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    After setting up our agreement to have my wife get laid outside our marriage. She would start going out with her girlfriends to clubs and flirt, working on guys over a period of time. Then getting laid at their apartments, their cars or at motels so that our neighbors wouldn't get suspicious. She met this one black guy who was actually a security guard at one of the dance clubs she visited. Started flirting with him, and found out that he was interested in fucking her and they then set it up to meet at a motel after the club closed at 2:00am on a Saturday night/Sunday morning.

    Here are some stills from a camera that the guy set up on the dresser in the motel room. The first photo is actually taken showing her in our Master bedroom prior to hooking up with him. This was her first black cock ever when she was about 43 years old. The last photo shows him still cumming, even after pulling out of her hot and hairy Guatemalan pussy.

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    That's one hot pussy!!!
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    I would have to look up yellow pages or one of the free mags, but our wives instinctively know what clubs to go to, they must have some sort of built in slut homing pigeon
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    That is very true. They seem to know where to go to get picked up.
  5. gdj1217

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    It's Not that the Women have a Sixth Sense as to Where to find the guys to Fuck them.
    Most guys if Propositioned, Will Fuck the Women in a heartbeat.
    It's just a Lot Easier to Find those type of guys in Bars and Clubs since Alcohol makes People Loose their Inhibitions with the More they drink.

    I have Picked up Women in All kinds of places. Even while they were shopping with their kids. I would set up to Meet them at a later time and or date.

    I have also been picked up in My car at a Red Light and drove to the Women's Home and Fucked Her without even knowing Her Name.

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