Black Cuck Looking for a White Bull

Discussion in 'Classifieds and Personals' started by Tyrone-Da-ManBoy, Jun 23, 2017.

  1. Tyrone-Da-ManBoy

    Tyrone-Da-ManBoy New Member

    I know this is an unusual message, but it's true. Me and my girlfriend would love to have a big strong white male in our lives. To see his silky, creamy hide fucking her while I watch would be the most satisfying thing ever. So please, if there are any white Bulls out there message me back so we can discuss this.
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  2. sbcplseeking

    sbcplseeking Guest

    I am a black male and my wife is Asian, we would love to find another man (race not withstanding) but we are in the same boat! Hopefully we find something long term....
  3. sjose27

    sjose27 Member

    Where are you located? I am from Arkansas.
  4. Tim South

    Tim South Member

    I might be able to help you

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