Can anyone ID this movie by description.

Discussion in 'Movies and Films' started by A Perfect Match, Jan 24, 2016.

  1. A Perfect Match

    A Perfect Match New Member

    Its an actual movie(porn) not a clip.

    Starts out with a woman and a black man on a couch talking to a camera.

    The woman met the man from having a car accident then started sleeping with him.

    I can't remember if she was the mother, or mother in law. I believe she was the mother of the man to be cuckolded.

    She wound up getting the daughter in law to sleep with the same black man she had been sleeping with.

    When the husband comes in she makes him sit in a chair and watch, eventually giving him a hand job.

    She asks him if he likes watching his wife get screwed and when he shyly answers yes, the wife gives a really depressed look like she had hoped he would be jealous,
    and she was sad that he liked seeing her with another.

    I've tried all the youtube like sites with tags like "cuckold, interracial, mother in law" but no luck.

    Looking for the name of the movie or the company that made it.
  2. MadCityMan

    MadCityMan New Member

    Bummer. If you ever find the title of this movie, I'd love to see it myself.

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