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  1. foothill

    foothill New Member

    Start by eating your own cum out of her pussy

    You won't really want to the first couple of times, but ask her to encourage you and tell you how much she likes it. If she tells you that it is really important to her that you eat another man's cum from her pussy then you will find it easier to do this just for her. And after a while you will probably learn to love the taste of semen. When you get comfortable doing it after fucking her it will be so much easier to do it right after she has fucked her lover and you still have an erection. When she sees you with a hard-on and enjoying licking another man's spunk from her cunt she will know that you love her enough to do anything for her.
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  2. mogowl

    mogowl New Member

    Try getting her to sit over you and letting it run out of her pussy into your mouth. That way you dont have to take the active step of putting your tongue into her well fucked pussy. Then next time it will be easier and you can go from there.

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  3. mkurious2

    mkurious2 New Member

    cleanup with an erection

    Foothill is correct for sure. My wife has had me clean her after we fucked for a few years. Not every time, but she would once in a while tell me i came too early and she needed me to clean her while still pleasuring her. Quite frankly i never thought too much about it.
    When my wife started dating and fucking other men and making me watch, she at first would sit over me and let the mans cum drip on me and now she just comes an sits on me and expects me to clean her. She tells me constantly i am her sissy, but that she loves me because i allow her to do what she wants. She actually tells me she knows i love cleaning others cum from her pussy because of my huge hard on. When she sits on my mouth and i taste that cum, my hard on gets harder and she knows it and teases me about it.
    We love every minute of it!
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  4. mrstevela

    mrstevela New Member

    Don't cum until everyone else has

    It's far better if you are still hard and horny. If you take sloppy seconds right away, you will just want to cum and relax without finishing your wife's satisfaction. If my wife has cum already with her lover, she will always ask me to take sloppy seconds right away, to keep that hot feeling in her vagina as long as possible. Plus, she loves when the cum runs down her legs the rest of the evening. But if she hasn't cum yet, she usually wants to be eaten quickly after her lover finishes inside her. I think she likes ordering me to eat her as much as she likes being eaten, but that's all part of the fun!

    We have great sex this way, - by the time I've eaten her to an orgasm after she's been fucked the first time, her lover is usually hard enough to fuck her again, and we will all usually have more than one orgasm this way.
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  5. ufotofu1

    ufotofu1 New Member

    I love the taste of my Wife so much, it wasn't really difficult. Mostly, I tatse Her.

    Have you tasted cum before? I was eating my own cum long before other men's. Every time I mastrubate, my Wife would have me lick up every drop. So I was already used to the taste of cum. Occasoinally, when She was out of the house I would jerk off and clean up with a paper towel. This worked for several months, until She noticed a cum soaked paper towel at the top of the garbage can. She made me pay for that. Now, I always eat my own cum, even if She isn't home. It's safer, and rather environmental.
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  6. jwilliam

    jwilliam New Member

    Yes, I have tasted my cum after jacking off...licking the tangy sauce from my fingers. Last night after pleasuring her with her favorite vibrator I began licking it much to her amusement. She has kissed me often after sucking my dick (before I had cum) so I guess it wasn't too different (other than that being the first time she had seen me sucking a "cock".

    Have you tasted cum before? I was eating my own cum long before other men's. Every time I mastrubate, my Wife would have me lick up every drop. So I was already used to the taste of cum. Occasoinally, when She was out of the house I would jerk off and clean up with a paper towel. This worked for several months, until She noticed a cum soaked paper towel at the top of the garbage can. She made me pay for that. Now, I always eat my own cum, even if She isn't home. It's safer, and rather environmental.[/QUOTE]
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  7. watch_her

    watch_her Guest

    Hi howdy06,
    what I suggest is similar to what the other post suggest at first you should remain matter how much you would like to you shouldn't cum, at which point you should be at ease to do anything that you are told and possibly, eventually end up enjoying clean up duty :D
  8. dondi

    dondi New Member

    This is the best part of your wife fucking other men. Just try it; you'll love it!
  9. wanderlust

    wanderlust New Member

    We started with MFM threesomes till my wife met a guy on the internet. Since he started fucking my wife our sexuality has expanded. He has gotten her into ass play and is now taking her while I am out of the room. The first time he took her like that he sent her out when he was done for me to clean her up. At first I was hesitant but she was not going to take no for an answer . now I do not think of myself as gay but I have had thoughts of asking if he would fuck my wife till he was just about ready to cum and then finish off in my mouth.
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  10. VROB

    VROB New Member

    You don't sound gay. You sound extremely bi-curious. Go for it! I'll bet you'll love sucking cock. And I would suggest you and your wife get back to MFM's, very hot!!!

  11. cuck4life

    cuck4life Active Member

    Going down on her after she has been with another guy is my way of welcoming her back home to me. I also feel like it comfirms my approval of her being with another guy.
  12. cockNchains

    cockNchains HotWifey is a SlutyWifey

    As VROB said, go for it, dude. It's absolutely, perfectly normal for a straight man to be bi-curious and wonder what it's like to be on the receiving end of a hard throbbing cock. Your wife certainly seems to enjoy being on the receiving of his cock and if you are curious and have the opportunity to explore those curiosities for yourself then do it. And even if you discover that you really got off on the experience, it still dosen't mean your gay. for me, the first time another guy came in my mouth the first time was with out question my single hottest, nastiest sexual expereince. ...and was nothing like i' imagined it would be like!

