Casino Night-collecting the Grand prize

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    Casino Night-Grand Prize Trip

    My wife was the winning bidder at a charity casino night for the grand prize, which is a long weekend in NYC including elegant dinners, top shows, night clubs and sight seeing as provided by a man who's first name is Carlton. He and his wife Rebecca had started this charity casino night as a fund raiser for childrens major illnesses, with 100% of the money going to the families in need. Rebecca was killed in a car crash several years ago, but Carlton had decided to continue the charity grand prize and it would be his chauffeur picking us up on Thursday afernoon and his private jet bringing us to NYC and then the chauffeur bringing us to the high rise where he lives on an entire floor of the building.

    After freshening up we had a pleasant dinner in the suite with a few glasse of wine. One thing that was interesting is that our chauffeur was also our pilot and he also has been with the three of us for the entire evening.His name is Silas and Carlton has told us he will fill us in later about his black friend Silas. My wife has had a few glasses of wine and leans over to me and whispered to me that she would enjoy fucking our host . I said well then why don't you go over and sit on his lap and tell him that.

    She got up from the sofa we were setting on, picked up her glass of wine and did just that. She sat down on Carlton's lap and leaned in and whispered something to him. He looked at her and then me and I smiled and nodded and he looked at Silas and said I was right about her and they got up and went into the bedroom. Just before he went thru the door he said give us a few minutes will you. I looked at Silas and he said at the charity event when he saw that your wife was the winner, he said that he was sure that he would have some of her when she collected her grand prize.

    Carlton had left the door open, we couldn't see them but you could hear sounds coming from the room. At one point I heard my wife say Oh, yeah, I thought so. and then after a few more minutes we heard the bed making a rythmic sound and it was evident that Carlton was already fucking my wife. Silas started to remove his shirt and said I believe that we can join them now. He and I both removed our clothes and he got us both a white fluffy robe and indicated that we should set down on the big, padded chairs and the entire time Carlton has been fucking my wife in the missionary position.

    I had also seen the cock on Silas and it is very large, well above average and thick. From what I am able to see so far Carlton is equally well-endowed. I can see that my wife is rocking her hips up on each of his thrusts into her, she has her ankles hooked together around his waist and at this point she is kissing him, and that usually means that she is cumming on his cock. Silas is stroking himself to full hardness and I'm sure he's planning to take a turn on my wife when Carlton is done, and I'm sure she will welcome him between her legs also.

    Carlton fucked her for at least a half hour. A few times they would lay on their side with his cock still fully embedded in her and he would continue to slowly stroke himself in and out as he was catching his breath and then he would put her on her back again and start to fuck her harder again. When she was cumming again he held still and turned his head to look at Silas and nodded to him. Silas got up and took his robe off and moved onto the bed, his big, black cock was pointing straight out.

    Carlton said something to my wife and she unwrapped her legs from his waist and he got up off of her and Silas immeadately took his place sliding that black cock of his to his balls into her and she wrapped her legs around and I guess for me to hear said Oh yeah Silas fuck me with that black cock. From where I'm setting I can see that she is jamming her pussy up against his groin to get every inch of him and Silas starts to pound her hard and she wrapped her arms around his neck and said OH GOD, I'M CUMMING AGAIN. I heard the shower running and continued to watch Silas fuck my wife and she is again meeting him stroke for stroke.

    So, I'm setting in a big overstuffed Victoria style chair with one of those big, fluffy, white robes on as I'm rubbing my cock as I'm watching Silas fucking my wife in the missionary position with his 9 inches of uncircumcised, thick, black cock in her (she had told me that she measured both of them on Friday , so I just included it at this point) and he has been working her pussy real hard for about 10 minutes now. I can tell that my wife is really into fucking both of these men, so I'm just going to set and enjoy watching her with him.

    Carlton comes over and sits down in the other Victoria style chair that Silas had been in. We both sit quietly for a few moments and the only sounds are primarly coming from my wife. Carlton said that Silas used to get his wife, actually their wife, Rebecca like this, so sit back and enjoy what Silas is going to do with your wife. He will work her pussy for quite some time and she will love every minute of it.
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    By his statement of their wife, I'm curiuos now and ask what do you mean by our wife?. We were both actually married to her. I married her one day in this state and Silas married her in another state the next day using her married name as her birth name and that was almost 25 years ago. Now I'm really curious and Carlton said this is a long story, but we have plenty of time because Silas will keep your wife occupied for quite a while. Silas and I were actually born on the same day in the same hospital and Rebecca was born in the same hospital about a month later. Our 3 families all lived on the same cul-de-sac , first was my home and my parents were Donald and Louise. The middle house was where Rebecca lived and her parents were Jim and Mary and the last house there belonged to Silas's parents Ralph and Alice. All 3 of our dads worked at the mill on the 11 to 7 shift,and made a good wage. The wives were all housewives. Our dads were good friends and went fishing and hunting together, all 3 couples were on the same mixed bowling team.

