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    Hi there,

    I think this is supposed to go in the "Real life experience" section and not in the "Humilation X" part, if I'm wrong, please don't be rough on me :)

    So I'm new to the site, hello all. Although I have been lurking around for a while ;)
    I have been dating married women for over 2,5 years now, most of their men knew about it, which I find an extreme turn-on.

    Although the men know about it, and enjoy it as much as the women do, I the men are into sharing their wives, which makes them a complete different type of "cuckold" in my opinion.
    Before I go on, I would first clearly like to say that I respect all of your preferences. Reading through the cuckold section I can definately see the attraction in some scenario's, although for me, if I'm in a relationship I would also more be a sharing type :)

    Last month though, I found a true cuckold/hotwife couple. My God is she hot and horny. And the guy is a true cuckold. He likes to be humiliated, made fun off, put in chastity and claim his wife.
    I have been in contact the whole time with him as well as with her and we are all three enjoying us to the max.
    At the first hint I caught that he really likes to be "hard cucked" (don't know how to put this), I clearly said to him that I would gladly go along into our fantasies and find the bounderies and he can always tell me "ok, this is far enough, any further and I don't enjoy it anymore".
    There is a sticky post here on the section about "bull myths" which I can 100% relate to, although I don't quite always find this back in user posts.

    That being said, we are a month further, I have gotten more dominant with him but we are not near any bounderies yet ;)
    So far I have him do chores for us, call me master, his wife is now my queen to him, make fun of his little dick (which is average by the way), fuck his wife while he is doing dishes in the kitchen, have him lick up my creampies, ...
    In the future I'm thinking of having my queen take off her wedding ring while I'm there and having him buy a sex doll for him. Of course, he is not allowed to touch her without my approval.
    Whenever he does something wrong, I punish him with extra work, essays, putting him in his chastity, ...

    This is however both our real first cuckold/hotwife/bull relationship and we all are gradually wanting to go further, not jump in the deep end immediately.

    Knowing where we are now, can you give me any idea's on how to gradually humiliate him more? Punishments for misbehaving? Rewards? Assignments? ...

    If any of you are interested in the actual thing we have going, let me know, I can start up a thread for that. And of course, if you need extra info here in order to help me, please ask :)

    PS: please don't look at any grammar errors, I'm from Belgium, normally I speak Dutch the entire day :)
  2. verkitwme

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    Well I don't know about the humiliation thing as we don't do that but I must applaud you on your English !!
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    We're more of a "hotwife" couple, but L's long-time lover is good at humiliation when I'm in the mood for it. I think developing a relationship with the couple is so important. Knowing each of their fantasies and learning how they react to them when played out allows you to anticipate their reactions and how quickly you can gradually increase the humiliation. For us it's important that her lover (or "Bull" when the word fits) takes time to be a caring person with us, always asking, probing, discreetly, if we're comfortable with the direction he takes and whether he's gone too far or not far enough. To be genuine and believable it's important that he not stay in the stereotypical character too much, making the interaction seem forced or artificial. Both L and I must really believe he respects us but gets off owning her and demonstrating that to me in confident and imaginary ways.

    He often takes us out in public with him - festivals, museums, art galleries, and restaurants. He's very adept at making it look like he and L are the couple and I'm the third wheel. He drops little hints to waiters at restaurants that she's my wife but he's fucking her. We've taken her shopping where he buys her sexy clothes and shoes, and although he's made it clear to the sales girls that she's intimate with him, I'm asked to pay with my credit card and my wife thanks me in front of them using "Dear", or "Sweetheart" when she speaks to me. Seeing the sales girls sly smiles tells me he's made his point.

    He's arranged to have L have sex with a stranger in front of a few couples at one of his small swinger parties, with me tied to a chair across the room. He requires that she's constantly naked when we visit him in his home, and fondles her in front of me like they are truly a couple. He treats her like his girlfriend at his parties, dresses her in revealing outfits, touches and fondles her in front of the guests who most know or learn that I'm her husband by the end of the night. Ha allows his guests to play with her as well while I watch from across the room, or even sometimes when I'm there beside her. Being ignored by L and the guy she's flirting with while he stands by as the Svengali who orchestrates it all is one of my favorite experiences. Sometimes he gives her to a man at the party for the night, and sometimes he takes her for himself that night - I never know what might happen.

    For us it's trusting him that's most important, giving him room to push the envelope and having faith that he'll know how far to go even when we're reluctant to comply. It comes with time and empathy on the part of the Bull. And I think for us, it's his imagination, the shock of the unexpected that gets us hot. Playing with L's pussy under the table, and having her tell me that she wants him to fuck her, not me, in a crowded restaurant where anyone might hear. He stops briefly to kiss her deeply in the midst of the crowd at a festival while I stand by helplessly and watch others watch them. Sudden, unexpected, and done for maximum effect of pleasing her while humiliating me in the same instant. It's the little things that seem so natural and ordinary to him, but are so gut-wrenching to me.