    A trick you might consider if you if you think you might chicken out at the last minute is to have your wife tie you up before things get going. That way you won't have to worry about changing your mind the closer you get to having a cock shoved in your mouth for the first time, which is also pretty normal. Have your wife take away your options by tieing you up. And if your wife is anything like mine she will totally get off on seeing you expierencing something for the first time, that's she's expereinced 100's (maybe even 1000's ) of times.'s a real bonding moment for a couple in the lifestyle!

    Sending in the crew to cheer you on......:nike: :wave:

    What's the worse that could happen?
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  13. wanderlust

    wanderlust New Member

    thank you for the encouragement

    My wife loves his cock. In rack since she started with him she has stopped doing all her other boy friends so she can devote all her time to him and his friends

    In the end I know I will suck his cock but it is just working up to it. I am not sure if I should just come out and ask him I am some what worried he will get pissed off and stop servicing my wife
  14. christinebitg

    christinebitg Well-Known Member

    Maybe you can get her to ask him for that.

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  15. suckwadacrazycat

    suckwadacrazycat New Member

    my wife beminds that both she and her lover be cleand up by me. It makes her horny watching me give her love head. She also loves me licking and blowing them both while they fuck having me continue licking them clean after.
  16. ceelaa

    ceelaa New Member

    There is nothing more attractive than to clean my wife up after her heavy sexual intercourse with her long term, well endowed (+9") boyfriend who is younger than our youngest son. After doing so, I suck his cock which is quite difficult considering its size to get it fully in my mouth, still I enjoy doing it and try to deep throat him. With my wife's juices on it, and still in an erection stage, it makes for a wonderful experience which both my wife and I enjoy, not to speak of her young boy friend.
  17. PDXsubcuck

    PDXsubcuck Active Member

    How we started.

    The second time my wife saw her first lover I nibbled on her very carefully to keep her turned on as H got hard again for his second time in her that evening. I felt a little weird but she wanted me to nibble on her since she loves oral sex from me. I did everything possible to avoid his come, even though he came a lot and left a mess. Just my tongue on my wife's clit. Brandi admitted that it felt mentally a little weird but it also felt great and she loved it and had an orgasm rather quickly.

    So me eating her to an orgasm while she and H kissed and H got hard again became a regular part of things. As time went on I got careless about avoiding H's come and soon enough my tongue was doing it's regular things in and around Brandi's pussy. Yes, I did feel strange and at times I still do but isn't that part of being a cuck? Brandi always enjoyed H bareback and she also enjoyed the fact that H had big loads. So she was usually a mess after the first time he would come in her. At times Brandi enjoyed straddling my face and rubbing her messy pussy around as I ate her. A few times she would have me eat her while H was in her and she said she loved that, rather intense orgasms for her.

    When she started having other lovers we just kept on with things. She takes almost all of her lover's bareback sooo.... I got over feeling weird about it and I really enjoy it, the feelings of a bit of shame mixed with the delight of getting her off. She has also kept on with me eating her now and then while her lover is in her. However at times she picks a position and moves such that she knows my tongue is going to touch her lover's cock. That seems to turn her on and she enjoys it, she knows what she is doing since she has asked if my tongue has touched her lover's cock and asks me what I think about it and how it tastes and feels and teases me a bit about it.

    When she dates she insists that I eat her when she gets home and then we make love, we joke that until I come in her...her pussy is her lover's. So me coming in her is an important part of reclaiming her after she has been with a lover but I can't do that until I eat her.

    She tells me she LOVES me eating her after a lover has come in her and it is an important part of our playing whether as a hot wife or a swinging wife or as a cuckolding wife. She asks "tells" me to do it. Some of her lover's have been really turned on by seeing me eating their come out of my wife and seeing how much she enjoys me eating her (and their come).

    But one of the funny things is that except in group situation I have never eaten my wife after I have come in her, it isn't a part of our sex play for me to eat her when only I have come in her.
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  18. subdan

    subdan New Member

    My first time sucking cock

    I remember the first time I ever sucked a man's cock.

    I was seeing this couple - she was dominant and he was submissive. He sat in an armchair and they had me kneel in front of him. She pushed my head down into his lap and fed his cock into my mouth.

    I felt so ashamed at that point, knowing I could never "take it back" and that if someone ever asked me if I had sucked cock, if I was going to be truthful, I would have to say yes.

    But it was also extremely hot and made me feel like a complete submissive slut.

    We worked our way up to her fucking me with a strap-on while I sucked his cock, and to me doing 69 with him while she spanked us both.
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  19. blueduck1954

    blueduck1954 New Member

    Learning to like it

    If I remember correctly I was stoned for my first creampie tasting but quickly learned to go down before cumming myself. Even now I lose interest in diving into a creamy pie after shooting my load until I have recharged, which is taking longer with increasing age.
  20. wanderlust

    wanderlust New Member

    why would you have to say yes and still be honest? simplely say I tried to once but I could not bend over that far. You are not lieing as I would bet you could not bend over that far and it always gets a laugh and then the others assume you did not. you did not lie you just lead them to assume something and that is their doing not yours.

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