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CBT Anyone?

Discussion in 'BDSM' started by stubbyhubby36, Aug 7, 2015.

  1. stubbyhubby36

    stubbyhubby36 Member

    The wife has developed a genuine joy of abusing my balls. It was my idea, but she has embraced it and really taken to it. I even occasionally get the pleasure of a ball squeezing in public thru my shorts or pants. The real abuse happens when she sits on my face for me to clean her after a good fucking and she has unlimited access to them. She holds them with one hand and slaps, flicks and yanks on them them. It drives me wild and makes me hard as a rock when she does it. The added bonus for me is while she is doing it and grinding her cummy pussy on my face she has an orgasm. There is something truly erotic about having my wife get fucked by a guy and then grind her cummy pussy on my tongue while abusing my balls and her getting off on doing it.

    Anyone else into this?
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  2. fastredcar

    fastredcar Member

    I haven't been able to get my wife to cuck me yet but I love when she squeezes and smacks my balls. While she isn't overly enthusiastic about it she has been getting more willing.
  3. small9

    small9 Active Member

    no ball smacking on my end. Although I am locked in the CB6000 but no ball play. Its strange. She always stated that she hates balls yet she constantly rubs and sucks on her bulls balls.
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  4. fastredcar

    fastredcar Member

    She rarely smacks mine but she squeezes them more and more often since it makes me harder.
  5. surfrider

    surfrider Guest

    My balls seam to get abused on a regular basis, if they aren't blue she is either squeezing them or pulling on them.
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  6. vladdy

    vladdy Active Member

    I've always preferred a powerful squeeze to a slap to the sack. I don't know, the pain from smacking the nuts is to sharp. But the pain from a good squeeze can still hurt in such a wonderful way.

    On the other hand I do enjoy a slap to the cock. One of my favorite but, you must be careful, ways to go about cock torture is to use a rubber band. You want one thats of medium thickness. Put your cock into the loop, put your cock on a table or other flat surface. Then she can pull it up and ..... snap! You must do this judiciously because you can really hurt for a while without even going to hard on your cock.
  7. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    It seems once again my wife is different. She admires, describes, and treats men's testicles (as she calls them) with loving respect. To Audrey, testicle and scrotum appearance are more important than dick size; those are the first thing she looks at and comments on when looking at a naked guy. Audrey says that a man's testicles are the source of all his masculinity.
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  8. spmartini

    spmartini New Member

    My wife like squeezing balls and massaging them. She get off on giving head so she enjoys being up close and personal with them. She has a certain way of wrapping her fingers around the top of the sack where it meets the base of the cock, and she gently constricts that area. As she keeps sucking, she will begin to pull down and the feeling is incredible, I've experienced this and I have watched her do it to several other men and within a very short period of time they empty their loads down her throat. There is a slight amouth of pain with this but the sensation is incredible, and the orgasm is intense, I will honestly say that any guy wll shoot as oppose to dribble with this being done
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  9. Nic

    Nic New Member

    MY wife has bought me a tight fitting chastity device with spikes on the inside which she makes me wear and then spends ages turning me on and the harder i get the more it hurts , i was made to wear it for 24 hrs one time and when removed my poor old battered cock looked like it had been through hell and back deep red marks and welts all over, she looked at her work and smiled then said its all your own doing if you didn't get hard the spikes wouldn't dig in.
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  10. airhorn

    airhorn Member

    Really only a couple of ways here, and not often.

    Sometimes she'll take a belt to my ass (warmup for the big dildo), and the occasional stroke dips low enough to tag my balls. Kind of an instant aching feeling... not a good feeling but I find I'll still stick them back far enough for it to happen.

    Probably more often, we indulge in wax play. Nipples and torso mostly, but she especially likes getting down to the balls and my cock with it. Done properly it's pretty harmless, but it's near the edge of what I'm prepared to experience. I think she especially likes it partly because it's really sensitive skin, but also because I'm going to be pulling hair out trying to remove the wax when we're done -- after I've come.

    And then there was the day she took the time to stand my cock straight up and made a 'helmet' for it. Completely covered my knob so when I came there was really nowhere for it to go.
  11. Mbgdallas

    Mbgdallas Member Founding Member

    Please. Pull and smack my balls.

    My fantasy is to be leaned over a stool with my balls dangling and punch and used as a speed bag. Second would be to lean over a couch with balls up againstthe cusion and punch into the cusion.

    If anyone wants to try let me know. I woild love it n
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  12. msslave

    msslave Member

    When we played, I was required to kneel by the front door when she went to work. She's give my balls several hard kicks and then leave. There were a couple times I was left curled up on the floor in extreme pain. I'd heat her chuckle as the door shut behind her.

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