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Classification needed

Discussion in 'Sissification' started by Cindyscuck, Oct 4, 2014.

  1. Cindyscuck

    Cindyscuck New Member

    Not sure if I'm qualified to be a sissy. In my non-sex life, I'm a take charge, get it done, all go, no quit kinda' guy. The thought of being someone's bitch at work or other non sexual activities wouldn't work for me at all!
    But... one night a few years ago, my wife let slip that she had a boyfriend before me that was very well hung. She tried like hell to back pedal her way out of the statement until she realized I was getting turned on by the conversation. I did my best to assure her that I wasn't upset by what she'd said and pressed her for more 'information'.
    To my surprise, it seemed to turn her on as much to tell me about her well hung former lover as it did me to hear about it.
    Now comfortable with the idea of discussing her past with me, she decided to tell all... and I do mean ALL! Turns out she's been with quite a few men before me- 19 in all. She (still reluctant to admit it) did confess that I was the 2nd 'smallest' guy she's ever had, and that she's not real sure that I'm actually bigger than the smallest guy.
    I couldn't help it- I was so aroused from listening to her story, from seeing her light up and get excited, from knowing ('cause she said so!) that she wished she could fuck men like that again, that I pulled my dick out and shot my load all over her tits!!
    Suffice it to say, that evening started us on the road to a cuckold life! She's become quite comfortable with making fun of my small dick. She's very good at pointing out my short comings as compared to her past and indeed, her present lovers.

    Now for the clarification I need. I don't eat the other guy's cream pie. I won't service her Bull(s). I don't want any physical contact beyond a hand shake with any of her other men. But, on the other hand, I love to watch her repeatedly cum all over Bill's, Jim's, and Bob's cocks (not their names) as they fuck her the way I wish I could. I love it when she tells me how much more satisfying he/they are.

    So what am I classified as? Just a cuck? A cuck/sissy? Just a sissy? Input would be appreciated! View attachment 11486 View attachment 11487 View attachment 11485 View attachment 11488
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  2. chasteboi

    chasteboi Member

    Sorry to disappoint you, but from what you say you are a cuckold, and not a sissy in any way at all.
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  3. Mercator

    Mercator Member

    I would describe myself as quite similar to you, and whilst I can think of nothing hotter than my wife being ridden hard by another hung guy, I am the sexually dominant element in my marriage. I like to refer to myself as a cuckold, although some argue that to be a cuckold requires a submissive mindset - I personally think that is modern internet BS. A cuckold is a guy whose wife is fucking another, and if your wife was doing another guy, I think you would be a cuckold for sure! You don't seem to me to be a sissy in any way whatsoever. Might be worth taking a look at a website (google - dominant cuckold- lgbt info), which describes something called a 'Dominant Cuckold' - If I try to classify myself, this definition probably comes closest:

    In many sexual sub-cultures, being a cuckold is often associated with being submissive, but in the case of the Dominant Cuckold the man is dominant and the woman is submissive. Through his dominance he persuades her to have sex with men other than himself. This often includes, but not always, the Dominant choosing the submissive's sexual partners. Another common practice is for the Dominant to instruct the submissive to find a lover, either permanent or a one-night stand, on her own. This fetish often allows the submissive to fulfill fantasies of having sex with other men thanks to the Dominant removing any reason for guilt by ordering her to do so. The key difference between D/s swingers and the Dominant Cuckold is his desire to see his submissive with other men rather than using his power to also have sex with other people.
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  4. christinebitg

    christinebitg Well-Known Member

    Here's my take on it.

    "Just" a cuck? I'm not sure that "just" is an appropriate word in these circumstances. That seems to minimize the issue. Being a cuckold husband is still WAY beyond what's acceptable in most households, polite society, or around the coffee pot at work.

    A sissy? Well, I might think you're a sissy if you had mentioned wanting to wear women's clothes, or if you fantasize about making a change in the gender that you present to the world. (I have _personal_ experience on this issue.)

    A cuck/sissy? See above, regarding the sissy issues.

    And while it's not something you asked, I see you as being a straight guy. You don't want to suck guy's dicks, you don't want to taste their come, you don't want to have any physical contact with them, other than just a handshake. So if there's any doubt in your mind, you're a straight guy, not gay, and not bisexual. Not that you asked, but I thought perhaps the question might be in your mind, since you asked about some other classification type stuff.


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  5. jaggu008

    jaggu008 New Member

    you can be classifief as a cuck, not a sissy cuck or a sissy
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  6. dazzed

    dazzed New Member

    You pretty much are what you think you are.
  7. Mickle

    Mickle New Member Founding Member

    You are what your wife knows you are :D :D
  8. apedemac

    apedemac Member

    @ Mercator
    we have shorter term for "Dominant Cuckold",it is "Hotwifer"
    but there are subclasses
    -bisexual hotwifer when he kisses the wife after blowjobs, and/or kisses/licks pussy after creampie.
    -the OP is a straight hotwifer
  9. gdj1217

    gdj1217 Guest

    I hope that with Everyone here telling you that you're a cuck and nothing but a cuckold, that you know and accept this and that you just go on and enjoy being a cuck and enjoy knowing that Us Bulls Can and Will Make your Wife Happy because She's getting What She Wants and Needs.

    Satisfying Sex from All Us Bulls.
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  10. vladdy

    vladdy Active Member

    Sounds like your a cuckold. But there's nothing wrong with that.
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  11. Don't worry about classification. Call yourself what u want. You're still feeling it out. Though in the long run u will understand sissy thoughts completely whether or not u want to suck guys is irrelevant. Oh and 20 bucks she is lying and u are actually the smallest dick she's ever seen. Been there done that bro. Once those truths come out there's a calming sense of all this cuckold stuff isn't happening because u started it, it's actually because u know u don't measure up in areas you wish u did. And all the cuckolding growing on u turning u on more and more is because you're mind has protected u, but u have a sense that there's a deeper truth kept from u. All I can advise there is the more u can learn to be arroused by blows to your ego, then everything will be right as rain in the end.
  12. Sissycucky09

    Sissycucky09 Member

    There are many different kinds of cuckold but we sissies seem to be quite similar ..we enjoy feminising and we have a strong sexual response to masculine men
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