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    So wife got drunk about a year ago and started talking with her current boyfriend. Now she has cuckolded me for years but than decided that cuckolding is slutty and she didn't want to do it anymore. So she started cheating and having affairs and hiding it from me.

    So this started as an affair but I knew so I convinced her to cuckold me again - ie be open to me about the affair, let me know when her lover wanted to stay for a long weekend and I would stay at a motel, let me know when she wanted to visit and I would buy her the ticket -etc.

    Well a year into this and she got drunk, called her lover and basically told him that she would leave me, and wanted to leave me, if she was financially capable to do so. About 6 months after I heard this she broke up with her long distance lover cause he needed someone closer.

    Now she is texting, sexting and flirting with old boyfriends, some local and some long distance. She has also been involved with someone close to us. She tries and keep all this a secret from me but she still hasn't figured out how to hide her notifications from popping up so I get an eyeful every now and then about what she is doing and planning.

    She recently went out of state and met a ex for coffee for 5 hours - she drove 1.5 hours there and back and stayed for 5 hours JUST having coffee she said. well her texts before and after have been flirty with things like "If your hot you should take your PJ's off" or " I really enjoyed our trip down memory lane during our visit"

    Her two local guys get more sexual texts and the pics with it....I have seen both of them stroke off for her at her request and both cum huge amounts for my wife. When I ask her if she has anyone or if she did anything with her ex she turns it on me and asks me "do you think I am such a slut that I have to hit on everyman that I talk too or see?" In my heart the answer is yes, but no way can I say that with out starting world war 5, lol. She is flirting with and hitting on any man that looks at her twice, but won't share or admit it.

    I still find it hot but it is so damn confusing too. She wants to be seen as a prim and proper wife but will act like a slut for any other man - even ones we associate with in public - any guy that hints that they want her or get a hard on for her.

    The list grows of her lovers and the list of denials grow as well......I just want her to be honest so I can reclaim her dirty, slutty, used pussy lol
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    That's one heart-rending account you've given us Murphs.

    Perhaps you should be grateful that at least for now those huge amounts of cum that your wife gets to see when her lovers stroke off for her at her request are not being passionately pumped into the back of her vagina.

    But that could well change pretty quickly and I discern that you want it to and that when it does you will find it very hot indeed reclaiming her pussy---especially if it's over-stretched and lovingly lubricated with the deeply-deposited semen of another man.

    But Yes, your wife would do better to be open about it, if only to make her multiple infidelities that much hotter for you.
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    Agreed on all accounts - lol (said the cuck with a chubby)
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    Great!! So don't disappoint your loving wife, but wank away Murphs, wank away :)

    >>>>! >>>>>>>>!!!! >>>>>>>>>>>>!!!!!! >>>>!!! >>!! >! >! >!! >! > >

    and remember to launder your own top sheet along with the freshly cum-stained bottom one from off the beautifully satisfied couple's bed.

    And while you do, try visualizing that stored-up massive load of superior semen---way thicker and more potent than yours---being carried around all day in her lover's aching balls and pelvis, on hold to be spurted deep into your cock-loving cum-craving wife, then overflowing her orgasmically contracting vagina to slither down her bum-crack and pool widely on the bottom sheet for you to sniff and wank over before you obediently wash it carefully all away in preparation for their next bareback fuck.......................


    Go to it Sissy-Boy :p
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    If your wife is still fucking you good then nothing else matters. It's better to have a wife who wants too much sex than not enough. Her other activities are just entertainment for you.

    How many guys would love to be in your situation, to have a hotwife? How many guys have wives that aren't interested in sex at all? Enjoy your woman as she is.
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  7. Worth It

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    You need to get into the right frame of mind. Talk with other guys. There are plenty of boring ass women out there.
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    Let me clarify - I have been a cuckold then a wittol and then a cuckold through out most of my time with my girlfriend - fiancé - wife. But she has changed over time - it is different thats all. Confusing at times because she is saying and doing two different things.....
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    So just posted that we got dominated by another couple.....also just found out my wife is hooking up with another ex that is in town.

    She met him a couple of towns over and they fucked in our car...from the texts they want to meet up again and get a room for a night so she can have all of him with no barriers as she said.
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    The drama continues...

    It's all fine and normal. Just don't let it bother you.

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