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  1. Guys, have you ever watched your woman fuck another man and cum so much that it oozes down to her asshole?
    Mine has! Who was I fucking? ..Ah yes, Jack. Jack was such an awesome fuck. He was an older man, great build, really good at naughty talk. We had met in a lounge, I'm pretty sure we felt the same way from the start...HOT! Tried so hard to keep our hands to ourselves in public...he had his fingers up my dress & I was ready to go. It was one of those out of control encounters....Our fun was, well....freaking hot. He pushed me on my back and as he fucked me, heels up in the air, my cum was oozing down to my asshole...we even have it on video! How to beat that...I have no idea, it was definitely one of my best playdates :)
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  2. Worth It

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    One of Audrey's male lovers out of three (and their wives) is a big cummer, to the extent that it starts gushing out while he's still in a woman, doesn't matter whether it's missionary, doggy, or anything else. It's quite something to see and then follow after him in my wife, his, or the other wife.

    But everyone has their talents; he's definitely a "one-and-done" guy, I can go seconds and sometimes thirds.
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  3. verkitwme

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    Quite often my lovers cum will leak out and drip on my anus. I have hubby clean up quickly at that point. Two reasons, one I love my anus rimmed and second I don't like cum on my sheets !
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  4. Worth It

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    Conjures up images of those poor little sperm frantically swimming upstream trying to get back into your vagina and avoid the hole of doom and death.

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