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    hi guys , i am 26m brahmin from india. i am seeking a bride from same caste for marriage. so if any indian brahmins here do contact me. i am seriously a cuckold-wannabe stuff. i am well settled , upper middle class.
    i love u white and black guys, i am a indian, and i feel i shud be a cuckold after marriage and u guys shud be my bulls.

    here is a story which i fantasy always, its my own story , so do let me knw if u like, THANKS :)


    my wife and i have been married for 2 years. her name is akshara, a south indian iyer gal. she has good structure and color,Boobs sized 38.
    me as u can see i am having good boobs of size 38.akshara knws i am a cuckold, we ve done it with my boss once for my
    promotion reasons, also my wife said she liked my boss, tats another our cuck lifestyle was good and so was our married life.
    she would boldly comment to me saying "i like tat guy in corner table ,he's hot" also teases me at times like
    "look at ur chest , its drooping like a gals, almost like mine." and laughs. i loved it secretly.

    she even brings home some of her guy friends alone somedays saying iam not there. but we both play the game, i secretly
    take a secret spot in in hall where no one can see and watch both of them do foreplay. but she stops with foreplay alone and
    lets the guy go home pretending shes feeling guilty and acts as if shes crying. the poor guy bilieves and gets fooled and leaves.
    after he leaves we both laugh at the joke and i immediately start licking her clit and suck her pussy juices
    and contnue the foreplay which has been left by the bull.she says she likes this sort of sex so i oblige.

    but one thing akshara does not know is that iam not a BI sexual. but she found out one day
    and also came to knw tat iam fond of hunks and muscular guys, esp blacks and americans.
    she found this out one day when i was masturbating in bedroom one day seeing a black hunks cock on laptop.i was moaning silently "oh giv
    ur hot cock in my mouth and let me suck it, am sucking it woow" she suddenly opened the door and was shocked.

    she asked from when do u hve this prob, i told her the story and she asked y u din tell me. i simply looked down.
    i said i feel kind of feminish since i have very big moobs, and i feel kind of happy to have it. i love wen guys squueze
    my boobs and treat me like a woman.i kept my head down saying it.

    she smiled its ok hon, and started massaging my boobs and nipples. i moaned "oh god, baby ur turning me hot," she then started sucking
    my nipples and licking it, "oh yesssss i feel like a babe now". she stopped now. she looked at me and said "would u mind if a hot hunk does
    this infront of me?" , i said "i wud love it dear, pls dont stop now, u made my boobs hot."

    she said wait. i have a negro friend in my FB. u might hve seen him. i said " ur flirting with so many on FB honey, which one
    are u telling". she said il show u come, he s an old friend whom i met in my office but hes in NJ now. hes returning to india some
    time soon." she pulled the chairs clost to laptop, and logged into her FB account.

    there were lot of erotic and love msgs for her from her online friends.she boldly opened it infront of me, she knws i will love it
    also opened her album, which she has uploaded sexy pics of hers and showed the erotic comments put by her guy freinds. i immediately
    held my cock, it was becoming more erect. she noticed it and laughed. i begged "honey pls, i cant hold it any longed, u increased
    my erecting showing these comments and sucking my moobs.pls do something". she immediately pinched hard on my left boob nipple.aaaaah

    then she said , "tom is sucking my tits and ur boss is shaking ur cock and fucking me" saying this she held my cock and did hand job for me.
    AAAH those words were enuf for me, i immediately ejaculated loads on the floor. she said "now its done i think u tiny cock".mine was a 5inch. then
    she showed the guy in FB, his name is Tom. he had msgd her tat he is coming frm NJ to chennai.

    things moved very fast then. tom was aware of cuckolding and stuff. and both my wife and tom had secret kisses and groping in office
    before. so when akshara said abt my desires and stuff, tom was more than happy.

    so the big day came. Tom had taken a resort villa for staying in ECR. he had his own plush villa in that place.he welcmed us wen we entered.
    akshara was wearing tight leggins
    and sleevless top tat day.
    akshara hugged wen she entered and kissed tom
    in his lips. he said i missed u slut and put his hand in her salvar bottom and squeezed her ass too tight.she shouted little bit and said tat hurt
    .my cock was erect seeing this now.

    so this is suresh he asked."yes " akshara said smiling. "suresh this is tom, the man of ur dreams " and winked, i blushed and
    looked at toms cock which was slightly erect now.

    tom said smiling u guys are in for a surprise today. ur gonna love it. especcialy submissive gays like u suresh". i blushed again.

    he said "boyss come !!" suddenly 2 black guys and 1 white guy came, all in just shorts exposing their hairless chest biceps
    and six packs. me and akshara were shocked ! we stood still. i was angry now
    realising the situation is not good, i asked "wats this" akshara immediately backed away from tom and came near me.

