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    This is a true story it happened about 15 yrs ago it is the story of the first time I watched her being fucked by someone other than myself. It is exactly as I remember it .
    It is somewhat detailed as its like watching a film in my head even after all these years and is based what I seen that night. It is the incident that opened up the world of wife sharing to us. I do not consider myself to be a true cuckold, or a wimpy husband. But the fact is that I love seeing my wife having sex with other men. Watching her being pleasured by another man is a massive turn on for me and it has become a part of our sex lives for the last fifteen yrs. My wife Kim has had four long term lover and a few one nighters with different men during the time that we have enjoyed this lifestyle.
    This is the story of her first lover.

    We had just moved to another part of town, and was getting settled in our new home. When I had a accident at work that put me in hospital for 6 months. My wife Kim had her hands full trying to look after me and two young kids and, work full time as well. When I got out of hospital I was still on crutches and wasn't very well at the time I had a back injury and a badly broken leg. Doctors told me that it would take time before I got back to something like normal.

    Before I had the accident Kim and I had a very hectic sex life but, when I got out of hospital wasn't able to manage anything more sexual than masturbating each other due to my injures. We did try to have sex a few times but I found the pain in my back to much and had to stop before we had really got started, which was very frustrating for us both.
    So basically Kim and I had not had any proper sex for the last 6 months and I could tell that she was missing it. But there wasn’t a lot that I could do about it at the time because of my medical condition.

    Kim was 30 yrs old at the time of this story, she was in her sexual prime and a dam sexy looking woman {and still is}. She had a figure to die for and was very pretty and turned a lot of heads when we went out together.
    However it was a huge fantasy of mine to watch Kim have sex with another man I couldn’t explain why I felt this way but I did. I had asked her to try it over a period of a few years but she always said no way, she wasn’t interested in other men, she only wanted me. Which I found very disappointing but accepted it, but I always held out hope that maybe… day.

    Anyway I was discharged from the hospital after six long painful months then about a fortnight after me getting out of hospital Kim asked if I minded if she went out for a evening with her friends. I couldn't go because I didn't really feel up to it, I said yes it was not a problem being that she was only going down our local pub.
    Plus she needed a break after looking after us all. She said great gave me a peck on the cheek and said that she was going to get ready to go out. After a while she came downstairs dressed in a short black skirt that was about 5 ins above her knees and a white sleeveless blouse that showed her pert breasts off. It was a warm evening so she didn't wear a jacket. She looked great.

    I looked at her whistled, and said your going to pull tonight, she laughed and said maybe I will, who knows? I cuddled her and said well if you need some cock you got my permission to have some, as long as you come home to me. She laughed as she walked out of the door I’ll keep that in mind she said then told me that she would be home by 11.30 or 12.00 and if I needed her to phone the pub and off she went. So myself and the two little ones settled down for the evening with the TV. I sent them up to bed about 8.00 and I nodded off to sleep. I woke just after midnight Kim wasn't back I wasn't too bothered, I thought she wont be long now she must be having a last drink 1.00 came and went and she still hadn't come home by 1.30 I was starting to get worried, and decided to ring the pub.

    I thought that they must be having a lock in which was a normal thing for a Saturday night. I spoke to Mike the landlord who told me that it had been a quiet night for a change, and he was just closing up and that Kim had left about 1/2 hr ago. I though strange the pubs is only a 10 min walk from the house, maybe she had called in her friends house on the way home.
    I phoned her friend Alison, she answered and I could swear I heard a mans voice in the background, I thought strange! as I knew her husband had gone away for the weekend playing golf. She was a little hesitant and elusive when I asked if she knew where Kim had gone, it was as if she knew something but didn't want to say too much. She told me that she had left Kim in the pub half a hour ago talking to some people and didn't know where she was.

    It was now 1.45 am so I decided to hobble down the road to see if I could find her, So I grabbed my crutches and made my way out the door. it was unusually quiet there was no one about. I was making slow progress down the road about a 100 yards from where we lived, when I heard two people talking and laughing in a quiet back lane that ran between two rows of houses. It was a short cut back from the pub, I thought strange why would anyone be down there this time of night. So I quietly made my way down to the entrance and peeped around the corner, I could see two people talking they where on the opposite side of the lane to me and about 7 or 8 yards away standing under one of the lights that lined the lane

    It was my wife, and with her was a guy was a called Alan, I had seen him in the pub a few times but didn't really know him. I was about to call out to her when, I thought no lets see what’s going on. Kim was rocking back and fore and giggling she had obviously had a good drink. Alan was standing facing her with his hands placed on her hips. I thought what the hell is he doing. And what the hell was my quiet and normally sensible wife doing in a deserted lane with a man she hardly knew at this time on a Sunday morning

    As that thought went through my mind something strange happened. Through the tinge of jealousy that I felt, I could also feel a stirring down in my loins as my prick started to harden at the thought of my loyal wife being unfaithful and intimate with this man. I decided to stay where I was and watch, they couldn’t see me in the shadows of the wall that hid me from their view. They continued talking for a little while then I noticed that his hand had moved from her waist up to her breasts and he was playfully squeezing them.

