Bull from India for cuckold amateurs and players

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  1. I am from Chennai, India. Will like to meet with amateurs and players cuckolds.Will like to help hubbies who have cuckold fantasies to make it happen in real life .I am a 26 year old bull dom & bisexual and I am a lover of other men's wives. Hubbies who want to hear the moans of your wife when she is pleasured by me can reach me by sending me a PM.
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    hi... im interested and in same position.. im newly married hubby... want to get my wife seduced and fucked by you... coonect with me via PM......... we cn share contact numbers there and then can take it forward
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  3. Looking forward for more Indian cuck husbands and Indian cuck wannabes to connect.....
  4. Any Indian cucks ? that too tamils and mallus ??
  5. telpirt

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    Hi, am very interested in what you say and suggest. Recently married, to a slightly younger woman, and want her seduced and enjoyed by you. Contact me by PM so we can exchange contact details.
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  6. I am looking for Long term relationship with the couples, which includes impregnation if necessary, Any Indian Couples with the same idea ?
  7. The real pleasure of a cuck hubby is when I spread his wife's legs in their own marital bed and insert my dick deep inside, the first moan that escape's from his wife's mouth will give the husband the immense pleasure that he never got all his sex life married to his wife !
  8. Any couples from India ??

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