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Bull needed a piss, wife had an idea.

Discussion in 'Humiliation X' started by nudistdaddy, Mar 21, 2020.

  1. nudistdaddy

    nudistdaddy New Member

    Bull enjoyed his human urinal.

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  2. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    He should have Deep Throated you.
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  3. Subsissy4u

    Subsissy4u New Member

    I would love this!
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  4. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    Does your wife do this to you too?

    We're not into humiliation in any way, but my wife and I have pissed on one another, just the lower half of the body, in the shower a couple of times. And I've done the same thing with one of the other wives who I shower with occasionally. Not really a turn on. Even the showering together is more for convenience as we continue our conversation during the post-sex cleanup.
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  5. WarmnSalty

    WarmnSalty Member

    It can be hot in the right situation, I've never received from a bull but have serviced a few guys one on one. Just needs to be the right chemistry.
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  6. deviant6

    deviant6 Active Member

    I always love cock smacking a cuck in the face
  7. Pathedick

    Pathedick Well-Known Member Founding Member

    Urine is actually pretty sterile and you can drink it (yes everyone thinks of Waterworld).
    I have Many times as it was and is a Fantasy of mine. Only have drank my own, so far. Including an entire large beer mug. If you are Well hydrated it won't be dark and will look like Light beer, it also won't taste bad at all, and won't have an ammonia like smell. I wanted my wife to piss on me, including my dicklet, body and mouth but she never did, on purpose anyway. There were a few Rare times that I got her off so intensely while she was riding my little dicklet that she lost control (especially after so many kids) and peed on me some. It embarrassed her but I Loved it.
    She was into pee some herself and told me that she would sometimes play with herself while peeing on the toilet and liked the thrill of peeing on her fingers while doing that, but she never let me see her do it. She also would often follow me into the bathroom when I was getting into the shower and order me to pee all over myself pointing my dicklet up and even into my mouth, while she watched, laughed and made fun of me. Saying things like piss all over yourself with your Pathetic dicklet, you deserve it for being my two stroke lousy fuck hubby.
    To this day I often will play with my little Sissy clitty till I am close, but only edging myself. Then get in the shower while still hard and do it pretending that she is watching (and one of her Lovers too, but that never happened).
    Last edited: Aug 4, 2020
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  8. deviant6

    deviant6 Active Member

    That's insanely hot. I love shower play. I love rubbing my cock on a cucks soap then hanging his Wash cloth from it, while it's extremely erection and oozing my cum into the rag.
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