    She giggled...and muttered get off, and made a half hearted attempt to wriggle away from him. Then he moved closer to her, and he gently walked her backwards until her back was up against the brick wall that lined the lane and to my shock and horror started kissing her. Should I stop this now? All I had to do was call out her name or make a noise. I was more than a bit shocked at what I was watching, but at the same time for some strange reason my prick was nearly busting out of my pants.
    Alan continued to fondle her breasts then he slowly started to undo the first few buttons on her blouse. Kim started to push him away... No. no. stop …I think it is time I went home she mumbled. He said ..why there aint no big rush, is there? and started to kiss her again, she struggled a little and tried to push him away but he held her close to his body. After a few seconds she seemed to give up, and allowed him to kiss her, she then put her arms around his neck and kissed him back.

    As they kissed Alan’s attention went back to her blouse, he undone the remaining buttons and slipped a hand inside her blouse and pushed her bra up over her breasts. Kim let out a little moan as he kissed and licked her now hard nipples. He moved his hands down to the hem of her short skirt and started to pull it slowly up the outside of her thighs. She made no effort to stop him and seemed to push her hips forward into his body. Alan had by now lifted her short skirt up onto the top of her hips . I could now see Kim's panties, she was wearing a pair of her thin, skimpy, see through ones, that just about covered her pussy. His hands slipped into the top of her panties and onto her bare ass. I could hear Kim start to breath in short breaths when he pulled her into his groin. I couldn't believe what I was seeing but it seemed as if I couldn't speak, I don't think I wanted to I wanted to see just how far my wife would go with this guy.

    His hand moved around to the front of her panties and he started to rub her pussy through the thin fabric, she let out a little moan. I heard her whisper!.. don’t … we cant do this I’m married. Alan laughed, why who's gonna know? he kissed her again and leaned his shoulders against her until her back was pinned against the wall.
    He pulled at the top of her panties and pushed them down just below her pussy, enough to get his fingers onto her clit then he started rubbing that special little place. A place that I had thought of as my own. A place as far as I knew no other man up until now had touched for the whole of our courtship and 10 years of marriage .

    She was responding to his caresses, I heard her little moans of pleasure and she slowly opened her thighs a little wider to make it easier for him to touch her . I watched her fingers clench tightly against his back when he found the entrance to her pussy. and then let out that little sigh of pleasure {that I knew so well} when she felt a finger slip into her. Her head moved forward onto his shoulder, she moaned quietly and I heard her whisper... no... no ... please don’t. He took no notice and continued to finger fuck her for a few more minutes. I watched him unzip his fly then undo his belt, he took hold of Kim's hand and pushed it into his pants Her eyes widened as she realized what he was doing and she jerked her hand back when she felt his hardness throbbing against her hand. He held her tightly and kissed her again. Alan held her hand and pushed it down into the front of his pants again, she seemed to hesitate for a moment then she let him push it into his pants. Her hand explored his shaft then started to pull it out of his jeans.
    Her eyes widened when she looked down at what she held and she drew her breath in. His prick from what I could see must have been at least 8 inches long and looked very thick, she paused and watched the huge purple knob throbbing in her hand The light above them shone down and I noticed that the back of her hand was smeared with his precum. She curiously moved her fingers back and forth along the thickening length making him even stiffer, he moaned with pleasure as her fingers eagerly ran along his shaft. Alan undone his belt and pushed his jeans and pants down below his ass.
    He pulled her towards him, I watched him guide his long shaft into the warm softness of the inside of her open thighs. He started to thrust his hips slowly in and out pushing his prick hard against her pussy, Kim moaned quietly and opened her legs a little more. She could feel his hardness rub against the entrance to her pussy through the thin fabric of her panties.

    She drew her breath in sharply when she felt the pressure of his knob pushing up against her clit, and a little moan of pleasure escaped from her lips. Bending her knee she put her foot flat against the wall. She spread her legs a little more when she felt a hand pulling her panties over to one side, exposing her silky wet softness to him. She put her arms around his neck, and let out another soft groan when she felt his thick knob throbbing against her. He held underneath the thigh of the leg that she had placed against the wall. And he lifted her up on to his hips I heard him whisper to her,
    I’m going to fuck you! She held on to his shoulders and tightly wrapped her legs around his waist. She moaned ...Hoo.. God.. what am I doing? Her eyes widened as he pushed his hips forward and lowered her down onto his waiting shaft. She felt the hot firmness of his knob pushing eagerly against her most intimate place, then she felt it slip along the wet length of her pussy lips, probing its way towards the entrance, searching for the opening that would willingly open up for it and let him inside her. Alan grunted when his thick knob found it and started to slip inside her.