    Of course, as we were growing up there were a lot of cook outs and picnics. The 3 of us kids became fast, unseperatable friends and our dads built us a little club house out in the woods behind Rebecca's house the dads used it for hunting season, but we said it was our clubhouse. When we were about 12 we could either walk to school or ride our bikes, depending on the weather.

    One warm late spring morning, we were walking to school and Rebecca said that she had to go back home because she had forgot her homework on the kitchen table. She said she would get her bike and catch up with us. Now our dads usually arrived home just as we were leaving for school and Rebecca didn't want to get in trouble with her dad for forgetting her homework, because the last time she forgot her homework her dad had spanked her bare bottom until she could hardly set. Rebecca quietly slipped in the back door into the kitchen and the room was empty so she quickly went over to the table to retrieve her homework and stopped dead in her tracks and then dropped down below the table. Just thru the doorway into the living room was her dad was standing and he was completely naked and she could actually see that he had his hand on his "thing". But the real shock was a few feet past her dad she sees her mother and her mother is naked on her hands and knees and Silas's dad Ralph was naked behind her mother and he was "doing it" to her mother and setting on the floor in front of her mother was Carlton's naked dad and her mom was kissing his "thing".

    Rebecca then heard her dad say to Ralph, "Mary said yesterday that she wanted some more of you dark meat so fuck her good. " and then he said "Oh and Mary we have a little surprise for you then, Mom couldn't talk as she had Donald's cock in her mouth. Rebecca was frozen where she was at and after a few minutes had gone by Ralph announced that he was going to cum - Rebecca knew what that meant from her health class and knew that could make her mom pregnant. She watched as he did cum inside her mother and as he withdrew from her she saw his thing with white stuff on it. As he stepped away from her mother Rebecca realized that there was another naked black man there - she recognized him, it was Mister Brown her dad's boss from work and she couldn't take her eyes off of his thing it was huge and she watched as Mister Brown dropped down to his knees behind her mother and as he inserted himself into her mother, her dad said Mary, here's you surprise and it's not little.

    At that point Rebecca heard her mother moan real loud, OH GOD, Paul it's been a while since I've had your big cock go easy for a minute will you. After several minutes of watching "Paul" fucking her mother, Rebecca's dad said Donald you go next after Pauls done and then I'll take a turn and then we'll see if anyone wants to fuck Mary a second time. With that her dad started across the room away from Rebecca and she finally collected herself together and slipped out the back door.

    Rebecca stayed away from Silas and I the rest of the day. When she got home her mother was in the kitchen and as usual her dad was still asleep and wouldn't be up for several hours. Rebecca had a wonderful relationship with her mother and after collecting herself she rather bluntly told her mother that she had returned this morning and what she had seen. Mary sat down at the table with Rebecca and filled her in from the very beginning. All 3 of the moms were involved in doing this with the husbands and there were a few other men like Mister Brown -Paul that would join in. The wives had got together about 10 years ago and after some discussion they finally were able to talk about their sex lives and what they realy wanted. It took some time to convince the husbands but after she Mary had went first with the men the other 2 were able to enjoy having sex with the other husbands.

    Mary told us all of this stuff the following Saturday in the clubhouse. We all decided that from then on we were going to keep an eye out for this stuff, and about a month later, after a big cook out at Rebecca's house, Silas and I went to his house as I was staying overnight with him and Rebecca and her mom went to bed. The 3 of us decided earlier that we would sneak back out in about an hour and meet at the club house. When we came back out the back yard at Rebecca'a was empty, and the only place that they would have went was to my house. Mary whispered to me I guess it was my mom Louise's turn to get fucked tonight.

