Blonde Bombshell Kennedy Kressler Interracial Cuckold

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Would you clean this blondies creampie?

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  1. cuckoldcreampi

    cuckoldcreampi New Member

    Blonde Bombshell Kennedy Kressler Interracial Cuckold
    This Sexy Video has a lengthy runtime of 25 minutes and 28 seconds, ENJOY :)

  2. dominatrixNY

    dominatrixNY Member

    thats hot... i love it
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  3. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    I love everything about this shot, from the inviting uptilt of the wife's pelvis and her deliciously smooth mons to the cleaving of her lovely labia by her lover's formidable bare black shaft as she welcomingly draws her thighs wide apart for her to be to be impaled by it.

    Her slim smooth flawless body is fucking sensational, as is her beautiful upturned face, her giveaway biting of her lower lip, and her eyes rolled up and back no doubt to watch her husband's response to her being penetrated by another man.

    The obviously very caring husband's right hand resting encouragingly on her lover's left thigh I find deliciously wankworthy too.
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  4. Nicholas1

    Nicholas1 New Member

    Interesting, thanks.
  5. michael1987

    michael1987 Well-Known Member

    Only another four or so inches of that black shaft needs to be thrust into the wife for the head of it to raise a visible lump in the middle of that milk-white dishy belly of hers just above her beautifully uplifted love-mound.

    When the head of the lover's cock showed there, I wonder if the lovingly supportive husband placed the palm of his hand on his wife's belly to feel it thrust up under her navel. I certainly would have :p

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