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Discussion in 'Real Life Experiences' started by Clarepear, Dec 8, 2018.

  1. Clarepear

    Clarepear Well-Known Member

    I went to my husband's Christmas party last night. I had a little fun with the mistletoe and got carried away. I'm french-Canadian so a little kissing is to be expected, but I totally gave tongue action to his hot co-worker. Have fun on Monday, hubby!
  2. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    Well Clarepear you just made the Naughty List. The Naughty Wife List, which can be a Very good List to be on with the Right Santa Claus as a hubby.
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  3. canadianwittol

    canadianwittol Well-Known Member Founding Member

    Speaking from the experience of having been cuckolded by a co-worker, I can attest to the reality of the awkwardness you've created for him in this situation.

    If he's into humiliation it sounds like fun for both of you.

    If he's not, then I pray for him that as in my case, the co-worker will be very discreet!
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  4. don_jetman

    don_jetman Well-Known Member Founding Member

    I'm sure he got your message, and won't soon forget. A great early Christmas present under any circumstance. Any feedback from hubby's coworker yet?

  5. Clarepear

    Clarepear Well-Known Member

    Nah, he just apologized to my hubby and hubby smiled and shrugged and said it was all in good fun.
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  6. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    A classy guy.
  7. picturerisque

    picturerisque Active Member

    Time to up the ante then...
  8. canadianwittol

    canadianwittol Well-Known Member Founding Member

    If that’s not a good, obliging cuck then I don’t know what is!

    I would posit a guess that the coworker may nevertheless be emboldened in the future, knowing that he’s unlikely to face negative consequences for moving in on the wife.

    For my own preference I wouldn’t object necessarily to being cuckolded by a coworker (I have been) but being revealed as a cuckold to fellow coworkers would be a humiliation I couldn’t bear.
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  9. Clarepear

    Clarepear Well-Known Member

    One of the things about being a hotwife is to show my husband I love him. And it's hard. It's really hard. I try to watch his favourite TV shows (WWE even!). I try to cook his favourite meals. I try his favourite sports with him. I really do love him. I love him so much.

    Which is why when I say this I really don't want anyone to think I'm proud of this. I really feel guilty, I promise. When it comes to my sexuality, I honestly couldn't give a damn about how humiliated my husband is. I want sex. I want to make out with hot guys. He's usually proud of me, but sometimes it hurts. As a hotwife, I can't let that be me focus. The life I get to live means crushing him sometimes. I've chosen to live this life and he's chosen to be my husband.
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  10. don_jetman

    don_jetman Well-Known Member Founding Member

    L and I have had this conversation so many times. Although she's mostly over any long-lasting guilt, she's still tentative when she does something outrageous or unexpected, especially in front of me. In a way it's funny - I'm usually the one telling her that yes, sometimes it hurts me, but that she can't let that interfere with her feelings or actions at the time. And sometimes it even crushes me, but as the other half of our marriage, our team, I signed up for this too, even before she did. The important thing is that we always talk about it soon after - sometimes it's her reassuring me, and sometimes the reverse. As a hotwife husband, I can assure you we understand, and mostly get off on our wives' little surprises.

    Also, I want L to be proud of what she does. Proud that she's confident and brave enough to go after the sex she wants. So, at least inside, be a little proud. Proud that you're not dishonest or a hypocrite. Proud that you're a strong woman who's not afraid to own her sex life. Proud that you're not one of the outwardly vanilla wives who lie and cheat on their husbands behind their backs when they discover their needs are greater than their marriage can deliver. Also, a little outward pride doesn't hurt us - it can be wickedly sexy.

    We love you when you're spending the night with another man, or when you're curled up beside us in front of the TV. Because you not only tell us - you show us every day with unspoken words. We "get" you. We want you the way you are. And we're very proud of you.

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  11. canadianwittol

    canadianwittol Well-Known Member Founding Member

    I must say Clare that I think you have said something here that is actually very profound. I have struggled for years to balance the enjoyment I derive out of being cuckolded with the sense of dread I feel sometimes that others might be laughing at my expense. Owing to certain events and disagreements with my wife in the past couple of months (in particular, her beginning a new affair with a mutual acquaintance of ours - i.e. someone I know) I have been struggling mightily with this issue and I think it comes down for me to a real fear of humiliation. I don't mind being cuckolded as long as nobody is laughing at me for it. However, having been cucked for 10 years this coming September, I have learned that sometimes its impossible to separate the two.

    Your insight actually perfectly articulates what I am trying to do a better job of acknowledging and accepting: that it's not about my feelings of humiliation, it's about my wife's desire and drive for sex. In a certain sense I signed up for some humiliation when I asked to be cuckolded, which I did; I am responsible for my current situation and I have to "own it".

    Last night I told my wife that my new year's resolution was to be a better, more supportive cuckold. She has allowed me to live the lifestyle that I pined for for years, and thus I can't try to "top from the bottom" as some call it and demand to control the circumstances under which I will be cuckolded. It is about HER and HER sexuality. As you say, your desire for sex and to make out with hot guys.

    I must say one thing....I think there is a small part of you that *does* enjoy the humiliation you have created for him. Why else post a thread saying "have fun on Monday, hubby!" if not for the fact that the discomfort you have caused him is amusing in some way? At a minimum, you know it will be amusing to the rest of us on this forum. I am not criticizing you for this, Clare...I am just observing in you the same that I have observed in my own wife over the last while. She has no fetishstic desire to humiliate me and to do so does not turn her on. We are not in a femdom type situation. However, there is no question in my mind that she absolutely enjoys the shock, the amusement and the scandal it creates when she describes her affairs to her delighted friends.

    This is one of the things that I can honestly say I'm now determined to get to learn to live with a little better. For her better enjoyment of our lifestyle, and for mine.

    We made another major decision today that will enable even greater and more frequent opportunities for more cuckolding in 2019 and I think I can honestly say we're both pretty excited about it.

    Happy New Year to all of you!
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  12. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    POWERFULLY, Well said Don.
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  13. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    Your reply was Very Introspective and more importantly you are actively working on what you have found/realized to make your Hotwife/Cuckold marriage Happier and Stronger for Both of you. Best of Luck with your New Years Resolution.
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  14. crazyinvt

    crazyinvt Active Member

    My wife and I were both blue collar workers, so there were never any "office" parties. The plant I worked in was large and each department would have a Xmas party at some local establishment. The plant she worked in was small, only about 25 to 30 employees, almost all men, and they would have just one Xmas party with all employees. Several of the guys at her plant had fucked her off and on over the years she worked there, including her boss. Without fail, she would get fucked at least once and sometimes twice at these parties. It was no secret and they all know she was a slut.

    My plant was a major well known company and we had to be more careful with who ended up between her legs. But we usually managed to get one of the guys that we felt we could trust to give her a quick pumping in a side room at some point during the party. Usually someoone from her past that knew she was easy.
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  15. crazyinvt

    crazyinvt Active Member

    Sorry, it posted twice.
  16. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    Your posts are worth reading more than twice. Thanks.

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