Bull taking pics and vids of my wife

Discussion in 'Controversial Issues' started by Cuck84, Dec 21, 2016.

  1. Cuck84

    Cuck84 New Member

    hey guys, I want to ask if other bulls also take pictures of your wifes? We have a long turn bull who always snaps a pic or vid of my wife when they are together then he sends it to her phone later that day.
    She trusts him and me also but, how comon is that pics like that leak on the internet? Probably he shows them to his friends but just so what are the risks of them going public?
    Just a little worried sometimes

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  2. DeannaHouston

    DeannaHouston Well-Known Member

    Hi Cuck84, I am sure it happens regular enough that you could call it common. I personally am not comfortable with that. I handle it differently, I want photos and videos for Jeff. So....I give my phone to the guy and he can take any photos that he is comfortable taking....that way he can limit what he shows...and all the images are in my control on my phone (not his). I then edit or erase to my comfort, and then send the guy what I feel comfortable sending. Deanna
  3. Cuck84

    Cuck84 New Member

    Thanks for your reply, that would be a better option if he would take the pics and vids with her phone, but now he already has a ton of them on his phone, but maybe for future lovers she should give them her phone :). to this one she is very submissive so she lets him everything because the trust is high. Just sometimes it haunts me that everybody is going to know :)
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  4. waynerobertson

    waynerobertson Well-Known Member

    As a Bull I have mixed feelings about this. I once let couples take pics/vids until we "broke"up. They wanted me to be exclusive to them and she was getting emotionally involved to the point she talked about leaving her husband. I like fucking and like giving and getting pleasure

    They posted pics on the internet and I came very close to losing my job and my career. Now I ask them only body pics or action shots but no face pics. Also, NO videos can be taken. So far couples have agreed.

    Family and friends have no clue about my extra curricular activities and that is the way it should stay.
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  5. Cuck84

    Cuck84 New Member

    Yes thats the situation that passes my mind. Well here he is secured, its only my wife on the videos and pics and his dick or his friends dick. Just want to now if ita common for bulls to film and take pics of wives? Its ok if this one has them now we are pass that already but will future bulls also want pics? Is this a big turn on for bulls or just this particular one. My wife always lets them do whatever turns them on. She enjoys this feeling and Im a little worried if all the guys will picture her.
  6. waynerobertson

    waynerobertson Well-Known Member

    IF this was a Bull you have known and TRUSTED for a long time that is one thing but when he and a friend fuck and take pics you have no control who or where they go to. I would have a serious talk and stop the pics/vids before its to late.
  7. Cuck84

    Cuck84 New Member

    No the friend never took pics or vids just her bull. Yes we are seeing him for 2 years off and on. Just thinking if we would lost contacts that those pics may be shared after some years. But still even if they are shared what are the odds that someone that knows us would see the pics online? I mean a lot of folks out here share there pics intentionaly and how do they deal with this? Also a lot of bulls share pics on tumblr of wives they had sex with.
  8. saturn

    saturn Super Moderator Staff Member

    Maintaining control of the entire situation is important, and that includes any pics taken. @DeannaHouston's way of handling it is perfect.
  9. verkitwme

    verkitwme Well-Known Member

    we take pics but no clear faces show, it's much safer that way
    LOVE looking at the pics at a later date it's a huge turnon.
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  10. wife4guys

    wife4guys New Member

    Where do you think the internet porn comes from?
  11. saturn

    saturn Super Moderator Staff Member

  12. MidAtlanticFun

    MidAtlanticFun Well-Known Member

    One of the agreements Michelle and I have is absolutely no posting pics of her (or me) online. And while a few of her studs have asked to take pics of her, she has declined and explained why. Since they believe she is a cheating wife, they accept that she can’t risk being ‘outted’ by something getting put on the internet. No one has ever given her any pushback regarding this. A couple guys went so far as to apologize for asking her, admitting they should have known better considering she’s married.

    Even Doug, her bull/top is very sensitive about this. He wants no possibility of someone identifying her, or him, in a compromising situation. He has taken a handful of pics of her in a couple costumes, but she is absolutely unidentifiable in those photos. He actually had a couple enlarged into posters that are in the ‘BDSM playroom’ in his basement, where no regular visitors can view them.

    The only truly risqué photos of her are ones she had professionally done for me and me alone.

    It takes a great deal of trust to allow someone to have what could easily be described as potential blackmail material of you and your wife. Personally, I’d not take the risk. The internet is rife with explicit photos and videos of ex-girlfriends and boyfriends, husbands and wives that were maliciously posted after a breakup or quarrel. If a bull insists on this, I’d say that, at the very least, the situation should be made into pact of mutually assured destruction: Both parties should have possession of compromising material. At least it levels the playing field and makes the trust two-way. That’s just my opinion.

    For some cucks, it might be a wild fantasy for your wife’s bull to ‘have the goods’ on your wife and use that material to make her do what he pleases. But the reality is that it could very well turn into an actual nightmare.

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  13. Tantricbull69

    Tantricbull69 Member

    Yes, i do take photos and videos of the women i fuck virtually every sessions we have, but i do not make them public. As i generally have three sessions with one and/or several women each day i have a lot of photos/videos. Every women i fuck trust me to keep the photos and videos off public forums and if we decide to publish some the identifying parts are blocked out (like faces, tattoos, etc). I am discreet and have never abused my position! The photos and videos i take then are shared with respective hubbies if they want to see them or if the hotwife wants her hubby to see them even if hubby is not keen. The ones that like to see the photos/videos get a kick out if seeing how their hotwife is sucking and fucking me. The ones that are not keen to see them do so because that is what thrir wife wants. They are generally humiliated by the wife as they are accompanied by comments how useless hubby is and how small their cock is compared to mine. I suppose it just depends on the family dynamics. Whatever works for them.
    Btw: i never share a hotwife i fuck with friends and/or other bulls! But that is just me. Lots of bulls like to share the women they fuck.
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  14. HerSubmissiveHubby

    HerSubmissiveHubby Well-Known Member

    We take a lot of pictures and some video but it is mostly exclusively for our own view. We do post images but no face images as both of us hold jobs that anything getting out could be used against us.

    Our live in boyfriend also takes pictures and video and literally has thousands of images of us collectively but we fully trust each other. When one of us is out of town we will typically send a photo via text or some days we will share a image just as a tease.

    Other guys have asked but we always decline and I will take a photo to send them but it never has any facial image included.
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