Bisexual aspects to cuckold

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  1. Hi. My wife and I are new to the scene. we had our first full sex with another guy about a month and are looking to repeat with other guys.

    With the first man, I ended up - after a bit of convincing - to eat his sperm from my wife's pussy once he had come. Cleaning up is something my wife and I have been doing for a bit just between ourselves. She likes to lick my own sperm off her feet, tits, belly, ass etc as well. I'm not gay, but was really turned on when I started to eat the other guy's sperm. I also got very excited when they were fucking reverse cowgirl and I was rubbing clit and I kept letting my fingers trace the length of his hard cock and big balls (which were beautifully shaved) as he fucked her. I kind of wanted to pull it out and give it a good sucking, tasting my wife's sex on it. I didn't because I was embarrassed of what my wife would think.

    Is this normal? do others of you fantasise about servicing the guy too or actually do it? I'd like to experiment, but not sure. Any feedback appreciated.

  2. cuckhusband

    cuckhusband Well-Known Member

    If your wife enjoys having you lick your own sperm out of and off of her I would bet it would turn her on IMMENSLEY watching you suck cock. My wife is the one that got me into sucking cock and I now can't get enough. The best is to be under them as he fucks her doggy style and licking her clit and his cock and balls as he pounds her hard. it makes my wife cum the hardest during these times. She has also turned me into a total bottom for any of her lovers who may want to fuck me. This is of course much farther than most guys would go but it REALLY gets my wife going and whatever makes her happy makes me happy and in time I actually began enjoying being "the bitch" for her men.
  3. Cool, thanks. I think it will take some building up to. It took long enough (literally years) to even broach the subject of another man, so I might take it slow! I don't know about being fucked my another guy. Maybe. I certainly enjoy her using her vibrators on me. Not the big 8 incher, though! She has a slimmer 6 inch one and she uses that on me from time to time while I masturbate or she occasionally sucks. It does feel amazing having your g spot stimulated and the orgasms are really intense. Maybe a cock would be even better. We'll see.

    Thanks for taking the time to reply!
  4. Robandkate

    Robandkate Well-Known Member

    This sequence of events took place over a few years, but it has been great fun.

    When my wife first started fucking other guys (friends of mine) with my full encouragement, I was always present and I always watched. I realized, when I kissed her after she had fucked one of my friends, that I could taste his cock on her l lips, but I did not mind. It was worth it to get to watch them fuck. I never even considered licking another guy's cum out of her, but I certainly enjoyed playing with her wet, sticky, cunt afterward and sliding my cock into her very wet pussy.

    One night after watching friend of mine give her a really good fucking, I was so turned on that after he left, I started eating her pussy. I realized that I was eating my friend's cum, but I was too excited to care. Doing that really turned on both my wife and me. I started eating her pussy after every guy fucked her, even when she branched out and started fucking guys alone, even guys I did not know. I was embarrassed about the fact that I enjoyed licking the cum of other men out of my wife, so I always waited until the guy left.

    One night, I got so turned on watching some guy fuck my wife, that as soon as his cock plopped out of her cunt, I dove between her legs and started eating her used pussy. Seeing me eagerly suck his cum load out of my wife actually turned the guy on. He was hard again right away. It turned me on to eat his cum right in front of him. I started eating the cum out of my wife in front of more guys.

    I started thinking that once you have been eating the cum of good friends, casual acquaintances and guys you don't even know for a few years, it is not a big leap to actually suck a cock. One night we were with one of my closest friends, who had been fucking my wife for years, and who loved watching me lick his cum out of her. If I was going to suck a dick, it might as well be his. I knew that even if it turned him off, we would still be friends.

    He and my wife were naked on the bed making out. His cock was semi-erect. I took it in my hand and he did not pull away. I stroked him a few times, then slid my lips over the big spongy head of his cock. I started licking the head of his dick and he started moaning. My wife leaned up to see what was going on and saw her husband sucking his friend's dick. Fortunately, it turned them both on. They propped themselves up on pillows and relaxed while I explored my friend's cock and balls with my mouth. I knew HE liked it because his dick was rock hard.

