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Discussion in 'Humiliation X' started by poormissy, Jan 19, 2006.

  1. poormissy

    poormissy New Member

    my Wife has had a desire for me to be permanently marked as a cuckold. As a result i have been undergoing a series of laser treatments to remove my pubic hair. The blank space will be the canvas for some special tattoo...perhaps just a simple "cuckold" will be enough. But we are interested in hearing other ideas.

    Any suggestions?
  2. ontheside

    ontheside New Member

    JMHO ... whatever tickles your fancy ... just as long as it's not permanent.

    Life can change on a dime ... you don't know what your situation may be in a year.
  3. Chuck

    Chuck New Member

    Permanent body alterations need serious consideration

    While I would normally shy away from any permanent alterations to my body, I have to admit that the permanent removal of pubic hair is interesting. A 'cuckold' tattoo is not. However, if your wife really wants this and you do not object...go for it. Just understand that it's <u>permanent</u> and you will have a helluva time getting it removed if you ever change your mind - or your lifestyle. Think it over.
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  4. hankhavelock

    hankhavelock Well-Known Member

    I think the "canvas" is ideal for either a tattoo or a branding - though branding will undoubtedly be too painfull in that region.

    But I believe the word "cuckold" is too simple, unti-aestetic and uncreative - how about at least going for a symbol like the horns of the Texan long horn cattle. That placed symmetrically "there" could be kinda funky - and also indicate some thing different if you ever get into circumstances where the word "cuckold" would haunt you.

    KingBull must be the man to cum up with such a design :)


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  5. kingbull

    kingbull Administrator Staff Member

    That's a kinky idea - having that bulls horns in that area. I think one of our forum regulars has a tattoo of a three-leaf clover near her area. She said it had something to do with always having a third person in her life. Can't remember who said it...
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  6. poormissy

    poormissy New Member

    Interesting...Horns, Clovers

    Some of you may be aware that i am no stranger to tattooing and piercing...and permanence is erotic...at 57 i'm not likely to change my stripes, so to speak...

    Interesting ideas so far...
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  7. Chuck

    Chuck New Member

    Re: Interesting...Horns, Clovers

    Good points. Well, if that is the case, then a 'cuckold' tattoo in the newly-bare area above your cock would be a relatively benign body alteration for you and would appear to fit right in with your lifestyle, as well as being erotic. This is especially true considering the fact that, as you say, you are not about to make any real changes in your cuckold status.

    It's an interesting idea, especially the permanent pubic hair removal. I say: under the circumstances you state...go for it. Post photos. :)
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  8. trew

    trew New Member

    I think it's incredible. I'd be in a constant state of excitement for the first while, then every time i took a shower at the gym or anywhere like that i know the other guys would see my mark and that would add to the excitement and humiliation. Instead of something as simple as cuckold, i'd suggest something more embarrasing such as "submissive". The name my wife calls me as i clean her up after a date is "submissive cum eater", it almost makes cum in my panties. Lastly, perhaps a tattoo of just two legs spread, a cock shooting cum onto the pussy and dripping down a face below licking and cleaning? If you really want to get into it, add the words, a real cock on that, your wifes name on the legs and yours below the face doing the cleaning.

    If i think of anything else i'll let you know
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  9. MistressLA

    MistressLA New Member

    How about... "I lick for my Wife!"

    BTW trew, a friend and former sub of mine, is a well known "hills" dermatologist and removes tattoos on a charity basis. It makes him feel good. Know rarely will a tattoo be permanent if you choose to remove it.
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  10. poormissy

    poormissy New Member

    i lick

    Ah...now we're onto something..."pussylicker" ...That has a ring to it...or, maybe, "Her pussylicker."

    I'll have to see what Emma thinks.
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  11. trew

    trew New Member

    I think what you have tattoo'd will depend on how comfortable you are with it and how committed you are. So "submissive cum eater" may be too much where pussy licker is considerably safer if another person were to see it. As pointed out by MistressLA, a tattoo does not have to be permenant, and condsidering the region, hair can cover it too but knowing it's there would be erotic as hell.

