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Being 'Black-Owned' or Live-in Lover

Discussion in 'Interracial' started by Tomascini, Dec 17, 2011.

  1. Tomascini

    Tomascini Black Master

    Which of these options would you most prefer: being 'black-owned' by a black bull, or having a live-in black lover who'll be keeping the wife well oiled and serviced whenever you leave her alone at home?

    Black Master SHANGO's Zone
  2. Cuckqueen

    Cuckqueen New Member


    I dont mind being "black owned" but as far as a live in i cant say that. I wouldnt have a problem if we seen each other daily or even just say 4 or 5 times a week and neither would hubby. We would enjoy the second option better. We would both like to have a regular "bull" come over to see me and DO me.. lol.. We have talked about this for yrs due to us being married for 25 yrs. We just have not found that "regular" bull yet. But this is just my opinion.
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  3. Tomascini

    Tomascini Black Master

    For you, I think a 'live-in lover' would do you a whole lot of good. Fuck you regularly and then hubby could clean your pussy off just before he heads out to work...

  4. Cuckqueen

    Cuckqueen New Member

    Lol I like the idea of regular fucking.
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  5. 1A_BAD_ROD

    1A_BAD_ROD New Member

    my wife has been dominated by her black lover/bull for almost 20 years. he makes no promises to her and has plenty of other women as well as a wife. so being black owned is what it is....
  6. Cuckqueen

    Cuckqueen New Member

    I don't mind being "owned" as long as he respects my hubby of 25 yrs. I have a couple of lovers but they are not regulars (not that we didn't try lol)
  7. Tomascini

    Tomascini Black Master

    Respecting your man is just fine. But I'd like to know, would you prefer your man involved or simply to watch and perhaps clean you up whenever you're done being used?
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  8. Cuckqueen

    Cuckqueen New Member

    Watch mostly but every now and then he gets a treat and can join
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  9. Tomascini

    Tomascini Black Master

    I'll bet you love blowing him and your lover the same time.
  10. brandynbobnov

    brandynbobnov New Member

    Being BLACK OWNED!!! No doubt about it!!!
  11. Worth It

    Worth It Well-Known Member

    Audrey owns her own cunt and uses it as she pleases. No black lover yet, she would need to find a black couple where she is attracted to both of them.
  12. verkitwme

    verkitwme Well-Known Member

    My white lover has been living with us for the last 6 weeks. It's been a WONDERFUL diversion in this pandemic. We are a couple in the full sense of the word, hubby does his clean up routine and usually it's twice a day if not more.
    He sleeps in our martial bed, hubby in guestroom, the arrangement couldn't be better !!!
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