    My friend wanted to cum, so he stuck his dick in my wife and blew his load in about two strokes. I sucked his dick every time he fucked my wife after that. You know what they say...once you have sucked a dick.... I actually liked sucking my friend's dick, so I tried it with a couple of other friends of mine who were fucking my wife. Of course, that led to more cock sucking of guys who fucked my wife.

    I have no romantic interest in men, I don't want to kiss other men or fuck or be fucked by other men, but I do enjoy sucking the cocks and eating the cum of men who fuck my wife.

  5. christinebitg

    christinebitg Well-Known Member

    The answer to your question is "yes." It's normal.

    On the other hand, you also have a question in your mind about what your wife would think. That's an entirely different question, and one that none of us here is qualified to answer.

    My suggestion is to tell her that you thought about doing that at the time, and see what her initial reaction is. You can ask her if she would think it's too weird, or if.... And if she has a strong positive reaction to it, she'll interrupt your line of questioning to tell you so.

    Let us know! :)


  6. fjmaster

    fjmaster New Member

    I don't care with labels.

    Well, I am not attracted for men, anyway. But I had to pay more attention in cocks during porn movies, and then, I suggested some types for my wife, after her watching some movies with me.
    The first guy that we strated cuckold, was my long time friend, and had fucked my wife with me about 12 times.
    In the 10th one, He was fucking doggystyle my wife, and I was down, licking her clit, then, I asked him to NOT cum inside her.
    When he was cum, he pulled the cock, and some sperm got to my mouth.
    It was hot, seen some sperm into my mouth.

    Another time, I fucked my wife late night, and I didnt knew that she had fucked another guy after work, at 17:30hs. She had called me telling that she had to go to some training course of her work, etc..
    She came at 23:00, but I REALLY didnt know nothing about.
    So we went to bed, and during sex, I licked her pussy and there were some SPERM inside her.
    I said nothing, and kept the sex....I was HOT.
    After 15 days I had discovered this. I didint like it.
    I like my wife fuckimg with me together others...but NEVER Alone.
    I am not BI anyway...its the hot magico of sex momento.
  7. easy_e77

    easy_e77 New Member

    To each his own...In this lifestyle there is nothing "normal" or "abnormal". There are varying degrees of bisexuality in this lifestyle. You seem to have a mild bi-sexual fantasy, others more extreme and others none at all. If you, your wife and her lover are enjoying yourselves then go for it.
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  8. bob44

    bob44 New Member

    :) would like to do that
  9. msslave

    msslave Member

    During a D/s session, Mistress/Wife asked if I'd ever sucked cock. We'd been playing with dildos and I guess she notice I must have some experience. I had to admit to some glory hole adventures many years befor we met. Her use of dildos on me increased greatly after that, as did my love for being used by her. There were even some "gangbangs" where she'd use 5 or 6 "cocks" starting with a smaller one and increasing in size. A couple time I even managed to take "Gus" her largest, and she laughed when by sissy hole was still gapping after she'd pulled it out. All that play has left me longing to try a real cock in my ass some day. Who knows.............
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  10. 3decadecuck

    3decadecuck New Member

    I believe that is is totally normal for a cuck to want to service a wife's lover, orally or by bottoming for him. The man or men fucking your wife are doing you both a favor. He (they) do not have to fuck your wife. They do it as a favor to you both. This being the case, it is only natural to want to give back. The man or men fuck your wife. They are giving you a visual. They are letting you see their cock. They are letting you see how well their cock(s) pleases your wife. They are letting you see how their cock stretches and fills your wife. They are giving you the opportunity to watch your wife suck their cock. And ultimately they are giving you a very special gift, your wife orgasming and their cum.

