Bisexual aspects to cuckold

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    Thank you :))
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    Michael, this is a good posting, and I hope you can copy it to my promised Transgender thread, once I get around to doing it. I'm a little pressed for time, so it probably will not be until after New Year. I need time to collect several articles/postings I've already done on this fascinating issue, as they shed good light on it all without me having to rewrite it all, if you catch my drift.

    Hope this is ok - as mentioned, I'll be very happy to introduce the magic of transgenderism - both from my own experiences with numerous lovely Asian ladyboys and with back-up from mainstream psychology - just to set the agenda :)

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    That post on my one and only transgender adventure has reminded me of an experience I had when I was 18, long-haired and somewhat slenderer and androgynous than I am today. My first high-school girlfriend got off wildly on my looks and litheness and my sexually almost outrageously unfettered persona and more than tolerated my even more beautiful bisexual best buddy of that time who we regularly threesomed with, no holds barred.

    To the point now: I have always had a very strong personal and sexual self-determinative streak in me, which in my late teens and early twenties burgeoned hugely and led me to "experiment" completely solo and secretly, that is to say well outside and away from my social circle and "committed" sexual relationships. In those far from infrequent sexual sorties I found a delicious anonymity and beautiful freedom both of which enlivened and refreshed my mind and body and super-charged my libido both heterosexually and homosexually.

    In one of my sorties to a gay bath-house in my home city I spied and shadowed, for about an hour after I arrived there, a lithe and handsome, blond-haired very spunky guy in his late twenties who turned out to be a Swedish tourist. He was a couple of inches taller and stronger and wider-shouldered than me which, together with his overall beautiful physique, I found extremely attracting---in fact sexually very arousing.

    Like most of the other patrons of the bath-house that night, he and I were clad in white towels around our waists, mine wrapped much lower around my hips that his---which I could see he was definitely but very discreetly noting. We played it very cool, pretending not to notice each other, but neither of us shadowing or obviously pursuing any other guy, which gave the completely false impression we were not especially interested in each other.

    The main cruising area of the bath-house was very expansive, with a large central, low-lit lounge done out in classical Turkish tent decor with heavy red drapes, gold ropes and gilded pillars etc etc. At the perimeter of the lounge were several even lower-lit but luxurious closed-curtained cubicles with walls of hanging brocade, in which the only furnishing was a very large, soft floor-level mattress with half-a-dozen rich velvet bolster cushions scattered on it.

    It was my first time at that particular bath-house, the decor was entrancing me, the piped music was low and beaty in a very seductive Middle-Eastern way, and I found myself giving in to the headily exotic, very sexual ambience.

    The effect of the unfamiliar surroundings on me was strangely liberating such that I began perceiving the young Swedish guy not as a sexual quarry that I wanted to seduce and fuck---which I started out most definitely wanting to---but as a seducer and sexual conquerer of me, something I had not desired from any man ever before.

    Choosing my moment very carefully, I entered one of the tented cubicles, drew together the heavy entrance curtains behind me, lay down in the semi-dark on the mattress on the floor and after further loosening the towel around my waist contrived to nonchalantly relax.

    It took only 5 minutes or so for my quarry to gently part the curtains at the entrance to my cubicle. He did not enter straightaway, but looked in on me sprawled on the mattress, then, with a beautifully serious semi-smile fixed me with his eyes. Not a word passed between us as he stepped into the cubicle and, standing at the foot of the mattress, casually unwrapped his towel from his waist and let it fall to the floor.

    There stood the god-man of every homosexual wet dream I had ever had, gloriously naked and growing a formidable erection right before my eyes. I melted. Totally gone was every desire I had to fuck him. I wanted him to fuck me.

    The fuck---the very first I had ever had from a man---was in the missionary position. My seducer's way with me was much more assertive than I had imagined it would be on my first impressions of him, but very assured and initially very gentle with him clearly having picked up that I was an arse-virgin. He was classically Swedishly very big-cocked and---to my delight---uncircumcised. Greatly eased by our fucking bareback and his getting me to deeply inhale from a 20cc bottle of butyl nitrate poppers he had in his hand in his obvious preparedness to fuck me, and my total yieldedness to his powerfully hypnotic beauty and masculinity, penetration was very smoothly, easily and very swiftly accomplished---right up to his balls on his first thrust. Then he rested in me for a couple of minutes during which we kissed passionately, wetly and completely unashamedly. I was in Sex Heaven with a man, at last.

    In the course of him fucking me for fully 30 minutes I was astonished by two things: Firstly, how much and deeply I desired him--as, I imagined, a woman desires a man. And secondly, how smilingly and beautifully he acknowledged that. Plus he very evidently knew all about how best to thrust with the head of his cock against a younger man's prostate----deftly, tantalisingly and unbearably pleasurably for me with the result that about 15 minutes into our fuck, with both legs hanging in the crook of my conqueror's arms, I ejaculated almost agonisingly hard and torrentially all over my face and neck and pecs. My champion didn't stop at that but thrust faster and deeper in me and within ten or so more minutes, on feeling his cock swell orgasmically then jerk seemingly endlessly in me, I orgasmed a second time.

    Despite my totally satiated state I doted for another half an hour on his glorious body, on his handsomeness and his beautifully masculine aura. In return he caressed and kissed my lips, face, torso and groins and cock more admiringly, undulgently and lovingly than any buddy, girlfriend or woman ever had.

    He had to fly out the next morning and we never saw each other again. I emailed him, and he emailed me back. I told him how that in his arms I had discovered a completely new sexual dimension of myself which I would now call, not homosexual, but psycho-transgenderal. Since my one-off experience with him I have not tried to indulge it again, nor do I consciously wish to. That dimension of my ambisexual nature seems to me to be naturally expressible only towards a particular type of especially beautiful and sexually savvy, gently assertive man. In more than 10 years I haven't met another one, but if I did meet one sufficiently resembling that sensational Swedish lover of my youth, I would be very open to continuing the exploration of my transgender nature that I discovered in his arms.
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  5. When my wife is with a guy with a nice thick long dick i cant help but admire it. I get the urge to want to suck his dick myself. And nothing turns me on more than smelling and eating my wife pussy when it is filled with another mans cum. I have sucked dick before just not with my wife she not into guy on guy stuff! But i can embrace the bi sexual aspect of cucking and i love it!
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    good boy!!!!!!!!!!
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    I have fantasized about sucking on the Bulls cock in front of my wife. I also have fantasized about the other guy actually fucking me in front of her. Both are in conjunction with my rampant SPH fetish.
    I have watched a video where a guy is fucked by another guy in front of his girlfriend and a female friend of hers. It was supposedly a college hazing thing and the guy doing the fucking was gay. I love how his gf comments on it and seeing his much smaller penis jiggling about as he is pounded is a massive turn on for me if I imagine myself in his place.
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    There are plenty of gay guys out there, and you know how guys in general are about fucking, so go for it. If your wife is not into it perhaps she will tolerate it to make you happy. On the other hand she may love it and join in, so get a bi guy. My wife does a lot of Lesbian play and it's great for me when I get to join in.
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