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    Disclaimer: this is 100% fiction.

    I couldn't stand the Ford's. Hated them.

    It's bad enough their family had political power. But when the silver-spooned nephew, Michael, moved into our neighbourhood, I started to hate them even more.

    My new bride Laryssa and myself are a few years older then Michael, and have been living in this ritzy part of town for a year now. People in the neighbourhood are around our age, young 20s. Michael moved in with his frat boys, and everyone in that frat house came from money. They were gifted, they were born with a trust fund, the law didn't apply to them, and they could do whatever they wanted.

    I would often catch Michael checking out my new bride when we were out, and she started to notice too. She must have liked the attention, because she would smile back at him when they made eye contact. They way he looked at her was almost inappropriate, but the way he looked at me after realizing I caught him staring was almost offensive. He had this smirk on his face, sometimes looking me up and down, like he was better than me, this judgmental expression on his face screaming "whats a girl like Laryssa was doing with a guy like him?".

    I could understand his thoughts - if that was indeed what was going through his mind when looking at me - because my wife is model-hot. She looks like a cross between 90's Pamela Anderson and late 2000s Megan Fox. While I worked out and have always tried to look good, I was overcompensating - I was 5'9, average build, an average look, nothing you would double-take for.

    One day I was bitching about the noise coming out of the frat house and was complaining ad-nauseum to Laryssa about those punks across the street, wondering why none of our neighbours had complained. My wife told me to grow a pair and tell them to quiet down if it bothered me so much - she wasn't bothered by the noise. Well I did just that - I marched right over there, intending to show my wife how a man handles the immaturity of a boy.

    I pounded on the door and Michael answered, his frat buddies playing beer pong behind him, oblivious to me. Michael didn't recognize me at first, looking at my hands, assuming I was some sort of food delivery guy. After recognizing me, that cocky smirk showed up on his face, which turned into a smile. He leaned against the door and crossed his arms.

    "Yeah?" he asked me, raising an eyebrow.
    "Um, hi, Michael is it? I'm Daniel" I said to him, reaching out my hand to shake his. He eyeballed my hand and didn't flinch, just looked back at me with a look of "are you serious?" on his face, like I wasn't worthy to touch his skin. I pulled back my hand, embarrassed.
    "" I stammered, "I was wondering man, would you mind turning down the volume please? You guys are kind of loud".
    "Really? I don't think we are" he replied, shrugging his shoulders, looking at his buddies. "Hey guys, this shithead thinks we're making too much noise!"
    "Fuck him!" one of his buddies shouted back, to a round of laughter. Michael laughed too and looked back at me. "Sorry buddy, sucks for you" he turned and started to close the door.
    "Well, the thing is, you're inconveniencing our neighbours, I wouldn't mind, but our neighbours don't like the noise." I said to him, lying to sound like it was more than just me.
    "Hmmm..." he said, leaning back and looking over his shoulder again. "I don't think they really mind that much...". I realized what he was looking at - several of our neighbours, friends of ours, were chilling with the frat boys. I tried to speak again but Michael had this look on his face like I was wasting his time and just slammed the door on my face. I shock over how rude he was to me, I stood there for a good 30 seconds before I turned to walk away. Suddenly the door opened again, and Michael shouted at me:
    "Hey dude, send that wife of yours over here, tell her I want to introduce myself to her" he said at me (not to me), and shut the door again.

    I walked back over to our home and tried to lie to my wife about how manly I was talking down to those punks, but she cut me off and told me not to embarrass myself, she was watching the entire thing.

    "Let's go over there." she said.
    "What?!" I replied, not sure why she would say such a thing.
    "Look, they're clearly not winding the party down anytime soon. Let's turn lemons into lemonade and have a drink with them, who knows, maybe it'll be fun. Maybe they're not so bad, and besides, we should get to know our neighbours." she said, excited.
    "Alright, one drink." I said, under protest.

    We walked over, rang the doorbell and Michael, with a beer in his hand, answered the door again, this time not even looking at me, looking right into my wife's eyes and smiling. She smiled back.
    "You must be Laryssa. I'm Michael." he said, reaching out his hand.
    "Nice to meet you Michael, I've seen you across the street, I thought we should introduce ourselves."
    "I'm glad you did" he said, stepping back so we could come in. Without looking at me, Michael handed the beer to me. I took it out of instinct. Michael and Laryssa walked away talking, his big fat hand on her slim waist. "You want a beer?"
    "Sure." my wife said.
    "Hey shithead, go get 2 beers, they're in the kitchen" he shouted at me, making her giggle. I got upset but for some reason, I did as I was told, overhearing him say to her "what are you doing with a guy like that....." as I walked away. I grabbed the beers and after talking to a few of our neighbours, walked back to Michael and my wife, handing her a beer, and twisting the one in my hand off, when Michael snatched it out of my hand.
    "Thanks buddy." He said, winking at me, before turning back to my wife.