    Cock is by far one of the most beautiful things in the world. And I feel that if another man's or other men's cock pleases your wife, and you have the opportunity to suck him or have him fuck you, then you are doubly blessed. I believe that sucking a personal friends cock means the most, but sucking or getting fucked by any man is a cucks way of letting his wife know that he appreciates the man or men's cocks as much as she does. It is a cucks way of showing his wife that he loves her and understands her need for cock by showing your own need.

    Not all of a man's wife's lovers will allow you to give to then in this fashion, but those who do are welcome back more often, I think.

    When my wife and I go to the adult theater and she strips down and puts on a blindfold and lets every guy who wants to fuck her fuck her, it is a very loving experience. Your wife is showing you her love by being with any and all men who want her. And the men are giving to both of you by fucking your wife and cumming in her. They are giving you both their gift. The adult theater we go to has a lot of bi and gay men. So, when we go I get to watch my wife get fucked and suck other guys, but I also get to suck other guys as well. When I get to suck other guys, although my wife can't see, she is pleased knowing that I am giving to others like she is. We are both giving people, and by both of us giving to other men in the same fashion, it strengthens the bond between us.

    There is nothing wrong or out of the ordinary for a cuck to want to please another man or other men. It is natural and a way of giving back to those who please us.
  11. vladdy

    vladdy Active Member

    I think a lot of the bi-sexuality cucks like is a power shift. The normal paradigm states we should only want our cocks sucked by our wives whom we have complete and sole access to sexually. But as cucks we want to break down the walls and let our women have control and sexual freedom to have a lot of sex. In a way I think its a way to show your wife or girlfriend how committed you are to her satisfaction that your willing to service her lover who is there because they are probably better endowed or more capable lovers. Which means you are inadequate in some way, at least during the actual sex happening.

    For me, I am not interested in sleeping with men, I know I couldn't have a relationship with a man because I'm not sexually attracted to men. But if my girl was with a lover who had an 8 or 9 inch cock with good thickness and she wanted me to service him for her enjoyment then I absolutely would and I would enjoy sucking that big dick.
  12. gdj1217

    gdj1217 Guest

    I know that I limit Myself in the amount of Encounters with Women that I have because I'm 100% Straight and I Refuse to engage either way with any cuck. That's fine with Me. I know My Limits and I don't hassle anyone for their preference of being Bi-Curious, Bi, or Gay.

    I Respect their preferences as they have to Respect Mine.
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  13. slavedaniele

    slavedaniele Active Member

    I'm not at all attracted to men but if my wife asks me to suck her boy friend or clean him off after he's fucked her I will gladly do it to please her.
  14. Blackladydom

    Blackladydom New Member

    I don't ever want my newbie cuck to be bi...., gosh NEVER. the request will not come from me so hopefully we are okay
  15. topman55

    topman55 New Member

    We have been in this lifstyle for going on 16 yrs ,and I can honestly say that i have never touched one of her boyfriends cocks or had the desire to do so . But each to their own I suppose.
  16. Toson

    Toson Active Member

    I am bisexual and would want my wife to have me suck her lovers' cocks. She wouldn't have to order me to do it but I would still probably like the illusion of being forced. Even though I am no spring chicken I still feel some shame for being bisexual. I guess I just grew up in a very repressed place, time, and family.
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  17. I wanted to have my gf boss fuck me. I should have been a girl.
  18. verkitwme

    verkitwme Well-Known Member

    My hubby eats pretty much every load my lover gives me whether from my pussy,mouth or body.
    We all love it although I"m not sure (and same with hubby) about hubby sucking my lovers cock. He's as straight as can be but who knows.....
  19. years ago the first time a horse dick guy fuck my gf. She went fucking wild on it. She wanted me to watch her. The joke about her was she needed a donkey to fuck. Want to feel like her.
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  20. legshowcuck

    legshowcuck Well-Known Member

    i believe there is no term 'normal' in a sex part of relationship...

    something very normal for you may be perverted for me...

    if it is works for both of you, then anything goes...

    just talk to Her...

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