    Her mouth and her eyes opened wide when she felt his knob start to fill her and Kim drew her breath in sharply when he pushed his hips upwards. She felt his hard thick length start filling and stretching her. He bent forward so her back was supported against the wall and he held her weight on his arms. Kim’s grip tightened around his neck, she was breathing fast and gasped ...we mustn't do this. He whispered its to late I'm already inside you. She groaned ...... I know ... I can feel you she murmured ... but you shouldn't be I’m married ... just enjoy it he said totally unconcerned.

    She sighed as if she had resigned herself to what was going to happen, she closed her eyes as he pushed his groin upwards, then gasped as she felt his long shaft slipping farther into her. He started fucking her slowly at first, making her gasp out loudly until she got used to his size then once he was fully inside her he started pumping harder at her pussy, with every inward thrust of his hips Kim moaned loudly. Although she had a few other lovers before myself none had a prick that was as big or as thick as the one that was now pumping inside her, and it defiantly seemed that she liked it. He continued fucking her hard against the wall for 5 minutes or so, then he stopped and lowered her down so as she could stand. Alan knelt down and pulled at her panties, they slipped down her legs and she stepped out of them and left them laying on the grass. She pulled her short skirt back up onto her hips.

    I could smell from where I was watching the musky aroma of they're love making as it wafted in the warm night air. All the feelings of jealously had gone. After all she was only doing what I had been asking her to do for all those years. Even if it was not the way that I would have wanted her to do it. I had stood there watching my wife fucking another man, something that I though would never happen, and all I felt was the eroticness of it all ,I can say honestly that seeing my wife give in to another mans advances was the most erotic thing that I had ever felt or seen in my life. Thinking back I was surprised at how little time it had taken him to seduce my wife, it had taken just 15 minutes from him kissing her to having his prick in her.
    My wife now stood practically naked in a lane with a man that she hardly knew, I could see the dampness of their previous love making smeared against the inside of one of her naked thighs. He held her and started kissing her again. Her hands eagerly went down to his cock and started to rub his shaft, bringing it once again to its full hardness.
    He kissed her breasts, she tugged and pulled at his jeans until they fell around his ankles. Smiling, Alan turned her to face the wall and stood behind her.

    She bent over, placed her hands on the wall, and spread her legs for him. I watched as she turned her head and looked back over her shoulder with anticipation of what was to come. Her eyes glowed at the sight of his prick, the prick that was soon going be inside her after 6 months of forced celibacy. He stood behind her and pressed his knob against the wet entrance to her pussy he pushed against the opening, there was no resistance, it opened and eagerly accepted him. His thick knob slipped easily into my wife. Kim's eyes closed, she moaned softly at the feeling of him entering her again. Again he started to fuck her slowly, both of them enjoying the warm feeling of their coupling. I could hear his balls slapping against her ass he drove his prick harder into her. Kim moaned loudly and pushed her ass back into him every time he thrust his shaft into her. Then she started to orgasm with a loud groan she practically screamed at him I'm Cumming don't stop…don’t stop. He pumped harder into her pussy she gasped and shook, her fingers nails scrapped at the wall, her head went back and her eyes closed as she enjoyed her first proper orgasm in many months.

    I watched as he continued to pound my wife, then suddenly he moaned and his whole body stiffened, he held on to her hips tightly and with one final thrust he pushed his shaft as hard and as deep as he could into my wife, he grunted with satisfaction as he sprayed his seed into my wife’s womb, flooding her love tunnel, he felt her pussy squeezing out the last few drops of his cum from his balls. He lay his head breathless on my wife's naked back. Kim was still moaning with the pleasure of feeling his shaft inside her . As he pulled his prick out of her his cum flowed out of her and ran down the inside of Kim's legs. Kim turned away from the wall to face him. She had that big smile on her face, the smile that I knew so well, the smile she always had on her face when she had been well fucked. They kissed and I heard him say that he had needed that so badly. Kim laughed and said not half as much as I did. She pulled away from him and picked her panties up off the floor and, tried to clean his cum off her thighs. He held her and kissed her, saying not to bother because they hadn't finished yet and that he had more for her.
    Kim giggled and said I bet you have. She put her soiled panties into her hand bag Alan kissed her again and she held onto his half hard prick and ran her hand up and down his shaft.