    Suddenly it was like I wasn't even there. They hit it off immediately, which didn't surprise me because my wife is very likable, every guy wants to fuck her, and every girl loves talking to her. I felt slighted that my wife was giving this spoiled frat boy so much attention and giving me none, but I didn't get jealous, because she wasn't one to be rude to anyone.

    "Um, I'm gonna go talk to the guys," I said, motioning to our neighbours, but neither one of them heard me or saw me walk away. They just kept looking at each other as they talked. Well, parts of each other - they made eye contact, but he subtly kept checking out her big tits and her smoking hot legs, while she kept sneaking peaks at his lips and his hands, man did that dude have big hands.

    I talked with a few of our neigbours and was introduced to some of the frat boys they were hanging out with. After a while of small talk and a couple of beers, one of the frat boys, Milton, who seemed to be picking up after everyone - throwing out cups and garbage after they were placed on tables, fetching beers for anyone who yelled for them - said to me, "you're awfully confident to leave your girl with Mikey."

    "What do you mean?" I said to him.
    "When Mikey sets his sights on a chick, he's pretty much already nailed her. Everyone knows that." Milton said to me, shrugging his shoulders.
    "Well, 'Mikey' has no chance with my bride, we're happy married newlyweds, the key word being 'married'". I said, dumbfounded at his statement.
    "Yeah, good luck with that. I was with my high school sweetheart for 3 long years before Mikey ended up fucking her on prom night."
    "Seriously? He did that to you? Why would you hang out with such a person?"
    "Bros before hoes, dude. Besides, he's Mikey-fucking-Ford. What girl in their right mind is going to say no to that kid. He gets away with everything, he's got all that power, the rules don't apply to him, he's got them boyish looks...fuck the bitch anyways" he said.
    "Well, that sounds like you have a self-esteem issue, my friend, and you're giving him way too much credit. Sounds like your girl wanted to get laid, and my wife's not gonna cheat on me with some pudgy rich kid."
    "Are you sure?" he said. "Where are they now?" he laughed before scurrying to pickup more beer bottles and fetching more drinks for the other frat boys.

    He had a point, I lost my wife somewhere in the crowd. I sat alone for a while before texting her, telling her I was going home, but she can stay and have a good time, mingle, get to know everyone.

    After watching TV for a few hours, I heard giggling and talking at the door. I got up and opened it, and saw Michael and Laryssa, facing each other, her hands on his chest, his hands on her waist. They didn't seem to have any problems with body contact. They were a little too close for my comfort. I stepped behind my wife and put my arms around her waist, hugging her in front of 'Mikey', smirking at him, showing him what he can never have. Take that, frat boy.

    After seeing what I did, he looked at me, then looked at her, and they both broke out laughing. "I'll see ya later, baby." he said to her with a smile, his hand caressing her cheek, his big thick thumb wiping her bottom lip, before walking away.
    "Bye sweetie." she said back at him, almost sad to see him go, touching her lip after he removed his thumb, like she was savoring his touch. Mikey spun around and shouted "oh hey, shithead, I heard you got to know Milton. Do us a favor and help him clean up tomorrow morning, eh?" he said, almost like an instruction, not a request. He winked at me and gave me the thumbs up, before turning around and walking back to the party.

    Laryssa walked back in almost oblivious to me yet again, looking like she was on cloud nine.
    "Well babe," I said in jest. "I think he likes you."
    "Really??? You think so???" she said, with hope in her eyes, like a child wishing for a Christmas present.
    "Settle down there, honey" I laughed. "Hey, were did you guys go? I was waiting for you before I split, I couldn't find you."
    "Oh Mikey was showing me around the house. We were going pretty slow because we were getting to know each other. He's actually pretty cool, and he seemed to take an interest in me to."
    "Of course he did, sweetie, he wants to fuck you." I responded. Laryssa should have been offended by that comment, but instead the look on her face was like an employee who was teased of getting a promotion.
    "Sorry I left you alone out there. When we got to Mikey's room, he told me you were in good hands with some guy named Milton."
    "You know you're referring to him as 'Mikey', right babe? And by the way, that Milton guy is quite a character. You should hear his story one day."
    "I'd like to. Mikey said Milton was preparing you for the future. I have no idea what that means." I swallowed hard when she said that, because I knew what it was supposed to mean.

