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    Hello everyone,

    I consider myself to be an experienced bull. I enjoy having married women play around with me, but it always about the pleasure of the moment. That changed yesterday ...
    I'll tell you what happened. Hopefully you guys/gals have ideas to help me.
    I've only just started writing this post, but I already know it's probably going to be a longer one. Sorry about my ramblings, lol.


    So I had an add out and got a few very interesting responses. One was a guy offering me his wife, with a (unrecognizable) picture of her. She is drop dead gorgeous. The kind of pics you get from fakers, you know. So I replied: "yeah, sure, I'm interested. Just send me another picture of her where is she holding a paper with my name on it". And what do you know, nothing anymore. For 3 weeks. Then all of the sudden an email: "hi, remember me?" And with a new picture attached. You guessed it, it was the same woman, sexy as all hell, holding up my name.
    Appearently, he told me, it took a little longer cause this was their very first time and although she really wants it, she is still really nervous and goes back and forth.

    Anyway, the short version, after a day or 2 of chatting with him (via whatsapp), I get a new incoming message, from her.
    We chat, get to know eachother, make some spicy remarks, play hard to get, ... you know what I mean. All very fun, nothing out of the ordinary.
    As you might expect, since they are 0 experience and she is still very nervous about the idea, the conversation flows naturally, but as soon as things get really spicy she tenses up, and I back off of course.
    Until 2 nights ago, she was at a party and I told her to have fun, I'll contact her later. Quite for 2 minutes, and then she texted me again. She was really, REALLY horny. So of course I pushed my luck and by the time she went home at 4am I had a date with her the next evening (last night).

    The next day, I was expecting her to be more calmed down, and back to her holding off the boat approach, but she was still honry as fuck.
    So anyway, around 6pm I arrive at their appartment building and text her: "I'm at the door, can you buzz me in?"
    "My husband is coming down to open the door and tell you where you need to be", she replied.
    I waited in the lobby and 2 minutes later the guy showed up ...

    I consider myself not to be bad looking, and I have no problem getting girls, but this guy ... I was literally in awe: just an inch shorter than me, handsome face, muscular, big smile on his face, ... The kind of guy women just swarm to.
    He opened the door for me, we chatted for a few minutes (nice guy btw) and he tells me where to be, before he walks out.
    I take the elevator up and she immediately opens the apartment door when the bell of the elevator chimes.

    I pretty much fall through the floor ... I had seen a few pics of here, all unrecognizable, and so knew she was hot, but when she opened that door, I was at a loss for words. Perfect 10 is pretty much only way to describe her. Her hazelnut brown eyes just enchant me.
    I recover, say hello, sit down, poor her a glass of wine from the bottle I brought and we start talking.
    (Still, no feelings here. Just the normal excitement.)

    Now, really perfectly beautiful women can have bitchiness over them, like "I know I'm hot and you are nothing to me" kind of attidute, right? That's not her. She is this cute bubbly personality that just chats away. And with whom appearently I have a lot in common: she games!! (wtf?? an actual gaming hotty??), she likes movies, horror being her favorite, she watches series, and is into hard rock music like me.
    (first feelings starting here I guess)

    Two hours later, 2 hours!!, time just flew by, just chatting with her. There was this gap in the conversation as I was just lost in her eyes and we both stop talking. A second or 2 later I slowly started leaning in for a kiss, while my right hand brushed away her brown long hair and tickled her neck. We connected and just melt into eachother. Slowly, not rushed, I undo her blouse and 5 minutes later start working her bra. In the mean time we never stop kissing. When her bra falls to the coach the most amazing natural C-cup tits pop out I've ever seen.

    I carry her to the bedroom and gentle place her down on the bed as I position myself over her. The next 3 hours we made love. We didn't fuck, no where near. It was just pure passionate love. Both from me as from her.
    (I've definately fallen for her big time now)

    Afterwards we enjoy the afterglow for an hour before I leave. And we haven't stopped chatting since.

    Now, the guy is really into this as well. I keeps asking me to have her tell me who she likes best, who's cock is better, how often she came, ... And I send the prt scr of our texts to him. He also chats with me a lot to ask me if I like her and I just pretty much went from "I think your wife is gorgeous and you are a very lucky man" to "She is incredible. I want her." And he keeps getting hornier from it. Only thing I haven't said is that I've actually fallen for her. I think it would be ok with him, but I'm not sure and I don't want to risk him saying I can't see her anymore. Damn it, I just realise that this cuck actually has power over me. And I'm normally pretty dominant in this game, lol.

    Anyway, we have another date set for this Friday, but I don't know if we'll hold out this long. As soon as she and I start chatting (we pretty much chatted for like 3 hours more after I left, until it was 3am and we both needed to get up at 6:30am), things just heat up and we have this amazing connection. So there is a good chance I'll be heading out earlier than Friday :)


    Shit, I knew it, a fucking long post. And I haven't even begun to go into details ...
    If anyone has any ideas/input please help me. This is all very new to me

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    You are in love with fucking her. Don't confuse love with lust. You are there to enhance their relationship and enjoy fucking a beautiful woman. Incidentally, ALL women are beautiful.

    I have had women tell me that they loved me when in reality, they were in lust.

    Yes you made love to her but the couple would say you fucked her since in reality you are there for both of them as well as yourself.

    Just my 2 cents . . .
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    As the female part of a couple who has played with numerous men over the past ten to twelve years I would tell you to be upfront and honest with the couple talking with them both together and end the relationship.

    Lust is a huge part of every hookup and sometimes can be confused with the feelings of love. When I look and think about how much I enjoyed a certain guy I might even say I loved him but the fact is I loved fucking him end of story.

    Even with our live in boyfriend of seven years. We all care deeply for one another and would do most anything for each other but while we we "I love you" to each other it is not the same type of love that my husband and I share or even that I have for my children. We all realize this and he will openly say the same thing.
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  4. christinebitg

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    Just know that you really like her, and be up front about that.

    And keep in mind that there are tons of things that you don't know about her. Everyone has oddball things about them. You're just filling in the gaps with ideas from in your own head.


  5. Mr. Big

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    I had crazy monkey sex with my first married woman.

    After a couple months, I didn't even care about the sex so much even though it was always great. I fell in love with her. I daydreamed about growing old with her.

    For her, it was pretty much always about the sex as far as our relationship was concerned. She laughed at me and told her friends about it when I tried to move the relationship past the sex.

    Eventually she dumped me for her husband. I was heartbroken for months afterward. :(

    Just be careful of how you approach this @CheSpettacolo. Your woman already has her man and you're not him.
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    Your walking a long tightrope......try to keep your head attached ,the one by your neck :( )
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