    I'd also suggest a tattoo saying "cum eater" or perhaps "wife cums first". No need to mention so does the guy she's with before you.

    Moving away from a tattoo, having one or both of your nipples pierced with a ring that has a saying on it. Another way to show your commitment could be panties only from now on. Just a few more thoughts.
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  12. DeesHubby

    DeesHubby New Member

    I have to agree that a tattoo saying "cuckold" might be a bit permanant and hard to explain at those Doctor appointments. My wife insists that I keep my pubic hair shaved and has commented a few times that perhaps a tattoo that only we know what it means might be in the future. She hasn't really come up with in idea yet, but I am sure she will.
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  13. trew

    trew New Member

    Here's the idea I just though of as read the other posts, remember the tongue from the rolling stones logo years ago? Well no mouth, just the tongue. That could mean you like getting head or between you and your wife, giving it at particular times. To get fancy you could add a couple of white drops off it that perhaps it's saliva, perhaps it's her lover.

    What do you think of that?
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  14. Cuckold_hubby

    Cuckold_hubby New Member

    My wife has a tattoo of a Black Spade with a "Q" right next to the point....

    The Queen of Spades... to symbolize how she prefers black cock to white...

    It's right about her left ass cheek... normally you can't see it, only in a bathing suit, panties, or naked...
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  15. cuck4princess

    cuck4princess New Member

    My Marking

    Hello. Well, I've done exactly what poormissy is thinking about -- except I haven't had my pubic hair removed ... yet.

    My tattoo symbolizes the ownership of my cock by my princess wife of more than 20 years. It's shaped like a key. The handle of the key is a circle with a cross at the bottom -- the female symbol. Across the top of the key is my wife's name with an apostrophe S.

    She grows her bush out but requests that I keep the area of the tattoo -- just above "her" cock -- neatly trimmed so she can see her tattoo. Sorry I can't post a pic of the tat because it includes her name and might be a little to identifyable to readers from Louisville. I did send images to poormissy via PM.
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  16. big_vic@hotmail.com

    big_vic@hotmail.com New Member


    I prefer te removed the tattoo I know it can but only with multiple painful treatments all the better for the cuckold to remember why it was put there in the first place
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  17. jamesntx

    jamesntx New Member

    My wife has thought long and hard about a tat for a while. She was wanting one for her and one for her. Well the one she has planned for me is to be on my right hip. It will just simply state "property of XXX slut wife". She said ti will look great in the shower at the local gym.
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  18. casio7

    casio7 New Member

    I've been thinking about a tattoo for some time now as a bi and submissive cuck wanabee. I just love the idea of the tongue with drops on it. Does anyone else have any creative ideas on this theme? I like the idea of something tasteful, not just the male/female symbols and ideally something that will get other's minds working.
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  19. AussieCuck

    AussieCuck New Member

    Hi casio7
    I have been tattoed by the request of my wife/owner
    I was told by her to come up with a design for it that she liked ,something that showed her ownership of me,And our life style,but only her and i really knew the true meaning.I used the word cuck and what the word meant to us..I came up with cuck( in symbol form)XUXK which i got on the inside of my right bicep..So when people that we know see it(and they do)Even the wife has told our closest friends that i have a tatt( which then they want to see)I have to explain what it means ..I tell them that it means in symbol form loyalty(X)Devotion(U)Love(X)Commitment(K)
    I hope this helps in some way,Look forward to hear how it goes for you
    and Good luck
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  20. socalsub

    socalsub New Member

    I have a tattoo above my cock which reads Ms. Amy's in honor to my wife, but she turned out not to be that turned on by it. I wanted to keep my pubic hair shaved for her, but she is also not turned on by that. Whatever you do, be sure that it will perm make her pussy wet for you...
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