Canadian Indian GF Surprised with a BBC Bull! With Pictures!

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    This is my bf's story on how he had fantasies of being a cuckold and finally went through with it! Happened back in December of 2013, we have videos and pictures (most of them are private).

    Background info:

    I am 22 years old and I have been a long time lurker on this site and thought I would finally sign up and share my special experience with everyone. Also because since this incident she has become a sex fiend and will have a lot more incidents like this. First I would like to say this is 100% true and it happened this past Christmas in 2013. Let me introduce myself first. I am Indian, 22 years old 5'8 210 pounds. I would say I'm average with a 6.5 inch cock which is pretty thick.

    My gf on the other hand is 20 years old, petite, 5'6 98 pounds. With a nice curvy ass and perky B cup tits. Light brown skin and beautiful little cock sucking lips. We've been together for a couple years now and I was her first just about everything. Kiss/grind, first to have sex (and only until this incident) blow/job/handjob, like I said just about first everything. We've always had a good sex life but I started having fantasy's about watching her getting pounded by a bare BBC, and I pounced on the opportunity when we had a work Christmas party at a hotel.

    2 weeks prior I had secretly been looking at bulls on reddit and made contact with a 35 year old that was advertising that was looking for a couple to cuckold. We exchanged emails and he sent me pics. At first I was nervous, he had a porn star sized cock, 9.5 inches and extremely thick, but since I could not find anything else and he emailed me a copy of his test results which proved he didn't have diseases, I agreed he would be the one as long as she agrees. She's always been a good girl and since we are planning on getting married she's more then happy only having slept with one guy. So I knew it was going to be hard convincing her especially because she knows I am the jealous type. I thought long hard about it and came up with a plan.

    I know when she is the horniest when she is drunk. So the plan was to do this at our Christmas party at a hotel in downtown Toronto. The plan was to check into our hotel room earlier in the day alone and meet up with him and let him know how we would approach her. I decided I would ask her when we're both drunk and up in our hotel room after the party. So during the day I went to the hotel and checked in, we exchanged texts and we met in the lobby. He was 6'2 and built. I told him the plan and told him I would text him when we go back to our room because she had told me she bought lingerie and she would need a moment to change into it, so I would make her change in the bathroom while I sneak him in and he would hide in the closet until I signaled him in.

    Now fast forward to the party, throughout the whole night I couldn't wait to go back to our room. She was wearing this black tight dress that exposed a lot of cleavage. The more intoxicated she got the hornier she got. There was a moment when we were sitting at our table and she grabbed my hand and slid it under the table and straight to under her dress. I slowly moved it up to her silky thong and pushed it aside. She was already wet! She had a Brazilian wax done which made her pussy that much smoother. As I rubbed her pussy she looked at me and told me she wanted to go back to our room so me and her headed back to our room. So as we were saying our good byes I texted the bull and told him to stay on our floor and to be ready to quickly come in when I call him.

    Once we entered our room, everything I thought would happen, happened. She sat me down on the bed and told me to give her a couple minutes because she needed to freshen up. After shutting the door, I texted and told him to come quickly and quietly. After a minute I got a text from him telling me he was outside. I quietly opened the door and told him I needed him to get in the closet and wait for my signal. The suite was big so he quickly went into the big closet and shut the door, giving him a full view of the bed. As I waited for her patiently I could hear the bull strip down.

    A couple minutes later she comes out in sexy black and red lingerie, exposing her breasts and her beautiful brown ass. As she approached me I could see her breasts just popping out of the top half of her lingerie, as I stood and kissed her neck, I could see the bull through a crack in the closet. As we made out my heart started to beat faster and faster, not knowing how shes gonna respond to my request, especially because the bull is in the closet and it could potentially end our relationship if she didn't agree too. As we made out and layed on the bed I started to rub her pussy and entered my middle finger in slowly inside her wet and tight pussy, as soon as I entered in my full middle finger she let out a moan and opened her mouth wide in pleasure and pain. As I slowly start to finger bang her, I started talking dirty and kept asking her who's pussy it was and she kept responding with "yours".

    As shes moaning I told her that I had a surprise for her. She pulls me in for a kiss and tells me to show her. So I get her up and grab a blind fold that I brought from home. After blind folding her I point at the bull to come out. As he comes out I signal for him to stand right behind her and not to touch her yet.

    I grabbed my gf and sat down on her chair, positioning her facing me, with her back to the bull. As I grabbed her hands I started to get nervous, knowing it was the time to follow through with my fantasy. I started by telling her that I've been fantasizing about her having really intense sex with someone other then me. I could tell right then she was a little confused, but as I moved her hand to my rock hard cock, she knew I wasn't joking. So she took off her blind fold and looked at my cock, as I looked up at her, she had a nervous look on her face. She had just seen the bull standing behind her with just boxers on.

