Birthday Card from my Wife!

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    My birthday was a while ago and I meant to post this some time ago; brought it to my office where I was going to scan it then forgot about amidst the oncoming exam season and just found it again!

    My wife is Eastern European by birth and in her native language the translation for "cuckold" is literally "a man who wears horns". Perhaps it is for reasons of cultural tradition that my wife has always very much enjoyed horn-themed language and symbolism around cuckoldry (and I like it too). For example sometimes she will text me with the sign of the horn/hang loose emoji to let me know she's having a date over.

    Other times she has "complimented" how nicely my "horns" have grown in, etc. So you get the idea. I enjoy the teasing and as I always tell her, I wear my horns proudly.

    Anyway, here's the card:

    Inside it says "You Rock" - so the double entendre was likely missed by the manufacturer. My wife did not allude to any cuckolding in the inscription in case friends and colleagues should see it but her sly look when I opened it made it obvious that the double entendre was very much intended! [​IMG]
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    You are indeed a lucky cuck.

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