Busted behind the gym

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    The gym was like a sweat box. We had lost the 4th game in a rowe, The coach was punishing us,For being loosers. Pushups,Situps,Running laps,Yelling and cussing us. I needed a brake. I looked over and coach Thomas was discussing the situation with a concerned parent.

    I made a brake for it. Out the back door and around the corner,Stopping to catch my breath. Outside it was a cool Fall day,A gentle breeze blowed as the Autemn leaves fell.

    From the other direction,My girlfriend and future wife was skipping out of her cosmotoligy class. My dick started to get hard.

    "Hey sexy!...Whats up?"

    "I thought I might find you out here." She takes a pack of Marlboro's from her purse, Puting one to her lips she lights it. We share the cigarette,Passing it back and forth between us, She notices my hard cock bulgeing from my jogging shorts.

    "Ugh...Like Ya know...I would much rather be sucking on that Awesome cock ya got." In her snobby 80's valley girl talk.

    "Yeah Babe That would be rad!...Lets go!" I take her hand and lead her behind the dumpster. She goes right to her knees and pulls my shorts down,Taking my hot sweaty cock right in to her mouth.

    The day was getting better by the second, Blow job,cigarette,Beautifull day,And then I got this feeling like we were not alone,I looked over my shoulder,And there he stood. Coach Thomas.

    "I see why we are looseing games now!...Put the cigarette out,And your cock up."

    "Ahhh!...Coach!...You could of let me get off first!"

    "Lets go!" He leads us back in to the gym. All the guys whistled at Misty,She was real popular. With her big D cup tits and bleach blonde hair,She was also a cheer leader,Everyone allways wanted to fuck her.

    Out of the gym and up the hall toward the principals office. We stopped outside the teachers lounge. He looked at Misty.

    "You go streight to the office and wait." He then pushed me in to the lounge,Where his wife,And Mrs. Beasley were having lunch.

    "Coach Thomas, What is this about?" Mrs. Beasley asks.

    "I caught the stud here getting his dick sucked and smoking."

    "And who was doing the sucking?"

    "That little tramp Misty...I sent her to the office,Maybe Mr. Dudley could straighten her out."

    "Oh he will I will have to call him,He is in a meeting."

    "Okay stud drop your shorts and show these ladies that big dick you got." I look at Mrs. Beasley.

    "Go ahead Mikey,Lets see it." I drop my shorts. Both women look at it.

    "What ya think Kim?...Your the boss."

    "You go ahead. I will have him to myself in dention tomorow." Mrs Thomas stands and takes her glasses off. She's tall and blonde,40 something Milf. type. Dressed like a school teacher,White blouse,Kakki pants and navy blue pumps. She goes down on my cock sucking me. I run my fingers through her blonde hair. As she sucks me she strips off her blouse,She stops and looks up at her husband,He gives her an aproveing nod. She stands and gets out of her shoes and pants,Like my girlfriend her pussy was shaved,She hops up on the kitchin table.

    "Fuck me!...Stud!" I get between her legs,My cock goes right in to her hot,wet pussy.

    "Ahhhhhh!!!...Yes!" She begins to moan,I have her feet up over my shoulders,Fucking her at a steady rythem, I look over at her husband,He is fucking his fist over the trash can. Mrs. Beasley walks over to the phone,Mean while up in the loby of the office. The phone rings,Karen the sexy secretary ansewers it.

    "Whoreville High school." She says cheerfully.

    "Oh hi Mrs. Beasley Yes she's here."

    "You want me to tell her what?......Thats what I thought you said." She hangs up the phone. She looks Misty up and down,Dressed in a hot pink Panima Jack tee shirt,Tight Jordasch jeans. Tucked neatley in to a pair of crunch boots.

    "That was Mrs. Beasley,Her and Mr. Duddley are on there way,While your waiting. You could go ahead and be taking your boots and blue jeans off."

    "You want me to strip?"

    "Yep,Everything but your socks."

    "Ugh!" She slips her boots off,She stands and takes off her pants. Mrs. Beasley walks in. Mr. Dudley and Coach Thomas right behind her.

    I'm still in the lounge fucking Mrs. Thomas,Trying hard not to blow my wad before she cums. And finally she lets out a moan. I pound her pussy as hard as I can,I soon go balls deep inside her and fill her pussy,My hot seed runs out of her. My spent cock slips out.

    "You better get on up to the office." Mrs. Thomas says. As I walk in the loby,I see my girlfriends boots and jeans in the floor. I hear pleasurable moans from the office. I walk over to the door,She's on her back,On the principals desk. Her white socked feet up in the air. Coach Thomas is fucking her hard,But he pulls out and jacks off all over her pink shirt. She then slaps him across the face.

    "You son of a bitch!...You didn't get me off!...And look at my shirt!...No man does me like this!"

    "Let me have her!" Mr. Dudley says, Unfastening his pants. She looks at his huge black cock.

    "Oh Hell No!" She starts to get up. Coach Thomas and Mrs Beasley hold her down,While Mr. Duddley has his way,Teaching her a lesson.

    "No!...No!...Your to big!" He slaps her. And forces his cock inside her. Soon her screams for help turned to moans of pleasure. One orgasm after another she cummed harder than she ever had. Finally he felt himself fixing to cum. He pulled out and shot a load of cum that hit her in the face and across her glasses. She laid back in exaustion, After a short rest She dressed and I took her home,Our first cuck experence,Her pussy was never the same. She had a fetish for BBC. after that.

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