    She turned around and stood beside me in horror. I told her that I wasn't joking about my fantasy and I wanted her to do this just once. She stood up and without having a chance to say anthing to bull grabbed her by the waist and kissed her on the cheek. To my surprise she let him lean and kiss her again. Which led to her running her hands up and down his abs and pecks and looking deep in his eyes and started to kiss. I could see their tongues as they kissed intensely. He started to kiss her down her neck and into her cleavage. I could see her chest with goosebumps all over her upper chest. She looked over at me in lust and I gave her a nod to let her know it was okay.

    He then through her on the bed and spread her legs and pulled her thong off. He dove in and flicked her clit with his tongue as she grabbed the bed sheets and moaned, he slowly licked around her pussy and then all of a sudden dove into her pussy with his tongue. She moaned louder and louder as he licked her inside her pussy. At the same time he rubbed her clit with his fingers. As this was happening I saw his cock get harder and harder to the point it came out of his boxers. That was the point where I realized how much it was going to hurt her at first. She lost her virginity to me a year ago and we had only done it about 9 times.

    As he finished up eating her pink pussy out, he took off his boxers and flipped her so she sat on his face in a 69 position. I stood up and stood behind so I could see his tongue going in and out of her pussy. He then started to lick her small asshole while finger banging her. After a couple minutes, she leaned forward and was facing his cock. Her eyes opened wide, not believing how big his cock was. At that time it must have been close to 10 inches and much thicker then my cock. As she looked in shock he grabbed her head and pushed it towards his cock. She only recently started to give me head so she wasn't really comfortable doing it, and the bull could tell as she was only stroking it and kissing up along side his cock. So he grabbed her ass and pulled it in closer to his face and started eating her out intensely hoping she would get even hornier so she could put it in her mouth.

    As she let out moans she would keep opening her mouth but wouldn't put it in her mouth. I couldn't help but reach over and grab his cock right beneath where her hand was on his cock and guided it to her mouth, she looked up in shock, I gave her the nod that she could do it and she gave me one last look and opened wide and slowly took in the black cock's big head. She has a small mouth so for the first 5 minutes all she did was bob her head on the head and swirl her tongue around on the head of the BBC. As she got more comfortable, she started to take in more of the bbc in her mouth but only a few inches.

    After about 20 minutes of intense oral sex, the bull flipped her off him and layed her on her back and spread her legs open, as I looked over at his cock I saw he was rock hard had to be 10 inches. Her pussy was dripping wet and I could tell she was nervous but hornier then ever. As she put his cock against her brown pussy she let out a sexy moan, knowing she was about to get fucked harder then ever before. The bull positioned his cock right along her pussy lips and rubbed against the opening of her virgin like pussy, teasing her. She kept moaning and finally with frustration she screamed out "FUCK MEE PLEA.." without letting her finish he pushed the head plus another 3 inches in, which would be like me putting in my whole cock but he was thicker so as he did that she screamed and moaned at the top of her lungs! She gripped onto the bed sheets and told him to wait, she was taking in what had just happened, and realized he wasn't wearing a condom.

    (We always wear a condom, I only sometimes do without one but only for a couple strokes), she looked over at me and told me to get a condom, as I was going to my bag the bull told me he wouldn't cum inside her and he reminded me he was disease free and he was experienced. She insisted he put one on because she was ovulating but I assured her that he wouldn't as I had read reviews from other cuckolds. She agreed as long as he wouldn't cum inside her. After clarifying that, the bull pulled his cock out right till the head was exposed and pushed in, doing so after 5 minutes you could see my gfs white cum all over the top half of his big black cock.

    I could see her pussy lips wrap around his cock as he pulled out like they were clinging for his cock to stay inside her pussy, as he picked up the pace she told him to go deeper. With every stroke he started to push deeper inside her tight pussy, I could just imagine where his cock was going from looking at her pelvic area. As he started going faster I could see the bed sheet underneath her ass get more wet, she was getting extremely wet as he started to pound her hard, her moans started turning into screams, telling him to slow down which he would just go faster, after about 10 minutes she pushed him off, and layed on her stomach with her ass just laying there waiting to get pounded.

    As she turned over she said it hurt and to give her a couple minutes, the bull looked over to me waiting for my response, I looked over at her brown ass just sticking up in the air, and his cock behind her rock hard with her pussy juices all over it. I could see her pussy with a gaping hole from where his cock was fucking her. I knew she needed a short break but her pussy was starting to close up so I signaled him to go for it, she tried to turn over but he grabbed her by the waist, held her tight, positioned his bbc cock and drove the whole cock inside her pussy from behind.

    She let out a scream of ecstasy as he let out a moan, he was inside the deepest part of her pussy and she felt his cock reach to where nobody had gone, after a spilt couple seconds of his cock deep inside her pussy he pulled half out and inserted it all back in, as he started to do that I could see more and more white cum from her pussy spreading all over his black cock, he started to rub her from underneath as she moaned loudly, I was afraid we would get a noise complaint. I couldn't believe what I was witnessing. My gf was getting the pounding of a life time, her tiny petite sweaty body was getting covered by a bull I just met online. She was letting out the most sexiest moans.