    Laryssa went to bed early that night while I stayed up to get some work done and watch some TV. At one point I went to wash up and heard a slight moan coming from Laryssa. The bedroom lights were off and the door was ajar. She was using a big rubber dildo she owns on herself, rubbing her legs together, rubbing her big ass tits. I was about to come in and join in on the fun when I saw she was about to cum. Just as I was about to open the door, she panted "Mike...Mike......Mike....MIIIIKKKEEEYYYYYYYYY......YEAAHHHhhhhhh......" and passed out with a smile on her face. I stood there, frozen - did my wife just masturbate thinking about the spoiled frat boy across the street? I went through all sorts of actions - anger, jealousy, shock...all betrayed by the raging hard on in my pants.

    I later sat at my desk trying to work but all I could think about was what I saw and heard my wife do. I decided to get it out of me and go on some porn site and rub one out. I don't know why but I was deliberately seeking out a girl that looked like my wife, and a guy who was blonde, chubby, cocky...I was never more hard as I watched this porno, watching this cocky dude fuck this hot chick so hard with his big cock, making her beg for it, while she shouted how big his dick was. When he asked her how much bigger his dick was than her husband's, I shot my load all over the keyboard before she could even answer. Suddenly I heard laughter and looked to my right. I forgot to shut the window and blinds - Mikey and a few of his buddies were out having a smoke, looking right at me. They all watched me jerk off.

    I went right to bed embarrassed, looking at my wife sleeping, the big fat rubber cock still in her hand.

    I awoke the next morning eager to put the previous night behind me. With Laryssa in the shower, I went out to grab the paper, and 'Mikey' was right at the door. He grabbed me by my t-shirt, turned me and slammed me into the wall.

    "You stupid fucker, what did I say yesterday?" he said, anger on his face. I was scared.
    "Let go of me! Wh...what are you talking about?" he was almost lifting me off the ground. Mikey slapped me with one hand while still holding me up with the other. Those big hands of his hurt.
    "I told you to clean up with Milton this morning. That means bright and early, be at the door, dumbass. Milton lets you in, he tells you what to do and you fuckin do it."
    "Are you kidding me?! Get the fuck off me!" I shouted. Mikey put his hand on the back of my head and shoved me to the ground. I tried to get up but he put his big hand on my face and pie-faced me the grass, then stepped on my chest. My first instinct was to fight back, but he was way stronger than me. Then I wanted to call for help but I didn't want anyone to see how wimpy I was compared to this frat boy, especially my wife. Mikey knew this after realizing I wasn't calling for help and pulled his jogging pants down. His fat cock, not even hard, was bigger than mine. A blast of piss hit me right in the eye and spread all over my face as he laughed hard at me. I couldn't do anything but take it.
    "You fucking little shit. Next time I tell you to do something, you do it." he said to me.
    "You're a dead man, kid" I said to him. "I'm calling your parents, I'm calling the police!".
    "No you're not". he said, matter-of-factly. There was no point arguing. He was right. What was I going to do, this kid had me by the balls. Unless I wanted everyone to know I was slapped around and pissed on by trust-fund fat boy, I had to shut up.
    "I got piss on my shoe. Clean it up." he said to me. Defeated, I used my shirt to wipe up his shoes just as my wife walked out. She saw me, on my knees, shining Mikey's shoes, his hands on his hips. He smiled and winked at her as I did it.
    "Still on for noon, babe?" he asked her.
    "Wouldn't miss it." she said, smiling back at him.
    "Whaaaa....where you going honey?" I asked her.
    "Why do you smell like piss?" she asked me, not answering the question. I looked at Mikey. He looked at her. "He asked me not te tell you," he said with a smug look, on purposely lacing up the strings of his sweatpants as she did. "Actually, he begged me not to tell you." She walked over to him and placed her hand on his chest, rubbing it, then looked at me and told me to shower up.

    I shampooed the piss out of my hair wondering what my wife's plans were with Mikey. When I finished showering, she was out of the house, but had sent me a text saying she was out with him already, and that she would see me tonight. I decided to do as I was told and walked over to the frat house. Milton answered the door and said "you shouldn't disobey him." as he let me in.
    "I uh...I gotta..." I stammered as he handed me a mop.
    "You don't gotta explain, dude. I get it. I lived it. Just clean the place up. The sooner you do, the sooner you can get outta here." he said. I didn't even know what to say, I just did as Milton suggested. "I...where should I start" I said, looking down.
    "Pick a spot. Garbage, cups, bottles, ashtrays, I would clean the floors and bathroom while you're at it. If you need me, I'll be upstairs, first door on the right, playing video games."
    "Milton," I said to him as he walked away. "Are you the butler or something?"
    He laughed. "Oh no no, I'm one of them, but I kinda lost my cred the night Mikey fucked my girl. I mean we all still hang out and shit, but there's no getting your 'alpha' back once someone's taken it from you. I'm not the only one, Mikey's fucked a lot of girls, most of them had boyfriends."
    "Why don't you just leave? Why do you serve them?"
    "They're still my bros, dude. I get to be on the best frat, people would kill to be in this frat, man. So what if I gotta clean up after them, I'm still better off if I was on my own or in another frat. Most of the guys Mikey's fucked up have changed colleges or towns, because of Mikey and his power, his pull, but the way I see it, I made it work for me. Besides, every time he fucks a new 'taken' girl, I get to manage their boyfriends instead of doing any work myself."
    "Mikey didn't fuck my girl." I said to him, angry. Milton slapped my cheeks a few times lightly and smiled, almost out of pity, and walked away.

