Books with cuckolding theme

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  1. bastanchury

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    I recommend:

    The Act of Love by Howard Jacobson. It is highly literary and well written novel.

    Cuckold by Amber Leigh. This is lighter reading.
  2. vladdy

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    Madame Bovary is another, also possibly one of the best books ever written.
  3. redfox01

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    Something Forbidden by Kenny Wright good story line good read
  4. bastanchury

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    Venus in Furs by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch (1870). This may have been the one that started it all. I highly recommend it. It is in the public domain now, so you can get it for free.
  5. bastanchury

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  6. Treather39

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    Killing Johnny Fry, by Walter Mosley. It's a well-written novel by a well respected novelist. It's mainstream, rather than a "romance" novel about cuckolding. So, the cuckolding aspect is just one theme in the book. It was a pretty hot read.
  7. saturn

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    I'll definitely check it out, but everybody here should be aware of or made aware of the writings of The Marquis de Sade. One of his Gothic Tales was "The Self-Made Cuckold". The Marquis de Sade definitely predates Sacher-Masoch. The Marquis may not be the one that started it all, but he has by far been the greatest influence of all. Just go read the wikipedia article and you'll see what I mean. Hell, his name is the root of Sadism and Sadist, etc.

    If there's a kink out there (cuckolding, S&M, incest, fecalfelia, etc), the Marquis has almost certainly written about it.
  8. Hotashell

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    I liked Desired Betrayal by Dale Pike.

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