    I was amazed I could actually see the thing growing again, he had only five minutes ago shot his load into my wife and he was getting hard again. He started to groan as Kim brought him back to his full hardness and told her that he wanted her again. Kim looked at him and smiled and said good because I want you again too. He laid his jacket out on the grass verge Then he took Kim’s hand and asked her lay down on it, she objected saying that it would be uncomfortable and that her skirt would get ruined. He turned her around and undone the buttons and zip that held it up and let it fall on to the grass, she shrugged her shoulders as if accepting the inevitable and stepped out of it and put it on top of her handbag. He turned her towards him again and slipped her blouse down over her shoulders then pulled the shoulder straps of her bra down her arms. I was more than a little shocked to say the least. My wife was now totally naked in a deserted back lane with a man who she hardly knew and had only a little while ago allowed him to fuck her up against a wall, now it looked as if she was about to do it again . This wasn’t the wife that I knew, as she would never have done that with me. There was obviously a side to her that I hadn’t yet discovered.

    She laid down on the jacket. He stood there for a moment looking at her laying naked on the grass verge. His prick hard and jerking at the sight of her waiting for him, then he laid down between Kim’s soft thighs. And she once again spread open her legs for him. The first sight of my wife on her back with a man laying between her legs is one that I will never forget.
    Impatient to feel his big cock inside her once again she put her arms around him and pulled him closer to her. Alan positioned his knob up against the entrance to her pussy and slowly pushed, her already used pussy allowed his thick shaft to slip into her with ease. She let out a little moan of pleasure as she felt him filling her again.
    He fucked her slowly at first, enjoying the feeling of her soaked pussy around his shaft. She groaned as he pushed his prick back and forth inside her, she lifted her knees higher with each inward stroke as he rubbed his groin up against her swollen clit . Then she felt a familiar tingling feeling in the pit of her stomach growing stronger and gasped out every time his length ploughed into her. Kim started to groan loudly and she lifted her ass up off the floor as he pounded her. Then I heard her cry out begging him to fuck her hard as she lost herself in the pure ecstasy of her second orgasm.

    He continued fucking her, long after she had come. Kim groaned with pleasure as he humped and pounded her, It had been a long time since she had been pleasured like this, and I could tell by her moans that it felt so good for her. Now she strongly felt the urge to feel him shoot his hot seed into her again. She held on tightly around his shoulders and dug her finger nails deep into them.
    Lifting her legs Kim wrapped them around his back, I heard her gasp I want you to cum in me. And she held him deep in her. The look on his face told me he was going to fill her for the second time. I watched the muscles in his buttocks tighten, he let out a loud moan as his balls sprayed his seed deep and flooded my wife's womb once again . Again he felt her pussy draining out the last drop of his spunk from him. As he lay on top of her he told her we have got to do this again sometime. I heard her giggle and say maybe...We’ll see but next time I would like a proper bed, he got off her and stood up Kim was still lying on the floor with her legs wide open, and another man’s spunk dripped out of her pussy she had that big smile on her face again.

    It was then I left quietly, I didn't want them to see me. When I got home it occurred to me that they had not used a condom. And with the amount of spunk that he had put into her there was a good possibility of him making her pregnant. I knew she had come off the pill while I was in hospital because we were not having sex. I went to bed with the biggest hard on I had ever had in my life and waited for her to come home. She came in about a hour after I got home, so I don't really know if he fucked her again. I heard her washing in the bathroom and a few minutes latter she came to bed wearing a short nightie, but I could still smell the sex on her as she laid down next to me . I pretended to be asleep. It wasn't long before she fell into a deep contented sleep, I turned and slipped my hand under her nightie onto her pussy, it was still swollen and puffy after the pounding that it had received that night, and I could feel the last of his cum dribbling out of her and running down between her thighs onto the bed sheets.
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    Did she confess it to you and has she done it since
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    I've read hundreds of cuck stories and a lot of them are mediocre, there are a lot of bad ones that lack real description of touch, wife reluctance during first contact, in fact a lot of them are "my wife fucked him like a duck took to water...." But this.......has definitely got to be the BEST! Well done!
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    there is a part two coming soon.all will be reviled .
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    I can't wait to read part 2!
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    part two………….The big talk.

    The following morning I got up with the kids and left her in bed sleeping. I was in a kind of daze most of the morning and couldn’t stop thinking about what I had witnessed the night before. My mind was in turmoil and I felt as randy as hell, I needed to talk with her. After a hour or so I phoned her parents up made up some excuse and asked if they would have the kids for a few hours, they agreed and ten minutes latter they had collected them.