    The 3 of us slipped quietly around to the side of the house where the lights were on in the living room and we were right. Right there on the living room floor was my mother Louise and Silas's dad Ralph was between her legs. He had her legs hooked with his arms and was pounding my mom hard, and I heard my dad say that's it Ralph fuck her good. We watched and when Silas's dad stopped moving Rebecca whispered in my ear he's cumming in your mother now and she could get pregnant. When Silas's dad got up off of my mother, she layed there for a moment and then got up and said who's next and we hear someone say , I am and my dad's boss Mister Brown walked over to my mother and led her over to the end of the sofa and had her bend over the end of it where Rebecca's dad was setting and he said you can suck Jim's cock while I fuck you. Rebecca whispered in my ear look at the size of his ..... cock, he's way bigger than everybody else. I watched him fuck my mom that morning and she asked him to take it easy on her.
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    I stood there hardly breathing after she said that and watched as her got behind my mother and all we could see was her feet spread apart farther as Paul (Rebecca told me that's what her mother called him) grabbed ahold of my mother's left hip and guided his cock into her, we all watched as her head came up and said damn Paul let me get used to that cock of yours will you. As an adult I can say now that what we watched that night with Mister Brown-Paul did to my mother, he fucked her to the point that the sweat was dripping off of his chin onto my mothers back as he just kept fucking her. She was holding on to Jim's cock but she couldn't suck on him due to Paul fucking her so hard. He finally announced that he was going to cum and slammed his cock into her a few more strokes and then held himself in as he came in my mother.

    He stood there with his cock still firmly inside of my mother and said to my dad Donald you should bring Louise around to see me more often so she can get more accustomed to my cock. I think that I finally resumed breathing when he pulled his cock out of my mom and she sort of slumped down on Jim. I heard her say give me a few minutes Jim and then I'll be ready for you. I know we were outside of the window for well over an hour and a half as we waited to see Jim with my mother, he had her lay back down of the floor and he also spent quite some time fucking my mother. When Jim had finished and got up I heard my dad say Ralph do you want another round with Louise. I looked over at Silas's dad and his cock was sticking straight out and he went over and got between my mothers legs again and he put her legs on his shoulders and then he fucked her again and deposited another load of cum in my mother.

    From then on whenever we were sure that it was a fuck one of our moms night we almost always got to see them and a few other men that joined in from time to time. When we were 15 we were all at our clubhouse one Sunday afternoon in the summer when Rebecca said to Silas and I that she was ready to have sex with each one of us but that it would be one on one each night and then the other would be the next night. She said now before you 2 argue over who's first, I'm going to bring each one of you into my bedroom each night this week and one of the nights one of you will fuck me, I'll decide which night this week it will be and I'll decide who actually gets me first, but neither one of you will know for sure who was actually first. There won't be any bleeding because I used one of my mom's toys and have already opened myself up.

    The following Sunday were we all setting on the river bank about a half mile from home and Rebecca said OK, you both have fucked me twice this week and from now on one of you will fuck me one night and then the other will fuck me the next night. I talked this over with my mom and I'm a lot like her. I enjoyed being fucked by you guys and from now on I'm going to want it often from the both of you. And if you 2 can't take care of me the way I want it, I'll call dad's boss Paul his son Ron is a senior and one of the girls in my gym class had sex with him and said he's the biggest she's ever had and I'll have Ron fuck me. Are we clear on what I need from you two? Silas and I both agreed that we would do what she wanted us to do.We flipped a coin and Silas is going over tonight and I will go Monday night. Rebecca said actually let's start tomorrow night. Silas you come over Monday and Carlton you come Tuesday.

    At that point she got on her bike and rode off. She told us a few months later that she actually rode her bike into Ron's place and he fucked her that afternoon and yes he really did have a big cock. Several times that summer we saw Ron's Camero parked in her parents driveway and she told us that every time he came over he fucked her in her own bed and her mother knew what they were doing in her bedroom.

    Rebecca and I got married a week after we graduated and then she married Silas the next day. Rebecca had told her mom before we got married that she wasn't going to choose between Silas and me and that she was going to marry both of us and she asked her to talk to her dad about it , and we left. Rebecca had a son to me first and then she had twins a boy and a girl to Silas and then she had our daughter. After our daughter was born she had her tubes tied, because she said 4 is enough, because I know you two won't want to stop getting me pregnant. Silas and I both went to flight school and became pilots.

    My parents died in a car crash almost 10 years ago, and Silas's mom passed away from a heart attack and Ralph sold his house and moved in with Rebecca's parents. Seven years ago an attorney contacted me and I learned that my dad's great aunt had left everything to me, because there were no other living relatives and suddenly we were very, very, very rich.

