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Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by curiousaboutit25, Nov 22, 2012.

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    I have yet to even tell my girlfriend of five years that i have recently become obsessed with cuckold porn. At first I was only into the staged cuckolds with professionals but then I found amateur video. One of the first videos that I saw had a wife that looked like my girlfriend. At first I was uncomfortable with the resemblance of every curve grinding on top of a Massive BBC. Over time I have come to find myself scrolling through videos looking only for videos with women who looks like mine.
    She has only been with two other guys before me and is still very tight but she is still learning how to work it. She is about 5'5" tall and curvy, she isn't fat just thick and sexy with all the right curves in all the right places. I see her eye the big black dildos when w have visited the toy sites and has even joked about buying them. I am hesitant to start this because I know she will love it, I know i will enjoy it just not ready for the change. At the same time I just can't stop thinking about it.
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    Choices Choices

    Well it seems to me that you have reached a cross roads (or you are OCD).

    If you are truly preoccupied with it then you need to resolve your next move or continue to be tormented in this limbo.
    I suggest simply make a list of the pros and cons... the potential up-side and weigh that against the potential risk and act accordingly.
    I made an intellectual decision (along with a fair amount of prurient interest) and now am telling my emotional aspect to "Shut up, sit down and be Happy ya got a Hot Wife!"

    Be Good(ish)
  3. curiousaboutit25

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    thank you for the advise, I don't know how she would react haha so i guess Im going to just facilitate my obsession however i can.
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    You are going to have to sit her down and tell her or it will drive you mad.It isn't an easy thing to do and you have to pick your moment carefully.

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