    Kim walked into the living room just as they left, she looked a little hung over, I asked her if she wanted a cup of coffee she nodded her head, yes please.
    She was sat on the sofa when I came back in and handed her the coffee. She took a sip and thanked me, she seemed very quiet and subdued and said nothing for the next few minutes. I asked her how did it go last night ? She looked up at me and said, good though I had way to much to drink . What time did you get in I asked, I donno it was late she answered. Oh well as long as you enjoyed yourself I said. She said that she had, and put her cup on the table and went upstairs to have a bath and get dressed. The phone rang, it was Alison one of the friends that she was out with the night before. I called up to Kim to come down and talk to her and went into the kitchen and stood behind the kitchen door to listen. She came down stairs and picked up the phone. The conversation was pretty short and went something like, Hi Al …yea a good night got a bit of a hangover though …
    Yea…bit of giggling…yes I did …really…trust her to tell you…he told her what?…no I didn’t…more giggling…yea well…how did it go with you… you didn’t…long pause while she listened …I will speak to you latter… ok bye. And she put the phone down.

    I walked into the living room how’s Alison I asked ? She’s fine got a bit of a hangover she said. Did her husband go on that golfing trip he was on about ,it was this weekend wasn’t it? Yes he went on Friday Kim answered, funny that I said calmly because I phoned her last night looking for you she said you weren’t there and that she had left you in the pub but I could swear that I heard a mans voice in the background.

    Kim was looking flustered and said don’t know about any man being there she said quickly, maybe it was the TV that you heard. I was in the pub like she said. No you wasn’t I said I phoned the pub as well and spoke to Mike he was closing up and you had already left. Well there you are then she said I was on my way home. Oh I know you were on the way home, who was that guy you were with? I asked Eeeer… what’s his name Alan isn’t it? She looked stunned her jaw dropped and she blurted out, I wasn’t with any Alan last night. Yes you were I said calmly because I watched him fucking you in the back lane last night. Her face was a picture she looked like a rabbit caught in headlights. You done what ? She said, knowing that she had been caught out, I watched you I repeated , {I was enjoying this,} well it wasn’t me you were watching she said . I walked over to a chair and picked up her handbag, her eyes opened wide when I pulled out a pair of pink cum stained panties.

    Oh look! you forgot to take these out of your bag when you got home last night. I think you put them in here before he fucked you the second time . She went quiet as if she was trying to think of a way out then realising that she had been caught out she admitted it . Yes ,,,I’m so sorry I had far too much to drink I would have never done it if I had been sober she said with tears starting to well up in her eyes. I went over to her and hugged her I reassured her that every thing was ok, she seemed to relax a little. You watched me? and you said nothing? You never tried stopping it! Why? she asked looking confused. I told her to sit down then sat next to her on the sofa. I held her hand. Look I said you are a great wife a great mother and a fantastic lover. I wouldn’t change you for anything. She looked at me and said I feel so ashamed of myself, I cant believe what I done last night, and I cant understand why you didn’t stop me doing what I did. I took a deep breath, Ok I will explain to you why I never stopped what went on last night.

    First off, I know what happened last night was totally out of character for you.
    I can only put it down to drink, and maybe the fact that you haven’t had any sex for months. Secondly, do you remember the fantasy I have, about watching you fucking another man? Her jaw dropped. What? Yes of course I remember, but I thought that you were only messing around, I never for a moment thought that you would seriously want me to do something like that. Oh but I was serious I said, it was something that I have wanted for …no yearned for, for years, and last night you made my fantasy a reality, so you see that’s why I never stopped you .

    Watching you being seduced was all my dreams come true, and seeing you with another man between your thighs, and me knowing that he was enjoying and feeling the same as I do when I make love to you was, the most erotic experience I have ever had. And from what I saw, Id say that you enjoyed it as much as he did.
    Kim looked as if she was in shock, and said nothing for a little while. She shook her head as if she couldn’t believe what I had just told her. What I done last night was wrong. I cheated on you, and I am ashamed of that. I swear to God I have never done anything like that before. It hurts to know that you never tried to stop me, most husbands would have gone nuts if they seen their wives doing what I did.
    I’m not most husbands I said, I have told you how I feel and what’s more I’d like you to fuck him again. You w,w,what? she stuttered, I held her hand and looked into her eyes. I want you to fuck with him again, I repeated, after watching the two of you together last night I could see that you enjoyed his cock and… well… I think you would like to have him again. She looked at me in silence for a few seconds, not believing what I had just told her. Kim shook her head, no. no.. it isn’t right, what happened last night wasn’t something that I’m proud of. And I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t happen again. It was a mistake and I feel ashamed and guilty for what I have done, I feel as though I have let you down.

    Don’t feel that way I said, I’m proud of you . It was then, that I had the don’t you love me any more, Is this a trick to see if I would do it again, do you want me to do this so as you can have other women, questions. Yes I loved her, No it wasn’t a trick. No, I had no interest in other women. We talked for the next two hours, I could see that she was becoming more at ease and willing to talk to me. She finally admitted that, Yes, she had enjoyed the sex with Alan, and that she had missed sex a lot during the time I was in hospital. And maybe, possibly, she would like him to fuck her again.