    Silas and I retired from commercial flying and all 4 children were enrolled in private schools and now I as defacto head of an international company hired Silas as my pilot/chauffeur, and that was because we both don't have to work, sometimes I drive him and do the flying and other days it's reversed. Rebecca, Silas and I all moved into a huge mansion over near where the company international headquarters are and we all lived there until Rebecca died. Silas and I had this all renovated and as you know we have continued the charity long weekend that Rebecca and I had started.
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    The entire time Carlton was telling me Silas had continued fucking my wife and at one point rolled onto his back with his cock still lodged deep in her and had her on top and she rode him that way for quite some time until she told him that her legs were getting tired and he lifted her up off of his cock and had her get on her hands and knees and he has his hands on her hips and is really railing her hard now. Carlton said that he's about to cum in her any minute now, he'll whisper in her ear that he's going to put a black baby in her belly and then he will pump his baby batter in her. A moment later we watched him lean down to the side of her head and then he slammed his cock into her a few more hard strokes and then held her ass tight against his hips as he drained his balls into her. My wife raised her head up and said OH GOD YES PUT YOUR BLACK BABY IN ME. My wife loved to tell black men to put a baby in her belly.

    Carlton got up from his chair and removed his robe and I could see his big cock was a hard as stone, he turned and looked at me and said my turn again. He walked over to the bed and after a few moments Silas withdrew his cum covered cock from my wife and as he got off the bed Carlton moved my wife onto her back and got between her legs and positioned them on his shoulders and then slid his cock into her. Silas went to shower and when he came back and sat in the chair beside me as he had before. We watched in silence for several minutes until Silas said your wife is a wonderful woman and enjoys fucking just like Rebecca did.

    Another few minutes and Carlton says that he's going to put another baby in her belly and cums in my wife. Minutes go by and her legs are at his sides and his cock is still deep in her, they lay there together for several more minutes until he pulls out of her and he turns to Silas and said help me get her to the shower, she wants to take a shower. After showering we all go to the kitchen and have a snack and then Silas goes over to the other bedroom on the other side of the master bathroom and Carlton, my wife and I lay down on the bed, it's almost midnight and except for some low lights we all fall asleep.

    Around 2:30 my wife crawls across me and says that she needs to pee. After several minutes when she doesn't return I slip into the bathroom and it's empty. I hear her voice over in Silas's bedroom and her words make my cock hard, she said Oh yea Silas I ready for some more of your black cock, and then oh, oh, oh, oh, and a soft moan and then I'm OK, now fuck me and put a black baby in my belly. I listen to a steady rhythm of the bed for a few minutes and then I went back to bed. I could barely still hear the bed as I drifted off to sleep again.

    I was awakened at about 8:30 and keeping my eyes shut I can tell that my wife has just layed down on the other side of the bed and by slightly peeking I see Carlton is starting to fuck her, they were trying to be quiet as he was working his cock in and out of her and her legs are wrapped around his waist as he stroked his cock in and out of her. He's kissing her to try to keep her from making too much noise. I rolled onto my side and opened my eyes, my wife said we were trying to be quiet, and I said you two enjoy yourselves, I'm going to take a shower and shave.

    It was just Friday morning, we still have all of Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, because we would not be flying back until Tuesday afternoon. Each day was a repeat of Thursday, with them tag-teaming her late evening, Silas fucking her later in the night, and Carlton fucking her in the morning. We did all of the planned things, dinners, theater, shows, sight seeing, met some of their famous friends. A NFL pro black football player fucked her Sunday afternoon. He had said something to Carlton when he ran into them in the lobby and Carlton had asked her and she told him she was game.

    Carlton took her to his suite in the same hi-rise we were in and delivered her to him, and said to him in front of her, enjoy her she is a great fuck. He brought her back about an hour later, they sat around for a little while and then the football player spoke with Silas for a moment and then he took my wife's hand and they went thru the door to Silas's bedroom and left the door open and shortly we heard my wife telling him to fuck her with his big cock. They were in there for an hour or so. We all heard flesh slapping against flesh several times and my wife making all kinds of squeals, moans and her telling him to fuck her harder. I moved to a different chair so I could see the show my wife was giving us. When he had cum in her again he left and she took a shower and a nap. All she told me when she got up was the man knows how to fuck a married white woman.

    This is Carlton.

    Carlton.jpg This is Silas.
    Silas.jpg And the pro football player from Sunday afternoon.
    Young pro football player.jpg .

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