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    Been awhile since I posted, and oh my goodness things have changed.

    It's probably been 3 or 4 years since I've been in here, or that time I have started hormones and my hot wife has been treating me more and more like a girl friend (not a girlfriend) and less like a husband, and I love it.

    I'm currently at a size B cup with my breasts, my body has changed shape somewhat, my penis and the one testicle iI have, have shrunk... I am down tot3.5 inches when hard. Also my mindset is completely different. I was really more into embracing the cuckold lifestyle previously, but now, although that's still nice, it's more about me embracing my femininity, my submissive nature, and my lust for men.

    I have a boyfriend now, and my wife also had a steady boyfriend, although she still has other fwb's. She has really embraced the life style. She knows I thrive on the humiliation, and so she really goes out if her way to treat me like a sissy, and a girl. And recently she's been going all in on humiliation me for my tiny penis... Making me say it out loud, buying me smaller and smaller panties, sending me nasty caption images about having a baby dick. It's all wonderful.

    Her new thing is, she wants to watch my boyfriend fuck me, and wants there to be a lot of kissing... In her mind kissing another man really effeminates me, and she's looking forward to seeing it. I make out with my guy all the time, just never around her.

    We still love each other very much, and life is good...
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