    After a bit of gentle questioning as to how she met Alan it turned out that while I was in hospital, on three occasions she had gone out with Alison and two other friends to a local club, and it was there that Kim had met Alan, through Alison who was having a affair with one of Alan’s friends. {So I hadn’t imagined hearing a mans voice when I spoke to her on the phone the previous night} and Kim said she spent part of the evening talking with him, and swore that nothing happened between them, other than him dancing with her a few times.

    That was until last night when Alan offered to walk her home from the pub. Also that the other two friends Sue, and Angela who were also married had been fucked by other friends of Alan’s. Wow! it had all been happening while I was away. It sounded like they had all been at it. It was then that her parents brought the kids home and that ended the conversation for the time being.

    When we finally got the kids off to bed, we talked again until gone midnight. I once again told her that I was sure that I wanted her to go ahead and see Alan again.
    Kim said she wasn’t sure and was concerned about the impact her having a lover would have on our marriage. It was at this point that I unzipped my fly and pulled out my rock hard cock. Look at this I said, waving it in front of her, I’ve been this way since last night, I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life, the dam thing wont go down. I really want you to do it, fact is at this moment in time, I am not capable of satisfying you because of my back injury and, until the time comes that I can, I want you to see him as often as you need too.

    Kim went quiet for a moment then looked at me. Are you sure? Do you really want me to fuck him? Because once its done,,, its done, and its something that I can never undo.
    Yes! I answered do it. Her hand wondered over to my prick and her fingers started slowly moving up and down its length. Do you want me to touch your prick like I touched his? She softly whispered in my ear. Oh.. Yes. I said as her hand started to move faster on my cock… Do you want me to suck his cock… the way I suck yours? Please …yea suck it, I gasped, as she lowered her head and closed her lips around my knob then took my prick into her warm mouth. she lifted her head up when she felt me getting close and continued to wank me.
    Do you want me to lay down with him and let him put his big fat cock inside me…, Yeeessss… OK I’ll do it . That done it for me, I shot one of the biggest loads of my life into her hand and onto the floor, in fact I’m pretty sure I hit the TV over the other side of the room. Wow. she laughed ,I guess you really needed that!
    Ooooh didn’t I just, I gasped trying to catch my breath. She had to work in the morning so we went to bed snuggled up and both fell into a deep contented sleep.

    The following morning I woke late, Kim had already taken the kids up her mums and gone to work. There wasn’t much for me to do except to wait for her to come home, so I went back to sleep until midday, when I was woken by the phone ringing. I answered it,
    it was Kim. Hi what’s happening I asked, not a lot she answered. Well there is one thing I got a text off Alan. I felt a pang of excitement run up my spine. Oh really! what did he want I asked. Just to see how I was and, he wants me to call him. Are you going to?
    Donno…. what do you think? Well you know how I feel, hell yea phone him see what he wants. Ok she said I will phone him tonight when I get home. Ok see you latter bye.

    Five p.m. couldn’t come fast enough, I seemed to look at the clock every few minutes and the next five hours dragged by until she and the kids walked through the door.
    We had our dinner, played with the kids for a couple of hours. All this time I was busting to get her to phone him. Finally it was time for the kids to go to bed and we sat on the sofa together. Well? I said to her. Kim looked back at me Well what? Well are you going to phone him, I asked knowing that she was teasing me. Do you want me too?
    Yes of course I do. I answered. OK but understand this, I am not playing games if I phone him there is no going back, I will see him. So make your mind up now.
    I hesitated for a few seconds, she was giving me a way out. I thought do I really want
    this? Then every fibre in my body screamed… YES… YES… YES.

    Phone him, I heard myself say. Kim looked at me, are you sure. I nodded my head .
    She got up off the sofa and went to get her phone out of her bag and sat back down next to me. I told her to put it on speaker so as I could hear him. She dialled his number and it rang. He answered it, Hi Kim, came the male voice out of her speaker. Hi , said Kim I got your message. Oh yea I just wanted to know if everything is ok, he said. I was wondering if we could meet up anytime soon. Kim laughed how soon? How about tomorrow he asked. Mm mm I will have to see if I can get time off work she said shouldn’t be a problem they owe me a few days I will have to ring the office tomorrow morning. That’s great he said where will I meet you asked Kim, Come around to my flat its only around the corner from where you work. I will text you the address in the morning come around about 11a.m if you can. Ok said Kim I’ll see you tomorrow then.
    That was it, my wife was going to make a cuckold of me.

