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Black wife

Discussion in 'Interracial' started by blackwife30, May 3, 2011.

  1. blackwife30

    blackwife30 New Member

    Hey guys like to get of to good raunchy wife pics???well Im a 28 yr old married white male to a black very shy very lady like church woman she has good morals doesnt like any alternative sex lifesyles just like to do right at all times...anyways i have over 73 pics of her in various poses which by the way she promised me not to show anybody so yes i do feel guilty here.Im just lookin 4 comments rather u degrade her or any thought that comes to mind just leave ur comments..Also if u want to see all my pics get a hold of me at tavis1987@yahoo.com to see more pics and get off or whatever so hit me up
  2. submissiveguy76

    submissiveguy76 New Member

    not really what you are posting about, but i am a white guy with a beautiful black dominant woman and i had a question, does the race issue make it hotter? does your wife prefer one race over another? i know that my lady has been with black men so i know she is aware of my inadequacies as a male and this makes it so much hotter for me (the idea, she hasn't cucked me yet).
    but her fantasy is an older white guy who is an executive type and is fairly dominant.
    most of the cuckol porn i find is, of course, white women with bbc but the idea of submitting to her while another white guy is pounding her is very very hot for me.
    your thoughts?
  3. rocketman

    rocketman Guest

    As an older white bull, most all of my experiences have been with white, Hispanic or Asiam women. The thought of dominating a beautiful black woman while her white man watches does sound very hot indeed.
  4. Tim South

    Tim South Member

    I have been with 7 Black women and 4 black couples
  5. deviant6

    deviant6 Member

    I've always wanted to dominate a hubby with a powerful black woman.
  6. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    That's an occasional fantasy of my wife's. She doesn't dominate me at all, but wants to see me sexually overwhelmed by a strong, attractive black woman. When the fitness center was still open, she liked to talk about some of the black girls.

    My wife has previously been with black women in college, with fond memories. I think that's at least part of how she developed her Lesbian desires and being sub for women while dom for men.

    Audrey had two black girlfriends in college who would call her for oral "on demand." According to Audrey, they were ashamed of their lesbian side, but couldn't always cum good or at all with their boyfriends, but my wife could always do the trick. She asked them, "Can't you teach your boy to do that?" The answer was "No."

    That's also where Audrey developed her taste for cream pie. She says she has probably swallowed two gallons of black cum, but has never had a black dick in her.
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  7. deviant6

    deviant6 Member

    Strong black women make excellent dominatrixes. I've always wanted to team with one and cuck a white woman's hubby.
  8. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    That's where we and two of the three couples who we play with ended up - some call it swinging, but it's really mutual cucold/cuckquean. The husbands being both the cuck and the bull, the wives both the cuckquean and cuckcake.
  9. deviant6

    deviant6 Member

    Speaking of that. I love the feeling of me and another guy putting both our cocks together in a woman's mouth and having a beautiful three way between our dicks and her tongue
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  10. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    Never done that, but we've done a fair number of DPs, both with Audrey and the other wives. Kind of hard to pull off with the positioning, but the girls like it. I never have, never will put my dick in anyone's shit hole, so I'm always in front.

    And yeah, I can definitely feel the other guy moving in her rectum while I'm in her vagina. Exciting in a freaky way. If he and I are positioned just right and I'm not moving at the moment of his orgasm, I can feel the pulsing of his cock during ejaculation.

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