    tom raised his arm " hey no need to raise the alarm , u guys don like it we dont do it. first let me intro my friends,
    this is dick(black),harry(white), and tats jack(another black)." All 3 of them were massive hunks, having broad chest and sexy nipples.

    tom contunued " we planned to have a group fun, since dick and harry said they were fond of indian ladies, and u appeared really sexy. i showed them
    the nude photo u sent me without face. both 2 of them were mad."

    i asked wat abt jack u keep saying 2 of them. jack smiled and winked at me. tom said smiling "Jack is a gay, he is for u boobs boy."

    i was puzzled and shocked. akshara put her head down and said quietly to me " i send snaps of ur boobs alone to tom , since he asked. i thought its
    for fun." tom said "i showed it to jack and he loveed ur boobs like crazy man, just like we 3 love ur wifes boobs"

    i din knw wat to say , suddenly harry came and hit my wifes ass bit hard, she hesitated and started slightly "no , i don think.."
    now tom lost his patience and said, "come on aks, we kw wat slut ur and started kissing her lips and started unbuttoning her top"

    akshara was helpless and stared at me.jack was removing her bottom leggins and simultaneiously licking and biting her white thighs.
    tom was removing her top kissing and sucking her erection was full now.

    tom fully removed her top and harry her bottom. now my wife was there with just petticoat and panty.tom started licking and kissing her boobs and
    asked "u like it akshara ", she said this is not rit tom and kept her head low. tom said "it is right bitch", "i bet ur enjoying this now"
    and started licking her armpits. akshara moaaaned "aaahmmmm..oh god , this is wierd, sorry suresh, i never expected..."aaa""aah go on tom."

    tom started sucking her armpits sweat and then came dick. he said "guys wats the hubby idiot doing here? is he gonna watch?"
    jack said "hes for me man" and came near me. my cock was leaking precum seeing jack come near me. tom said "hey suresh remove ur top and show ur
    boobs to jack. NOW!!" he shouted and all 3 of them laughed. akshara kept her head down but still enjoying harrys lick in her ass.
    i obeyed him wih secret joy inside me and unbuttoned my shirt and exposed my boobs to jack. jack immediately exclaimed "WOW, wata masssive moobs"
    and wasted no time.
    he started sucking and licking my nipples. he bit them too hard.i shouted aaah, not so hard man! all 4 laughed. he started sucking my boobs.
    and squeezed my moobs HARRRD in front of my wife.

    my wife was watching this helplessly keeping her head this time they both had made
    my wife ccompletely nude infront of me.
    then dick said "hey u 2, wat abt me ?" tom said sucking her boobs "come man, enjoy ur self with this desi slut" "suresh is already leaking"
    and he snickered.

    dick came and said enuf foeplay.already both of them made my wifes boobs and pussy wet by licking and sucking. they made akshara lie on bed and
    tom took his huge cock and inserted "AAHHJHHHH" shouted my wife.dick started licking her clit while tom was fucking her. Harry started licking her
    armpits and sucking her boobs. i cud swear akshara was experiencing BLISS. she shouted "OH MY GODDD, AMMMAAHHHHHHHHHH......."

    jack was sucking my boobs for ling time now , i already leaked my precum seeing all this. jack pulled my pant and made me nude. he then
    made me bend down and put his huge 9 inch(all of them almost had same size) inside my mouth and i immediately started sucking his cock
    seeing my wife in bed. akshara saw me from bed moaning "ahhhhahh wow h honney, am sorry for this, i love u , aaahhh mmmm ahh suresh.aaahh"

    tom was pounding her so hard and , dick was licking and sucking her clit at the same speed.Harry was holding both her boobs and sucking them
    like crazy.he was licking her neck, shoulders, kissing it, biting it. my wife went mad in pleasure."wWWOOOWWW"

    jack came out with all this and unloaded all his cum in my mouth "aaaaaaaaaaassssssaaaahh sissy boy take this infront of ur wife, u waste fellow"

    his cum was leaking in my mouth , i drank all of it, swallowed fully. and started licking his thick black cock, and my wife was watching this,
    she realised i was enjoying- she asked "aagh ht h u like this ssaahhh hoon?"

    i said blank "yes". she cudn reply anything, the pleasure was monting for her "ohhhHHAH". tOM NOW CHAnged position and 3 of them made my wife in
    doggy style. now dick inserted his tool in my wifes pussy. he asked " shall we do her ass?"

    i begged "pls , she doesn like tat". they saw each other for sometime and said, "ok we wont, but ur ass will be fucked by jack and u shud see ur
    wife face, like face-face, as we both do doggy for u". this was my ultimate pleasure. but i acted as if i din like, fearing they may do something.
    i said soft "yes".

    jack was already having a tight strong mouth was slurping seeing his long cock.
    these Black men are sex gods i thought , thanking god for this oppurtunity.
    Jack made me bend facing my wife in doggy possition and opened my ass and was lubriating his cock.