    Hope that helps a little, but all couples are unique. Get to know them, use intelligence and imagination in a constructive way to lead them forward, and to be blunt, just don't be as ass.

  4. obedientcuck

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    From what you describe, humiliation is a small part of what your cuck needs. Since he calls you Master and seems to enjoy doing what you tell him to do, he craves submission and obedience.

    Here are some ideas to increase his submission and obedience gradually:

    1) Make him greet you properly. You are coming to give his wife pleasure in a way he can't. He needs to show you proper appreciation. When a dog's Master arrives, the dog runs to the door wagging its tail. Your cuck needs to show how happy he is you're there to fuck his wife, and to have the pleasure of obeying you. Tell him each time he greets you, exactly what he should be wearing to the slightest detail (less is better since it makes him more vulnerable), optionally make him wear his chastity cage before you arrive, and how he should greet you (on his knees at your feet silently awaiting your first order is a good choice).

    2) Have him undress you. Make him kneel in front of you as he removes your belt, lowers your pants, and pulls off your underwear. As a cuck, nothing feels more submissive and awe-inspiring than exposing the Bull's cock for its use in my wife. When he undresses you, make him treat your clothes with reverence. Make him neatly roll your belt and fold your clothes perfectly. You may also have him hang or launder your clothes.

    3) Make him get your permission to speak. You're his Master so you should be telling him what to do and he should be speaking only to understand how best to serve you. If he needs to speak to ask a question about how to serve you, instruct him to get your attention silently and await you to address him (for example, if he needs your instruction, he can kneel beside you as an indication that he needs your attention). If you don't address him, he should wait for a minute or so and then ask for permission to speak.

    4) He should thank you for every order you give him. For a submissive cuck, being bossed around by a dominant Bull is a gift, and he needs to show his appreciation.

    5) If you fuck his wife more than once a day, after soaking the sheets with your cum and his wife's pussy juices, make him change the bed sheets between fucks. Remember that as soon as you order him to change the sheets he must thank you for the pleasure per #4.

    There are of course a lot more ways to get your cuck his obedience fix. As far as humiliation, i would recommend going slow on that at first and explore what he likes. He's already cleaning up... Maybe see how he reacts to being ordered to "fluff" a dildo. Take it slowly and gradually increase it. You can get feedback from him "out of character" so he doesn't submissively respond that he likes X, Y, and Z when he may not. His wife can also get feedback from him.

    Have fun.
  5. CheSpettacolo

    CheSpettacolo New Member

    Those are some great ideas. Thx.

    I do like to think I'm also a considerate bull. Also, indeed, as the evening is coming to a close we don't all stay in character. We chat and sit together, laugh and have a drink. Unless of course his wife throws herself at me and "wakes me up again" ;)

    I really like this idea. She already clearly claimed that I'm her physical connection and her cuck the emotional connection. Of course we also make love, not just fuck, but the true intimacy will be with her cuck. And I have no desire to break that or even be included in that inner inner circle. I am the "bull" side of the coin, I couldn't be the "cuck", but I can definately see the erotic pull and fantasy of their side, seeing their wives intimate with another man and driving them wild with their own fantasies.
    We haven't taken this outside game play outside the house. But the way you describe it here, sounds very erotic and it's definately something I will be trying with them.

    Even though we haven't done this yet, it is definately on the agenda. I was also thinking about a scenario where I take K (my queen) to a swingers party and have the cuck stay at home in his chastity. Occasionally I will call to let him hear the action and let him listen to the fun we are having :)
  6. CheSpettacolo

    CheSpettacolo New Member

    That is indeed correct. He likes to be humiliated and told how inferior he is compared to the other men she has sex with.
    I do have to say he is also into a little bit of pain with some spanking, gagging, tieing him up to a chair, ... Unfortunately, this does absolutely nothing for me. I do try to incorporate that a little in the games we play, but without any connection with BDSM myself, I have no idea what he wants at what point.

    Oh, this is a given :D
    He is expected to wait by the window and make sure he opens the door for me when I walk up the driveway. He is locked in his chastity and wearing panties from my queen. Although yesterday, I brought him a gift in the form of a pink apron with flowers on it which he was required to wear. When I came in, I had him put it on and set him to doing the dishes while I made myself comfortable with K.

