend so read the comments found them fumny.
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    Awesome article!
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    Not bad, good read
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    They really put a positive slant on the lifestyle! Nice to see for a change. You see? We're not all freaks!! :)
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    Yes we are. Don't take the fun out of it.
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    LOL....good one! :)
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    For your hand in this, Wildphoenix, congratulations. I respect your willingness to be upfront and honest.

    I have for years been working myself on a book about cuckolds in history; Roger Castlemaine, George Keppel, Harold Macmillan, Lord Mountbatten and others whose status as cuckolds was well known and in the case of some was what they were best known for. For those who are into the humiliation angle of cuckolding it really is incredible to contemplate how these men often in positions of importance were able to cope with a lifetime of being ridiculed by their peers and the public alike, some of the stories, documented in history, are truly staggering.

    My reluctance has been only to what degree I would risk outing myself if I were to publish it. I am an academic by profession and publishing would be easy. I'm just uncertain about bringing the spotlight on myself and facing the questions of what my particular interest in the subject is!
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    That's what pseudonyms are for.


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    There is the assumption that men who allow their wives to have sex with others are driven by the humiliation aspect of it. Perhaps many or even most are, but in my case it is simply the fact that my wife needs more sex and sexual variety than I do, and it bothers me not to indulge her. She provides me with all the sexual activity that I desire, which is considerable. Furthermore, her lovers treat me with respect and envy.

    The book begins with, "A case involving a dear friend and his wife has intrigued me for years, and prompted further study..."
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