    To be continued
  7. swvacuck

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    Keep this story going bro! Love this story, just read it again!
  8. topman55

    topman55 New Member

    I will swva just trying to get the old gray matter to remember exactly what happened next.
  9. topman55

    topman55 New Member

    pic of kim and her current boyfriend. ww3.jpg
  10. gdj1217

    gdj1217 Guest

    View attachment 9064 [/QUOTE]

    I Would Fuck Her and have you set everything up to make it happen.
  11. topman55

    topman55 New Member

    I dont get to pick her men ,She does that all by herself.
  12. topman55

    topman55 New Member

    The following morning Kim was up at 7 a.m. she phoned work and arranged the rest of the week off saying that I wasn’t feeling well and she was needed at home, by 8.45 the kids were on their way to school. By 9.45 she was in the bath, she came downstairs dressed in a robe I was sitting on the sofa , she sat next to me and said.
    Look I don’t have to do this you know, I can still call it off if you want me to I don’t want to do anything that would endanger our marriage. I could tell that she was starting to get nervous, her hands were shaking. I lent forward and kissed her, Everything is ok I want you to go ahead and see him. One thing though, I am worried about you not being on the pill, I don’t want you pregnant with his child. No.. no ..I don’t want to get pregnant either she answered she said that she had been worrying about him cumimg inside her on the Saturday night. So after she dropped the kids off at school she had called at the chemist and had picked up a morning after pill and some condoms to put her mind at ease, just in case he had caught her. But you need to get back on the pill as well if you are going to see him regularly I said. She looked at me warily, lets just see how things go today she said.

    At 11.20 Kim was sat in her car outside his apartment block. She had phoned Alan before she had left home and after a short conversation he had texed his address and said that he was looking forward to seeing her again. It was a lovely warm summer morning, she wore a thin summer dress but was shivering with nerves. She had been sat there since 10.55 wondering if she really wanted to go through with this. Thoughts about whether she should see Alan again were spinning round in her head. Yes… she had been flattered by all the attention that Alan had paid to her on the nights out with her friends. During this time all her friends had given in to Alan’s friends advances one by one. And she had wondered if it was inevitable that she, like them would have succumbed to Alan or some other man eventually. She never in her wildest dreams had thought she would end up fucking him in a back alley like a cheap whore…and what’s more enjoy it.. Yes. she felt guilty about what had happened, but… she had to admit to herself that deep down she had loved the feeling of Alan being inside her. The excitement of being fucked by someone other than her husband was something that she hadn’t experienced in a very long time.

    She was unsure and confused, questions buzzed through her head like a swarm of bees.

    Why did her husband have this bizarre fantasy for her to do this?
    What could be the possible consequences to her marriage?
    What if it all went wrong?
    What if she regretted it all?
    What if….?
    Her thoughts were interrupted by someone calling her name. She turned her head towards the voice. Alan was stood by the glass door leading into the apartments.
    He smiled and waved at her, Kim’s stomach tightened she hesitated for a few seconds then got out of the car.

    Her head was still spinning with thoughts and doubts as she walked up the path towards him. But she could feel a excitement build in the bottom of her stomach as Alan opened the door for her, she walked quickly into the foyer. I thought you might have changed your mind he said. Kim looked nervously at him, I nearly did she replied. I guessed that, I have been watching you sitting in your car from my bedroom window for a while. Then he took her hand and led her up the stairs to his apartment.

    He opened the door and Kim walked in, he walked in behind her and shut the door.
    She immediately felt his hands on her shoulders, he turned her towards him and kissed her.
    As he kissed her she felt the excitement in her stomach spread over her entire body.
    Wow, what a welcome she said when he finally broke away from her lips.
    Then taking her hand he led her across the neat living room, surprisingly neat for a single man she thought to herself. He opened the bedroom door reviling a double bed.
    There you are Madam, he said a real bed as you requested. Kim smiled at him as she remembered her comment on the night that he made love to her on the grass verge.
    She could feel her heart beat faster as she momentarily hesitated, then followed on behind him into his bedroom.

    Kim looked nervously around the room then walked over and sat on the edge of his bed, Alan walked over and sat down next to her, and put his arm around her shoulders .
    Is everything OK? he asked, you seem a bit on edge. She smiled nervously at him yea I’m fine, its just that …well I don’t really know how to say this…Say what? he asked.
    Kim paused for a moment, I have something to tell you she said, its my husband he seen us that night in the lane and watched us. Alan went quiet for a few moments…He watched us doing what exactly? with a slight tone of panic in his voice,.. He watched everything from start to finish she said, Everything?…Everything! she said. Oh fuck that aint good he said with a slight tone of panic in his voice. Kim paused for a moment … Well it isn’t as bad as you think she said, apparently it has been a big fantasy of his to watch me being… well you know ..with other men, he has mentioned it more than a few times to me over the last few years. But I never took him seriously, he told me that when he saw us both together that night it was the biggest turn on he has ever experienced.

