BBC makes wife squirt

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    This was the a night not to be forgotten. It was the first time the wife felt what it was like to loose complete control. It caught all of us by surprise. There’s nothing like being under your wife in a 69 and watching that BBC pounding away, the gates of heaven opened and ALL of her gushed our all over my face. I licked up every single drop of her juices. AFter all of this I could do nothing and just stare at her gaping pussy and wondering if she’s ever gonna feel me again.
    SQUIRTER CERTIFIED. Anyone want to give her a go?

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    I always wanted to see my wife squirt.. we tried but no go.
    But one late night after she got back home from a night with a guy she met
    As she got on top of me in 69 and I started doing my clean up duty and while in the midst of her telling me all about how good he fucked her... suddenly a gush of clean, no taste watery liquid loaded the side of my mouth and run down the side of my neck. I know it was a real squirt.
    We both we're surprised of what happened and when I asked she said she felt so good as I licked her and the thought of what he did to her she felt she's going to majorly drip as she sucked on my cock and out of control it happened.

    It was awesome. loved it.
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    Wow that’s awesome
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