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Discussion in 'Real Life Experiences' started by rthat69, Jan 7, 2019.

  1. rthat69

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    Been awhile since I posted, and oh my goodness things have changed.

    It's probably been 3 or 4 years since I've been in here, or that time I have started hormones and my hot wife has been treating me more and more like a girl friend (not a girlfriend) and less like a husband, and I love it.

    I'm currently at a size B cup with my breasts, my body has changed shape somewhat, my penis and the one testicle iI have, have shrunk... I am down tot3.5 inches when hard. Also my mindset is completely different. I was really more into embracing the cuckold lifestyle previously, but now, although that's still nice, it's more about me embracing my femininity, my submissive nature, and my lust for men.

    I have a boyfriend now, and my wife also had a steady boyfriend, although she still has other fwb's. She has really embraced the life style. She knows I thrive on the humiliation, and so she really goes out if her way to treat me like a sissy, and a girl. And recently she's been going all in on humiliation me for my tiny penis... Making me say it out loud, buying me smaller and smaller panties, sending me nasty caption images about having a baby dick. It's all wonderful.

    Her new thing is, she wants to watch my boyfriend fuck me, and wants there to be a lot of kissing... In her mind kissing another man really effeminates me, and she's looking forward to seeing it. I make out with my guy all the time, just never around her.

    We still love each other very much, and life is good...
  2. UCUM666

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    Wow! You're in a bit of a different, but very interesting, relationship than the normal cuck's on here! It sounds like your wife is supportive of the situation as well, which makes you both a lucky couple in that you're in a harmonious, and rewarding to both, relationship. Congrats! I too, am at a stage of my life where I am embracing my feminine side. I like to pump my nipples, and love to have my ass referred to as a pussy. But I'm not quite down the path as far as you due to the fact I'm not into shrinking my penis; on the contrary, I like to pump my penis and balls to make them bigger. But I have become more sensitive to my breasts, and pump my nips having them engorged and looking feminine! Anyway, your situation sounds splendid; hope to hear more from you. Jeff S.
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  3. rthat69

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    Thanks for responding Jeff...yeah I'm a ways down the path but it took several years to get here. I feel like a very fortunate gurl, inasmuch as I have gotten to live out so many fantasies and bucket list things, and all with the help of my beautiful wife (and she is truly a hot hotwife lol).

    Sounds like you are enjoying your changes I'm happy for you! It's so strange, in a wonderful way, to look down and see breasts on me, it's like sexy and validating and amazing....i have a hard time keeping my hands off of them, and when my boyfriend has sex with me and starts playing with them and sucking on them I just about explode, from both the physical stimulation and the mental turn on of, hey, this guy is playing with my actual tits lol.

    Here's a recent pic...


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  4. gwil1414

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    If you’re both into it and enjoying it. God bless
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  5. joelhwood

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    Luv hearing about your journey hun---- more more more--- oxoxox josie
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  6. michael1987

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    As a young bisexual cuck I'm intrigued by your transition from embracing your cuckold lifestyle to now embracing your "femininity" as it is plainly developing very beautifully. Congratulations on the latter.

    I have a young Afro-American and very handsome and physically outrageously attractive and athletic bisexual buddy who, with my blessing, became the legal husband of my ex-wife last year after having lived with us and in every physical and emotional way possible shared her equally with me for more than 5 years.

    He and I are straight-acting socially, but very freely versatile in our lovemaking, often switching roles as we are moved to in a single physical encounter, which fascinates and arouses my ex-wife hugely.

    From the very beginning of our relationship, which began secretly soon after I married when he was 17 and developing very rapidly and precociously into full manhood, he and I have loved indulging and very outwardly expressing our feminine side when being made love to in the receptive role. Strangely for me, my femininity manifests only when he is actually fucking me (always in the missionary position) but at those times it is extremely and utterly shamelessly "full-on"---which he loves to his very hilt, kissing me even more passionately than he kisses or has ever kissed my ex-wife in any of our several thousand threesomes enacted in our marriage bed.

    My wild and very open enjoyment of my feminine side in our homosexual encounters is powerfully catalysed by the beautiful ultra-masculinity that effortlessly manifests in my buddy while he is looking down at me getting off spectacularly on his beautiful body and cock and the always wonderful and very loving way he is fucking me. When we reverse roles it is very obvious to me that his being fucked brings out extremely feminine feelings in him too, with him loving to be whispered to romantically and kissed wetly and deeply and fucked very deeply and hard by me in the buildup to our orgasms.

    Oddly, neither of us has fantasized about or practically considered undergoing physical transformation to full womanhood, perhaps because were are more heterosexual that homosexual and our above-described spontaneous role-switching in our versatile lovemaking provides all the thrills and satisfaction that our feminine sides desire and crave for from each other.

    That said, I'm very admiring of you in your having "taken the plunge" in the way you have, and especially that your wife is eager to watch your boyfriend fucking you; and that she has has taken a (hopefully very masculine) lover to satisfy her sexual needs in the ways that you perhaps used to but now very obviously can't and no longer desire to.

    You never know, your wife and/or her lover may get to want to have a four-some with you and your boyfriend. Imagine that :p
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  7. Pathedick

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    Thanks for posting, it was Wonderful reading about a fellow Sissy Gurl (I have a Thread on the Sissification forum here that I need to get back to). You are Very fortunate in that you have found the perfect wife for you. Hopefully you and your boyfriend will grant her fantasy since she has granted you so many of yours.
  8. Pathedick

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    Your "girls" look Great. Mine aren't as big as I only do Purifca Murifca (sp) and Bovine Oravian Gradular. But they are Pert and now at the point that they are hard to hide from coworkers, friends and family.

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