    Alan silently thought for a moment, Wow! that’s really weird, you mean to say that he is OK with you being with other men? Is he for real? That’s what he said, Kim answered, and I believe him. In fact it was him that suggested that I see you again. Alan still seemed a bit panicked really? so how do you know its not some kind of trap he has set up for us. Kim looked at him and said look he practically begged me to come here to see you if he wanted to cause trouble he would have done it the night he seen us together. So he knows that you are here with me now? Kim nodded her head yes, he does. So where is he? he asked.
    He’s waiting at home she said. Alan seemed to grow more confident he chuckled to himself and said… well if that’s how he gets his kicks I will be more than happy to oblige him… that is, if you are OK with it. Kim looked at him and then heard herself saying… I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t.

    Alan got up off the edge of the bed stood in front of Kim, he took her hands and pulled her gently onto her feet, As soon as he kissed her she knew that she wanted him again, all of her nervousness and doubts had disappeared as she felt his body against hers. She felt his hands on her shoulders then felt him pulling at the zip at the back of her dress, then a few seconds latter the warmth of his hands on her back as he undone the clasp of her bra. She stood back from him and let them fall to the floor, reviling her nakedness to him. Alan’s eyes lit up at the sight that stood before him.

    Her pert breasts, erect nipples, slim waist, and wide hips, were more than enough for him to feel his cock stir in his pants. Kim dropped slowly down to her knees. Eagerly she pulled at his trousers until she found his erect shaft. He groaned loudly when Kim ran her warm tongue along the length of his cock and then he felt the warm wetness of her mouth as it enveloped his now throbbing knob. Kim could taste the saltyness of his precum as she licked and sucked at his engorged knob. Alan thrust his hips forward. Kim started to gag a little as he pushed his cock further into her mouth. Her jaw ached after a little while as she tried to take as much of it as she could into her mouth, then he held the back of her head and pulled her into his groin, she had never had a cock as big as this in her mouth before and she was sure that she would choke. She was a little relived when he stopped and stepped away from her. He kicked away his pants and took off the rest of his clothes and laid down naked on the bed. He motioned for Kim to join him, Kim laid down on the bed next to him, he held her and they kissed. Moving his body up against hers she could feel a tingling in her pussy and a gush of wetness running between her thighs. Also she felt something else… a craving to have this mans cock pound and fill her pussy and… to feel him pumping his hot seed deep into her. It was then that she decided that they weren’t going to use the condoms that were in her handbag.

    She let out a little moan of anticipation when his hand moved down her leg and tugged at the waistband of her panties. She rose her bottom off the bed and he slipped them down past her knees. She quickly kicked them off. Smiling at him she said ..well… what are you waiting for? She laid back into the pillow and slowly she opened her legs for him.
    He mounted her then lay down between the softness of her open thighs. Kim’s hand eagerly grasped at his prick and pushed his swollen knob up against the wet entrance to her pussy. She heard herself let out a gasp of pleasure when she felt him enter her, she moaned loudly and wrapped her legs tightly around Alan’s back, pulling him into her she said to him… fuck me… I want you to fuck me. Alan pushed forward, and with one long thrust of his hips Kim felt him fill her with the eight inches of his thick cock. Oh…my god …she gasped as he ploughed his long shaft into her. And again with a second thrust of his hips and.. then again.. and again and again. Her body writhed wildly on the bed, as Alan pumped away at her pussy Kim gasped loudly crying out in a ecstasy she had never, ever, experienced before with any other man, not even with her husband. Then orgasm after orgasm tore through her body as he pounded her relentlessly . Alan could feel a tingling rising up in his balls he was ready to shoot his load into my wife and with one final thrust he shot his hot fertile seed deep into her womb for the third time in two days.

    Kim returned home to me 4 hrs latter, they spent the rest of the afternoon in bed together and she continued to see him for the next 18 months. until he moved away with his work she does still occasionally see him. I did get to watch them again several times but that is a story for another time. And that my friends is how I got truly cucked for the first time.
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    Where are you Located?
  14. topman55

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    we are in south wales
  15. gdj1217

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    If either of us travel to the others area, then I would Love to Fuck Her.
  16. topman55

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    That aint very likely being that we live in the uk and you in the states
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    Caught mine too!

    My second wife was a cute late 20's redhead when we married she was a teacher and had her summers off. I came home one afternoon and there was a car with out of state plates in driveway thought nothing about it since she was from another state and went to college there too.

    I was in for quite a surprise when I saw my wife on her knees her top off exposing her boobs sucking on this huge black guys cock. She looked shocked but went ahead and sucked him as he said go get a beer and let her finish. I went to the kitchen and got a beer angry but afraid of this big black man my wife was sucking. He made sure I heard him tell her how good she sucked his cock and then announced he was going to shoot his load. When I walked back in he was grinning with my wifes face covered in his sperm she looked so embarrassed and said she was sorry I had to see this.

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