    My wife was made to sit in doggy , facing me both in adjacent beds. akshara cudn look at me, as she was guilty and also was having high
    sexual pleasure. tom came beneath my wife and started licking and kissing her belly button and boobs. she moaned "aaaahha aaa hh "
    Harry came between her thighs and started licking and sucking her pussy and clit. "aaaahhhhha my goooooooood" my wife shouted in pleasure.

    Dick put his cock now in my wifes pussy as promised and not ass, and started fucking her hard. "take it aksharaaaa,aaaahhhh wwwwwwmmmmaaaah". now harry
    dint have place since dick was fucking her, so he took her left boob and sucking her nippple & armpits and tom licking and sucking her right boobs and armpits.
    tom was simulating her Clit very fast as well.

    my wife shouted extremely now, this was ultimate for her
    "aaahhaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH, mmm, honey i love u , suresh OWWOWOWOOWOWOWOOWOWWWOWOOWOWOW" she said. "i too love u akshara,, aaaahhh"
    by this time jack had inserted his cock in my ass.
    it was lovely. he was squeezing my boobs at the same time. this went on for 45 mins, and he shot his load in my ass. i cudn control anymmre,
    i shouted "hey jack pls make me cum.
    i cant see this anymore". jack said "fine booby and did hand job for me from back." i cummed heavy load seeing my wife
    enjoying 3 hot hunk forieghners.they were sucking and licking my wifes clit, pussy,boobs and one fucking her hard. seeeing all this
    i cummed heavily. it was blissfull. my wife was exhausted cumming for this much time.

    All 3 of them were ready to shoot now and said "wel CUM INSIDE ur pussy", i said "No, dont impregnate her pls". they said ok and three of
    them cummed on my wifes back on top. it was like milk shakes pouring on her. she cudn even notice, was tired and asleep in her bliss of pleasure.

    then they put us in same bed and went saying "sissy boy take care of ur wife" and locked the room.i got up and bolted the door after they went.
    akshara was panting heavily lying on bed closing her eyes. i went near the edje of bed and spread her legs and saw her pussy, my GOD !
    it was swollen from all the fucking they had done. i felt so happy seeing my wifes face, she was smiling and asleep after having a complete
    fullfilled satisfying sex she deserved so long.she din even knw they had left.

    i felt i shud do the needfull now and streched her legs further and started licking slowwly her pussy and clit. she moaned "yesss honey, i think its
    u , i can feel it from ur tongue. only u can do it so soft, keep licking mmaaaahhhhhh love u aaahhh".
    i obediently kept licking and sucking her pussy, all 3 of their manly juices were there, i licked and drank all of it . kept sucking and licking
    her pussy for 15 mins.

    then we both fell asleep. i was lying on her sucking her boobs like a baby and fell asleep.

    after some 2 hrs we woke up and got ourselves dressed.i opened the door and saw 4 of them having coffee. tom asked "akshara,suresh lovely
    couple join us for cofee , then u can leave"

    akshara said in firm voice "no thanks, we r leaving" TOm said fine "heres ur money - 3500$". we both were shocked , i asked why.

    Tom said slowly " we were shooting fr a porn movie secretly, with cameras here and there. u two acted very well, thanks. this will come under
    couples catagory". we were shocked. Tom said "dont worry , both of ur faces will be blurred. for the friendship with akshara am doing this"

    we were relieved now. we took the money and went to door, except jack 3 of them came with us.tom said to us when he opened- "U BOTH SHUD COME WHENEVER WE CALL
    at each other and said "Ok tom". i was very happy inside, this blissfull sex will be for us forever. Akshara never opened to me tat she enjoyed.
    but she was happier than me i cud say from her face.

    afer tat we had several sessions with tom,harry,dick and ofcourse my love jack.

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    best of luck dude in finding a hottie frm ur caste nd may b u cn come over to delhi 4 ur honeymoon when i vl fuk her in front of u nd impregnate her too if u wish..u cn contact me over at
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    Hi. We r a young cpl looking for a bull in Delhi. People contact us on chandini099 on yahoo messenger
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    I wish I were in Delhi. I am a dom guy, and so looking to be with a cuckold couple.
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    A real good depiction of cuckolding...u must write more and do in real also..

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