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Discussion in 'Humiliation X' started by poormissy, Jan 19, 2006.

  1. bob170

    bob170 New Member

    I once was read about one white cuckolded husband that was forced to have his entire penis tattooed jet black. His wife told him that way he would have a black dick in his own life just as she had.

    His clever and controlling white wife also knew that any woman who would ever see his ink would think he was some kind of fucked up perv and have nothing to do with him. Not that he would ever stray enough to find out...she just liked taunting him with her own little extra insurance against him ever trying to have actual intercourse ever again.

    Even with the painful ink work done to make his smaller white cock ebony in color he would not be allowed any form of sex with his wife. Masterbation was still required and with no less than 3 condoms every time.
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  2. lank1

    lank1 New Member


    Instead of a permanent tattoo how about a piercing with a cuck charm on it... it can be removed for Doctor visits and community showers if you so or she so chooses
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  3. NECuck

    NECuck Super Moderator

    First, "I'm not a Tattoo Artist".. My understand of a penis tattoo, is that it will fade away on the shaft. Maybe we have a Tattoo Artist as member that can "Chime In" on this?????.

    BTW, I understand that a Penis Tattoo involves an Extra "Handling Fee".........
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  4. catz

    catz New Member

    pierced and tattooed

    Some time ago my wife had me pierced with a prince albert. Recently she decided I should get a tattoo. Her name on her penis. She told me she had made an appointment telling the artist it was for a penis tattoo and I was to go with her tell the artist what I wanted, get it done and pay for it. It was probably the hardest thing I have ever had to do. The tattoo artist did not seem suprised at all but did ask me if I was sure. My wife replied "I am sure and so is he." I agreed and told him to do it. It took about one and a half hours and was uncomfortable especially on the tip of the cock. The cost was £150.00 It was not a pretty sight for a while but I love it now. All in all I know its a strange thing to do but I do get excited by it and my wife loves to look at it. she always giggles when she sees it. She has also taken pictures of it on her phone, that she shows people often.
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  5. CSKeith

    CSKeith New Member

    Not For Me

    I think a tattoo would be going too far. I've had stuff written on me in majic marker, but nothing permanent.
  6. kevin421000

    kevin421000 New Member

    Too shy guy

    I think the tattoo or piercing is wild but very exciting.
  7. NECuck

    NECuck Super Moderator

    Cuckoldresses Being Marked

    K_B, A Three-Leaf Clover is interesting as a Tattoo..... Just last week I was talking to a Cuckoldress that was inquiring about a Tattoo to show her lifestyle on her ankle.. She was hopping a Butterfly would catch on, because it represents a Big Change in One's Life... Then came the question of which ankle it should be on.. She was thinking that an anklet on her right and Butterfly Tattoo on her left... Of course not all anklets, three-leaf clovers or butterflies would be a guaranteed sign, but it's another eye catcher for one "In The Know"....

    Maybe this should be split to it's own topic?
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  8. mistressmyra

    mistressmyra New Member

    for all the boys that have a tattoo, have you had any comments from your doctor or nurse? Does your wife require you to take your appointment with a woman Doctor? how does that feel?
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  9. samvicki

    samvicki New Member

    A female doctor? I would have never thought. What a GREAT idea!!! LOL

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  10. aintnosaint

    aintnosaint New Member


    My body is fully shaved at my wife's direction.

    She has written things on me from time to time and sometimes I wished I had kept them and then had them tattooed later.

    However, I would not dream of doing so without her permission. That would make her very angry and earn me a severe punsihment.

    The next time she writes on me I will ask her if she likes it enough for it to be made permanent.
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  11. Love to Lick

    Love to Lick New Member

    I find that shaving and painted henna works fine. Lasts for 2 weeks and is semi-permanent for that thrill! Also, you can turn up the heat with new designs and expressions....very erotic.
  12. gibson345

    gibson345 New Member

    quest for symbols

    My wife and I are looking for a symbol to show our unique relationship; I am looking for ideas to share with her. It can be temporary or permanent, we are just looking for something to show our lifestyle and spice up our lives at the same time. Any help is appreciated.
  13. socogun

    socogun New Member

    Cuck Tat

    OK, I am finally marked for life. Got the tat a while back and still not regretting it.
  14. EmmaK

    EmmaK <b><font color="#ff0000">VERIFIED REAL MEMBER</fon


    Poormissy (my sub/hub) haven't gotten around to this yet for a number of reason but are beginning to have an idea that we might use a beta symbol with bull horns on the outside.

    A lot of folks of have talked in this post about the tats/markings they have but I would really love to see them. Can you guys put up pics? We could start a marked cuck corner!

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  15. socogun

    socogun New Member

    I posted my pic in my profile section.
  16. NECuck

    NECuck Super Moderator

    Emmak, It would be good to see pics of the gals too...

    It may just be the time, that we adopt tats, markings & jewelry to display the lifestyle??
  17. littlec

    littlec Member

    My tat

    I also posted my pic in my profile section. The Tattoo was done when cuckolding was only a fantasy, so the tat was done for my status of being in chastity. BTW, the tat wsa designed by my wife and put on by a female artist.

  18. gweny

    gweny New Member

    not only that i am locked in my chastity belt permanent ,, i had to P/A pierce myself ,, she bought a spiky piercingring and glued the ends as a permanent piercing ,, penetration with that spiky ring is not possible .. reg.GWENY
  19. EmmaK

    EmmaK <b><font color="#ff0000">VERIFIED REAL MEMBER</fon

    Hi LittleC,

    Saw the tattoo in your pics. I thought your wife et al did a neat job of making it personal with the flower going through it. Are you going to get the rings filled in or leave them as lines?

  20. littlec

    littlec Member


    Right now it looks like ithey will be left blank sinc eit has been over a year since the color was added. Although now that we have started down the cuckolding path who knows where things will end up.


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