Careful what you wish for: denial

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    I have been trying to get my wife to fully cuckold me, but she only plays so much. She does not necessarily like to talk about it, but actions sometimes speak louder than words. Several years ago she flirted big time at a party. I loved it because the guy she was with was definitely hitting on her and others noticed. One guy even warned me. They spent most of the time on the couch, talking shop, she says. That is a story in itself, but I will get to the point.

    I love when my wife teases me about my size. I suggested small guys do not deserve the cock-worshipping, i.e. blowjobs that bigger cocked guys get. She seemed to like the idea. So, she went from rarely giving me a blowjob to never giving me a blowjob. It is best when she simply says: it is too little to bother with. I had fun with that, especially if she made me go down on her. We would eventually end up screwing, so I did get off. I made a new suggestion a long the way, saying maybe I can take things into my own hands.

    As is, she does work a lot. So, being tired is an honest excuse, at times. To make up for not doing her share, she would encourage me to take my little dick in hand and pump it. I cuddle up with her and try to get her in the mood. Of course, she is tired or not interested. Then I ask her if she would give me a blowjob. If she isnt tired, she might say..great..go down on me. Now, however, she always says I have two hands. I got really surprised two times ago when she in bed...go jack off in the shake the bed too much. OK...I have jacked off on myself with her teasing for some time..but go to the closet? Again, the last time we had sex, she did not touch me. She is enjoying denying me her help and is very comfortable with me taking care of myself.

    Even though I am a cuckold wannabe, I would like for her to help one way or another. So, careful what you push for.

    Jimmy..with cock in hand
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  2. Dantheman

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    Looking forward to you being a cuckold! Hoepfully you will share it here
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    Getting cut off completely can be a scary, but sometimes exciting thing.

    It seems she is getting off on the Femdom aspect of your relationship. A sexual relationship without sexual relief is fun, for a while. But it's nice to get a little taste of the attention you want her to take away from you and give to someone else.

    Tell her you miss your sexual contact with her, you know that it's a precious and valuable thing to receive and that you're willing to work for it. Pick a sizable household project that you've been putting off, (painting the house, cleaning the attic thoroughly, etc.) and work quickly to complete your goal. If she sees you putting an extraordinary amount of work into pleasing her non-sexually she may be pleased enough to give you other rewards you seek. ;)
  4. keyless

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    By the way, I would personally be THRILLED to be told to take care of my orgasm in the closet. The submissive thrill would be overwhelming for me, but I like that kind of thing.
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    Denial is my way of life now
    the only time I get attention is when I am in my chastity cage,she holds the key so there is no chance of my pleasure

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