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    Just wondering if someone could give me some advice on choosing the right couple. As a bull, how do you screen or find couples? Just had an email chain with a couple I met on craigslist and something just seemed a little off so I did not go through with the meet. Just wondering if you could share some of your experiences and how you go about doing this.
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    As well as presently living in a menage-a-trois for more than 4 years with my wife and her young college-student lover, I occasionally bull for well-partnered couples, usually ones in which the husband is infertile post-vasectomy and seeking a sperm donor to impregnate his wife naturally, which in most cases I'm more than happy to do. So my choice of couple to bull as a sperm donor is almost invariably simplicity itself, with the wife being eagerly handed to me on her marital bed, or plate so to speak.

    This satisfies most but not all of my urges to bull for other couples, but I occasionally find myself on the Hunt for an accommodating wife or husband seeking a young and physically very attractive well-hung bull. I get many responses when I do put myself up for bulling which I do not by advertising on websites but by showing my availability for it in public places, including restaurants, cafes, bars, theatres and the occasional sex shop all of which I find to be fertile hunting-grounds par excellence.

    The selection process is simplicity itself because I'm very careful never to put the moves on the husband or wife separately or together, but signal my availability by the way I dress in well-fitting jeans to show off my long legs, genital bulge and well-sexercised butt, and in a tank-top or singlet close-fitting enough to display my V-shaped torso and wide shoulders. At swimming beaches and public pools I find that the sight of me in my racers is more than enough to attract the attention of needy women and curious husbands of any, not only the reproductive, age.

    I never posture or over-flaunt my physical assets or directly solicit, but always leave it to Nature and my low-key expression of cool-to-smiling sexual availability to pair me off with the right woman and her complicit husband.
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