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  1. AviatorIndia

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    Respectable sir/madam

    - i am a single and straight guy
    - 30 yr
    - Pilot
    - Fair complexion
    - Black hairs
    - Black eyes

    - Interested in Open Minded, laid back and non-judgmental person who have reached a certain phase in their life where they are comfortable with their situation and want to try other new spices of life.

    Fantasies -

    1) in living room. . . with a xxx porn running on the TV
    2) on the dining table, while we sit up close
    3) in the kitchen, bend over the kitchen table
    4) in the bath
    5 ) in the open terrace
    6) in the car back seat
    7) in a lonely beach. . . on the sand
    8) in a private swimming p in the water
    9) in a deserted movie theater. . . in the last rows
    10) in a forest, amidst the nature
    11) in the train/ bus/ metro

    Note: I respect the people getting involved with me. . I respect their personality, privacy and free will.
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    Hey we are from delhi and also interested.

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