    I took pride in cleaning the frat house, spic and span. If I was going to do it, I was going to make the place look immaculate, I don't do anything half-assed. Most of the residents saw me cleaning up and chuckled, some ordered me to 'move' if I was in their way, some didn't make eye contact with me. It was almost like having someone clean for them was expected.

    While I was scrubbing Mikey's toilet I heard his voice - apparently he came home from wherever he was. My heart was racing. I was afraid of his kid! I heard him tell some girl to wait in his room because he had to take a piss. Suddenly the door swung open and I looked up, there was Mikey, surprised to see me but with a proud look on his face immediately afterward. I looked down and kept scrubbing, intimidated. Suddenly he grabbed a handful of my hair and shoved my face on the toilet seat, and stepped on my cheek. I struggled to break free but I couldn't. All I could hear was his triumphant laughter as his piss streamed right into the bowl. "You want some, faggot?" he chucked. "Open uppppp".
    "Nooooo, please Mikey, nooooooo!" I begged. He took his foot off and zipped up. Relived, I stood up, but mid way, Mikey grabbed my legs and lifted me up, then dunked my head into the bowl of his piss. He lifted me up so I could get some air, then dunked my head back into the piss. His laughter was drowned out by the water when my head was in the bowl.
    "You are such a fuckin loser, dude." he said, walking away after washing his hands. Take off your shirt and soak up the piss out of your head, don't use our towels. Don't come out of here until this bathroom is spotless. You done my room yet, boy?"
    Boy, who was he calling boy, I was older than he was. Not by much, but at least I was married, he was still a frat boy. "No Sir, yours is the only room I haven't done." Sir? Why was I calling him Sir?
    Another laugh, but this time like he had an idea. "Tell you what, I'm gonna be in my room fucking the hell out of my girl, but as long as you don't make any noise, I'll let you clean up while we fuck. We'll be on my bed so out of your way. Try not to jerk off when you hear her screaming my name and how big my dick is." he said, referencing the porno he heard and saw me masturbating to.

    I finished the bathroom dreading going into his room, because I knew he was just going to belittle me in front of his girl, probably while he was fucking her. I was actually kind of in awe of this kid, not only did he have this power over me, but the girl he was giving it to in the next room was in love. I've never heard any girl scream out in passion like that, not in any porno, and certainly not from my wife. It was rock hard listening to her call out how Mikey's dick was the biggest she's ever seen, how he made her cum over and over and over, how sweet he tasted. At one point, the headboards were banging against the wall so loudly, I thought it would come down and fall on me. I walked out of the bathroom just as the girl screamed "hell yeah I'll take a pic of him eating me out afterward. I'd do anything for your big dick, Mikey".

    Wow, I thought. What a whore, and what a stud. I actually was complimenting a bully I didn't even have 24 hours ago.

    I was just about to enter Mikey's room when Milton stopped me. "Whatever you do," he said. "Do NOT go into his room."
    "No, he told me to, dude." I replied, trying to nudge past him.
    "It's a trap, can't you see that?"
    "I don't follow."
    "He's setting you up. What you're about to see in there is going to fuck you up."
    "I've seen people fuck before, Milton. He gave me orders." Orders, what the fuck was coming out of my mouth, how whipped was I?
    "I tried to warn you." Milton said, shaking his head. "You suckers are so daft. You never see it coming." Milton stopped and turned around as the girl was screaming Mikey's name, begging him to fuck her harder with his big dick. "Do me a favor. Call your wife first."
    "Okay. Any particular reason?" I asked, pulling out my phone and dialing her number.
    "Get a clue, dude." he said. "Sucks to be you."

    I didn't understand what he meant by that. Until I heard my wife's ringtone go off. In spite of how loud the girl who was getting fucked was, the phone inside Mikey's room was ringing just as I was dialing my wife's cell. The same ringtone my wife's cell had.

    "Yep." Milton said, patting me on the back. "Welcome the club."


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    wow amazing...welcome back

    Huge fan of your work!!! absolutely love your work, follow you on twitter and i missed you for a long time when you went off radar... welcome back and as ever amazing work mate keep it up

    Ibz a super huge fan

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