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Bull becomes part of our marriage

Discussion in 'Interracial' started by melojohnny71, Jul 13, 2019.

  1. melojohnny71

    melojohnny71 New Member

    We have been a hot wife cuck couple for about 10 years. over that time have had many Bulls for her. Recently, she met at a club "Lord Baltimore" his nick name. 6'5"........240....10 inches and super thick with a huge head and very black skin. Really nice guy. She really liked him and he was visiting often. I regularly came home from work to find him and her out at the pool. I then made them dinner and drinks. When he stayed over, he took the master bedroom and I slept in a spare room.

    On Wed. of this week I came home and all my things were removed from the master bedroom. Clothes, personal items everything. LB was going to be in town for the next 4 months on an IT project. She said that she wanted to take him in as head of the household as a trial run for that time. This meant that he would call the shots, and the first one was that I move to the apartment above the garage. Not much I could do about it. I now prepare dinner, clean up and do laundry, and occasionally stand beside the bed with drinks and lube while he drills her. I clean up between sessions when invited to the bedroom. Mostly I am in the apartment awaiting texts for what they need. It was exciting at first but now she seems totally into him. I have been relegated to being the butler.

    Today a woman named Naomi came to the door. She told me she was one of LB's girls. My wife just told me that the 3 of them have been seeing each other in the day while I was at work and they are discussing forming a triad. Right now the 3 of them are in the bedroom and I am waiting on food I ordered out for them. I can hear them going at it. Not sure what to do.
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  2. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    It is fortunate that you have an apartment above the garage.

    Take Naomi to your apartment and bang her good! One man usually can't satisfy a woman. Two women, never. So you have to pitch in. Clean her up after LB is finished with her and see what you can do. Since your wife's been depriving you, you should be able to give her a big load.
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  3. melojohnny71

    melojohnny71 New Member

    Thanks Worth it. She says she doesn't do white guys. They just all went to dinner.........I didn't get to clean her yet, but did perform analingus on her while she ate my wife......and got her ready for LB. I suspect there will be another session tonight. I love the idea, but this has gone farther than any of our previous bull encounters
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  4. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    Convince her that to give it a try; it would be a good warm up (or cool down) for her time with LB. At least eat her cunt and maybe you'll get a 69 out of it.
  5. vladdy

    vladdy Active Member

    It seems like you're going to have an exciting four months.

    I'd certainly keep trying to be with this other gal. Maybe you'll excite her eventually, just be patient but be direct and assert some power at her.

    Keep us posted.
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  6. melojohnny71

    melojohnny71 New Member

    I have now gotten to prepare both my wife and our new friend Naomi for their LB sessions. For my wife I may only massage her. For Naomi, I have been giving her oral and analingus. She has come to my garage apartment twice now to be eaten while he is in the bedroom with my wife. I masturbate while I take care of her. She is very nice. I am getting used to the arrangement. This am she woke me in the apartment and told me to clean her. She had a very soiled pussy. My wife came in while I was doing it and she laughed. She said that they had a visitor stay over last night and it wasn't LB's cum but their other friend I was cleaning out. She watched me until I was done. Then told me to go make breakfast.
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  7. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    You should see if she can work you in. My wife and her female lovers believe that an erection and semen should never be wasted.
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