    I stood behind them and watched his cock stretch out her pussy and drive his cock straight into her ovulating womb. I could see her pelvic area move as he would pound her deep. The bull then started to finger her asshole which drove her up the wall, screaming at the top of her lungs, so loud I came over and had to start kissing her. As I kissed her, I felt her tongue enter my mouth, I could taste the BBC that was just in her mouth. As we made out she grabbed my cock and started stroking it. After a couple minutes I had to stop her because I was getting close to cumming and I wanted to save that for after.

    After 20 minutes of going at it from that position, the bull layed down and without hesitation she got on top, grabbed his cock from behind and positioned his bbc to her pussy and slowly, sat down, but only half way and got back up and slowly pushed down again and got further, I could tell how big of a slut she was being, she wanted the whole bbc inside her brown pussy, she was pushing down harder every time, trying to get the whole cock in. After she had started to get most of it in, she started to fuck him faster, and everytime she would slide down on his cock she would get more inside, until there was a moment where she had the whole cock inside her and she was just moving side to side on it.

    After a couple minutes she started to fuck him by bouncing on his cock again and she started to moan, I could tell she was close to cumming, not that she ever cummed with me, so she started to go faster and faster, as she was riding him, he grabbed her by the waist and started to fuck her while she was riding him. As he started to thrust inside her faster, she stopped riding him and let him fuck her, I could see his cock get harder and thicker, I could see veins popping out of his cock, and her pussy juices all over his cock and balls.

    I could see every full thrust drive his big cock all the way inside her tight pussy, sending vibrations on her ass cheeks. As she started to come close to an orgasm I heard the bull shout, "I'm gonna bust I'm gonna bust, im pulling out". What happened next shocked me, as he was pulling his hand around to grab his cock out of her pussy, she looked down at him and ordered him to keep fucking her. I was in shock, so I thought she must of not of heard him, so I came around and had started to say "baby hes gonna..." when she screamed out " I don't care, I wana feel his warm cum inside me baby!! I'll take the pill after"... I didn't want it to happen but it turned me on so much I just let it happen.

    It had to be the sexiest thing I have ever see. The bull grabbed her by the waist and held her down, and thrusted faster and faster until she let out a scream, followed by the bull letting out a loud grunt, he was cumming inside her pussy and she couldn't handle it. As he was still filling up ovulating womb, she felt his warm cum filling her up and started to scream and started squirting all over his cock, she tried getting off but he grabbed her by the waist again and held her down and thrusted harder.

    After 2 minutes of both having their orgasms at the same time, she fell back and all I could see was what used to be a virgin like pussy with a gaping hole with his cum starting to slowly come out. The bull then got up and put his cock at the opening of her mouth and stroked the last few drops of cum inside her mouth. She was so satisfied with what just happened, she grabbed it and started to swirl her tongue around his cock head. The bull got up and got dressed, we exchanged a few words and he was out the door.

    After walking the bull out I ran back to the soaking wet bed with my indian girlfriend's legs wide open. Her pussy had been stretched and her pussy was full with cum from a bbc, I could see white cum just leaking out, and I couldn't help it, so I grabbed her from the waist and layed down on my back and had her position her pussy right above my mouth, she looked down in confusion and I just told her I've always wanted to do this, and without any hesitation she squatted down her beaten up pussy to my mouth and without thinking I brought my tongue out of my mouth and straight into her cum filled pussy.

    I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her down to my mouth, almost suffocating me. I then grabbed my hands and brought it to her pussy lips, spread her pussy wide apart and swirled my tongue around the inside of her pussy. From opening her pussy up with my fingers I felt a large portion of the bulls cum drip right into my mouth. I tasted the bulls bbc cum mixed with her pussy juices. She rod my tongue as she moaned and felt me lick every bit of cum out of her pussy, as my tongue started to get tired, she flipped around and went into the 69 position. Pushing her ass back into my face as she grabbed my cock and since it was close to half the size of the bbc she deep throated it without a problem. She had only been giving me head for a couple minutes when I got her to stop and flipped her on her back and spread her legs open. I didn't hesitate to thrust my cock right into her warm stretched pussy. She was extremely warm inside and she was still moaning, but I could tell her pussy was sore, with every thrust she was showing facial expressions of pain.

    As I started to thrust faster, she told me she wanted to feel my cum fill up her pussy. I looked deep inside her eyes and leaned forward and started to kiss her as I started to unload my cum inside her pussy. It was the best feeling I've ever had, I was cumming inside my gfs used pussy as I made out with her, while he both had the bulls cum and her pussy juice all over our mouths.

    After filling her pussy up, I collapsed along side her and passed out. Then next day we watched the video I made secretly on my laptop and videos and pictures I made with my phone. Here are a couple pictures I took of her sucking his cock and then mine the next morning! Please comment and enjoy
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