Can I turn my normal and loving wife into a hotwife

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Thinking of turning your wife into a hotwife why not

  1. The jealousy in me won’t even let them otter it out

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  2. The fear of the wife’s response

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  3. The fear of STD’s

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  4. The fear of losing the wife to a better fuck

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  1. Kudalskies

    Kudalskies Well-Known Member Founding Member

    A lovely lady, who devoted herself to me, never had sex with anyone but me since we took our oath...
    How can I get my beautiful wife and myself to agree on her going down on a stranger cock taking it in her mouth pleasing him as I look on then bending over for him to go in her bareback? Better yet letting this stranger loading her with his cum instead of mine? then on top of all that make me lick it out of her..

    I’m sure we all have this fantasy or at least crossed our minds. But who would dare bring it up to his wife.
  2. DeannaHouston

    DeannaHouston Well-Known Member

    I think most of the men and women on this site have done this or want to do this. Brave, wise, and patient are the most successful. My Cuck brought this up and it was well received, and he also knew that I was not being monogamous.
  3. Clucky hubby

    Clucky hubby Well-Known Member

    Very true. In my case it was my wife who brought it up
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  4. sanantonio101

    sanantonio101 New Member

    Right now I am having that issue. I don't know how to bring it up but probably will one day.
  5. Pathedick

    Pathedick Active Member Founding Member


    Lots of Cuckold Letters in Penthouse Letters. Anyway to introduce the magazine for the exciting letters, Not the pictures you have to stress that ( in my case it is Absolutely true). The letters might be a way to keep the bedroom exciting you tell her ( just like this more Focused to Our Sexual Selves is, but the Variety in Penthouse Letters doesn't make it so Obvious has introducing her to this site). Believe me If you get her to at least read it some she will be Exposed to it.
  6. In my opinion there is nothing abnormal or unloving about a Wife being a 'hotwife'. Potential jealousies and fears should be disregarded; there are risks with every decision and relationship in life. Take the decision to put your Wife and her pleasure first; let her decide to experience other men and their cocks, she will love you more for it.
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  7. rob788

    rob788 Well-Known Member

    It's more difficult for wives to cuckold their husbands if they have not had affairs before or at least had sex with several men prior to marriage. From our limited experience in talking with other cuckold couples, most of those wives had been with other men before their husbands learned of it. In at least one instance, the wife had been married previously and had multiple partners before she went headlong into meeting other men at her husband's request and approval. We don't know whether her ex was one of those, but she readily admits she likes fucking others and her sexual activies outside their marriage has improved her and her husband's marriage

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