    Thanks for this idea. This is like BDSM for me. I'm not at all into men, although of course I don't mind MFM where we are pleasuring the woman. So this is something I wouldn't have come up with myself. However, if you think this will be a good humiliation for him, I will allow him that pleasure :p

    Another great idea. I have him address me always as master, but uptill now he can just contact me with his question/notion if he makes sure to correctly address me. However, having him first request permission to ask me something is very good. thx!

    Yep, he thanks me for every humiation, assignment, punishment and reward he gets. Of course, especially the punishments need to be correctly thanked, since they are making him a better cuck ;)

    And the bed idea I will be doing next weekend :p:p
  7. slaveboy66

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    a great idea is in kitchen for breakfast cum in pan with eggs and he makes fried eggs included your cum then eat breakfast while he eat fried eggs with your cum while he shows its very delicious
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    Your willingness to learn and help satisfy the couple is a sign you are a fine gentleman worthy of our respect and admiration. It takes much risk bringing another man into a marriage so when a couple finds trustworthy, compassionate men like you, good things can happen for all of us.
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    I know it's a bit extreme. But any chance for a cuckold pregnancy?
  10. slavedaniele

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    It's possible If it happens that's okay.
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  11. Wife4others

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  12. michael1987

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    Welcome to the forum CS!

    Firstly, you need have no anxieties or need make no apologies regarding your written English. Sure, there's the occasional typo, but the thrust of your description is pretty near perfect.

    I see you are 40 years young, single and straight. Brilliant.

    May I---as a hopelessly biased 50/50 bisexual guy---say you also have a very beautiful slim body. Very like mine was in my teens. Near perfect, in fact. But naturally I would still like to see if your cock is as beautiful as the rest of you:p

    I can very well visualize the wife (whose husband you are very skilfully cucking) langorously adoring and erotically kissing and licking and getting off on every beautiful inch of you---while her no doubt less handsome and physically less desirable husband looks on excitedly, perhaps nervously, and extremely enviously at the sexual power you obviously have over his wife.

    Further, you evidently have much to envy and to give as a lover and bull, both psychologically and physically, and appear to be very experienced at seducing married women and teasing and loftily humiliating their onlooking thrill-craving husbands.

    Now a couple of questions for you:

    What do you mean when you say "....if I'm in a relationship I would also more be a sharing type"? My interest in this is partly as a doctor with Sexology and counselling forming a large part of my practice.

    Do you threesome---I mean intimately physically---with the couple you are presently "servicing"? And what limits, if any, do you place on the husband regarding him physically touching you and/or his wife while you are romancing and fucking her?

    With you being Belgian and presumably very liberal and open and sexually straight-up, I assume that any rules or sexual boundaries that you or the wife or her husband may have set up are somewhat flexible and so able to be broken quite easily, with a consequential enhancing of the erotic pleasure all three of you are obviously experiencing and plainly eager to increase.

    You will see from my many posts here that I and my ex-wife and my young buddy (now my ex-wife's new husband) have always been very freely sexual and intensely physical in our boundaryless threesoming in our very exciting and fulfilling 5-year-long menage-a-trois. Hence my questions.

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    Hi, Im not sure whether this reply is working but I hope to hear back from you.
  14. cucky1981

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    Ok, I have figure this is working.

    We are a Uk couple new to this, she is 34, I am a bit older and previously she has had relations with bigger guys and black ones and we both get really turned on about this during our sex sessions, sometimes she has orgasmed more than 10 times in a night with me talking about black guys or bigger guys fucking her whilst I watch.

    She is from a conservative background but rebellious whereas I am not and we are now both happy to explore before we get married and most likely during our marriage as she cuts the most whilst riding me after we have talked dirty.

    She is very shy but has an amazing body and she quivers and shoes when I put more than the size of my penis inside her as implying with toys and have my fingers in her ass and my tongue on her clit, she can cum more than 3 times in 1 10 minute session and is most wet when we talk dirty about black guys or people watching and when we go to bars/nightclubs we pick guys for her to flirt with and dance dirty with, they ask her home but she has not yet done this but was Hppy for a black guy once to come back home and watch me spank her whilst she just had a thong on, she was too drunk for anything else so didn't want to exploit the situation but he did watch and ending up humming on her thong that I gave him from previous night and when she passed out I told him my fantasy so he made me lick the thong and tell him how he could fuck her whilst we had a beer and we both looked at her naked body whilst she was sleeping, there was no abuse as I put a blanket on her and I ended up just humming on her calf and feet/toes, the guy then told me to lick it up. This was the first time I had been dominated as I am an alpha male in life and have a highly paid job and am always the centre of attention for humor in a crowd so to be told to do this in my sexual life was a massive turn on.

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